Versatile Mage - Chapter 1196

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Chapter 1196: 1196

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

“Mo Fan, you can’t use your magic here . It will only give them a valid excuse to take you out!” Nighthawk quickly said when he sensed the murderous intent rising inside Mo Fan .

“There are things you can never endure!” Black lightning burst out of Mo Fan’s body following the sentence . The lightning surged wildly in all directions like dragons!

The lightning was representing the lightning wrath in Mo Fan’s heart!


Why would he endure?

These people were serving justice just because they were called the Beiyu Enforcement Union?

Even the noble Parthenon Temple had an ugly side to it . Mo Fan was bold enough to trample the Parthenon Temple’s sacred mountain, why would he be scared of a little headquarters of the Enforcement Union?

The lightning flickered wildly, whipping the mountain slope . Yu Ang and Lu Zhantian stood higher up on the mountain, wearing the same grin on their faces .

Mo Fan had taken the bait, as they had expected . The man was simply a brainless, hot-headed fool!

“You have all seen it! This man is trying to stir up chaos in our territory . Take him down and execute him on the spot!” Lu Zhantian yelled . He almost sounded like he was very excited as he quickly gave the order to his men .

Feng Jinglan, the Vice Leader of Beiyu Enforcement Union, frowned . It was obvious that Lu Zhantian was abusing his power . He had purposely summoned the members of the Enforcement Union here as he knew Mo Fan would completely lose his calm . These members of the Enforcement Union were all his subordinates!

“Affirmative!” the members of the Enforcement Union immediately yelled after receiving the order .

A dozen Mages started constructing Star Constellations . The Star Constellations of different Elements formed a destructive Elemental aura surging in Mo Fan’s direction!

“Sky Lightning Claw!”

Mo Fan finished casting his spell first . His lightning was aiming at the Enforcer (member of the Enforcement Union) who was the closest to him . The man looked disdainful .

The Enforcer knew Mo Fan was the winner of the World College Tournament, but to someone like him, who had gone through countless battles, the World College Tournament was just like a little fight between kids . It was nothing worth mentioning .

He summoned a Water Curtain to defend himself . The blue barrier loomed over him…

The Sky Lightning Claw instantly blew through the Water Curtain . The water poured down on the Enforcer who had underestimated Mo Fan’s strength .

The lightning continued to strike down with an overwhelming force . The man stared at the lightning strike in disbelief .

-How is it possible for a Lightning Spell to be so powerful?-

The Enforcer desperately summoned his magic Armor, but he was still scorched by the Sky Lightning Claw . He fell unconscious to the ground .

The arrogant man never expected that Mo Fan’s lightning was twelve times stronger than a normal Mage’s lightning after receiving the Blessing of the God’s Seal!

The Enforcer did not even have a single Soul-grade Seed . Even after putting on his magic Armor, Mo Fan’s Sky Lightning Claw could defeat him easily!

“He dares to attack an Enforcer! Everyone, take this vile man down, show no mercy!” Lu Zhantian blurted out in joy when he saw Mo Fan attacking an Enforcer first .

Yu Ang was grinning too . They were currently at Beiyu Mountain . They had twenty Enforcers, while Lu Zhantian was a Super Mage . Mo Fan was surely going to die once they had the excuse to take him out!

He could finally get his revenge . He almost felt like he was about to ascend into Heaven!

The other Enforcers had channeled their Advanced Spells, and finally attacked after a slight hesitation . Destructive spells poured down upon the area, leaving Mo Fan no chance to dodge them!

With a series of explosions, the slope was almost razed to the ground by the blasts . A huge cloud of smoke lingered in the air .

Nighthawk almost went crazy . He furiously rushed toward the Enforcers and yelled at them, “Can’t you tell it’s a set-up? If you still have some conscience, you need to stop now! The man you are attacking has been risking his life to oppose the Black Vatican with his friends! He has given his all to save the Ancient Capital, and even won glory for our country with the national team . He deserves your utmost respect instead of this!”

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A few of the Enforcers seemed troubled after hearing Nighthawk’s words .

They did know who Mo Fan was . The victory of the World College Tournament was inspiring to the whole country . They hesitated, and did not fire their spells at Mo Fan .

“Don’t forget who your superior is here!” Lu Zhantian stared at the Enforcers who did not attack with a cold smile .

Five Enforcers chose not to attack, while the rest did not show any mercy, as if they already knew why they were summoned here beforehand .

A pair of black wings had spread open in the smoke . It was like a pair of indestructible shields, perfectly protecting Mo Fan within them .

The black wings belonged to Bola . The destructive spells had not left a single scratch on his wings . His lips widened, revealing two pairs of fangs inside his mouth!

“You know what to do,” Mo Fan said coldly .

“I will spare the life of those that deserve it!” Bola smiled .

Bola transformed into a purple bat with a flicker of motion and appeared behind an Enforcer suddenly .

He lifted the Enforcer and slammed him into the ground . The Enforcer’s Advanced Spells were completely useless against him .

The impact broke all the bones in the Enforcer’s body . The man fainted on the spot .

“How weak!” Bola made his move again . This time, he aimed for two Enforcers who were standing together, attacking Mo Fan with Fire Spells . Judging from the looks on their faces, they were serious about taking Mo Fan’s life!

Bola would not go easy on people like them . He grabbed their arms and pulled them toward him .

He tore the arms off the two Enforcers ruthlessly, tossed them on the ground .

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The Enforcers cried out in agony . They fell to the ground as blood poured out from the wounds . Bola walked up to them and stomped on their legs!

The bones in their quads shattered into pieces, and their legs were crushed into pulp . The two Enforcers cried out at the top of their lungs in pain, their tears and mucus mixing together .

“Blood Whip!”

Bola was incredibly fast with his attacks . After he was done with the two Enforcers, he immediately summoned a long whip in his hand formed from his poisonous blood . He swung the whip and entangled an Enforcer trying to cast a Psychic Spell on Mo Fan .

Bola tugged the whip, dragging the Enforcer toward him and exhaling a poisonous breath on him .

The man felt like thousands of worms were biting his body . He would be screaming in pain for quite some time!

“Blood Tribe!” Lu Zhantian’s face contorted after seeing Bola’s moves .

Lu Zhantian did not expect Mo Fan to bring a member of the Blood Tribe with him . He was bullying his men like they were little kids!

Lu Zhantian could not stand it any further, and took the initiative to join the fight . He did not go for Bola, but for Mo Fan . He was a Wind Mage, and his speed was quite outstanding . The man was planning to finish Mo Fan with a single move!

Mo Fan immediately sensed danger approaching . He saw a blurry figure shooting towards him from the distance . He quickly cast Blink and vanished into thin air with a flicker of silver light .

Lu Zhantian missed his opportunity . He chased after Mo Fan angrily .

Bola had regrouped with Mo Fan . His speed was strange and unpredictable, and he was even quicker than the Super Wind Mage Lu Zhantian . He kept following Lu Zhantian wherever he went!

“Master, I will need some time to handle this guy . Can you deal with his underlings on your own?” Bola asked .

Lu Zhantian was quite strong, especially his Wind Element . He could dash across the ground like a shadow or suddenly vanish into the air without a trace . Bola would have to be more serious in order to take him down .

The main reason was that it had been too many years since Bola had fought with his true strength . He barely remembered his own moves . In the past, he needed less than five minutes to take out a Super Mage!

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“Break all his bones and tendons, make sure that he stays alive!” Mo Fan replied to Bola .

“As you wish!” Bola replied .

Lu Zhantian tried to stay a certain distance from Bola . Hovering in the air with his Wind Wings, he almost lost his calm when he heard the conversation between Mo Fan and Bola .

Why would such a strong member of the Blood Tribe show up after he set up the trap so perfectly? If the Blood Tribesman was not around, he could easily end Mo Fan’s life!

“Yu Ang, time for us to settle our debt!” Mo Fan lifted his gaze and stared at Yu Ang coldly .

The man had been extremely pleased with the outcome, but he no longer looked as calm and collected as before .

However, he did not panic at all . There were at least eight Enforcers on the mountain who were loyal to Lu Zhantian!

These Enforcers were all Advanced Mages . Based on Yu Ang’s understanding of Mo Fan, there was no way Mo Fan could possibly stand a chance against these Enforcers!

The thought immediately calmed Yu Ang down . He believed he should provoke Mo Fan a little more to drive him mad .

However, as Yu Ang was deciding if he should mention Xu Zhaoting or Mo Fan’s father, he was shocked to see Mo Fan knock a relatively strong Enforcer flying with a single punch . He could not even tell if the man was still alive!

Yu Ang was stunned .

-Since…since when is Mo Fan so strong!?-

-Wasn’t he just an Intermediate Mage back then!?-

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