Versatile Mage - Chapter 1197

Published at 28th of April 2020 01:00:10 AM

Chapter 1197: 1197

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

“Hellish Flames!”

Fierce fire fell from the sky, landing between a few Enforcers . The three Enforcers were not weak Mages . They quickly cast Ice Spells to put out the flames .

Mo Fan glanced at the remaining flames on the ground . They were all bright red, like the color of roses .

Mo Fan had gotten used to the overwhelming power of Little Flame Belle’s Calamity Fire . His Fire Spells had dramatically weakened without his Summoned Beast’s help . Most importantly, Mo Fan was feeling quite down, too . This further convinced him that he had to bring Little Flame Belle back to life after he was done here . It did not feel right that his naughty daughter was not around to stir up trouble for him!

“Don’t be scared, let’s attack together! He won’t be able to take us on!” Enforcer Lu Bingfeng said .

Lu Bingfeng was obviously a member of the Lu Clan . He urged the other three Enforcers to use their sealing magic . One of the Enforcers was a Shadow Mage, hiding in one corner and planning to use the Nyx Regime and Giant Shadow Spikes to seal Mo Fan’s mind .

To his surprise, Mo Fan vanished immediately after the Nyx Regime was established . A few seconds later, the Shadow Mage felt a great chill from behind . Mo Fan had stabbed his waist and the back of his head with a pair of shadow daggers!

The strong sealing force restrained the Enforcer and bound his mind, preventing him from casting any spells .

“Humph, die!” Lu Bingfeng quickly took hold of the opportunity to summon a Demon Tree with a saw-toothed outer layer . The huge Demon Tree extended out toward Mo Fan!

Mo Fan lifted his gaze and stared at the saw-like Demon Tree . A silver light encapsulated the tree, preventing it from moving any further .

Lu Bingfeng was stunned . He was unable to tell what magic Mo Fan was using . He was not that experienced . “Get him!” he shouted furiously at the other two Enforcers . They were both Psychic Mages!

Psychic Mages played an important role among the Enforcers . They were usually the key to apprehending their targets . The two Psychic Mages cast Psychic Impact on Mo Fan simultaneously to stop him from casting any Advanced Spells!

Mo Fan backed away slightly to distance himself from the Demon Tree . He reached his hands out when he sensed the ripple of the Psychic Impacts surging at him!

He was resisting each Psychic Spell with a hand . Mo Fan quickly executed his counterattack, not giving the Psychic Mages any chance to interrupt his channeling .

“Don’t panic, our Psychic Impacts are quicker!” the elder Psychic Mage said .

They could sense Mo Fan’s Telekinesis approaching . They had two options: the first was to strengthen their Psychic Impacts, forcing Mo Fan to withdraw his spell . The second option was to back away immediately, but it meant they would miss the opportunity of utilizing their Psychic Spells!

The elder Psychic Mage was a lot more confident than the other Psychic Mage . He believed his Psychic Impact could overcome Mo Fan’s Telekinesis . After all, the Space Element also relied on a Mage’s mental strength . The Space Magic would dissipate once he landed his Psychic Impact on Mo Fan!

Buzz… A loud noise echoed in Mo Fan’s mind, disturbing his thoughts .

The elder Psychic Mage immediately grinned smugly . Not many people could cast their spells quicker than a Psychic Mage, as speed was the most important factor for them to effectively suppress their target . They had to land their spells before their targets could cast their spells in order to disrupt their channeling…

“Prepare to attack, he won’t be able to dodge… AH!” the elder Enforcer was about to give the order when a silver Illusionary Claw grabbed him firmly . His bones were already cracking from the strong grip . It was like a giant was grabbing him!

The elder Psychic Mage’s eyes widened . He stared at the silver-shrouded Mo Fan in disbelief!

Their Psychic Impacts had clearly landed on him! How was he still able to use Telekinesis?

Could it be that his mental strength was an entire level higher than theirs?

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A Psychic Mage was not unbeatable . The Psychic Impact of a Basic Psychic Mage would barely do anything to an Advanced Mage or a Super Mage . Otherwise, a group of Basic Psychic Mages could easily render a Super Mage useless!

The Psychic Element, Space Element, and Curse Element were closely tied to the Mages’ mental strength . Mo Fan had reached the fourth level of mental strength, and was currently in the Intermediate Stage, while the elder Psychic Mage had only achieved the third level of mental strength, and was still in the Basic Stage .

A Mage in the first level might have a chance of interrupting the spell of a Mage in the second level, but the difference between the stages was huge . A Mage in the Basic Stage only had a two-percent-chance to disrupt the spell of a Mage in the Intermediate Stage . As such, Psychic Mages might be the Enforcement Union’s ace when detaining criminals, but against Mo Fan, whose mental strength was a lot higher, they did not pose any threat to him . Even if they were to cast their Advanced Psychic Spells, they would most likely fail against Mo Fan too!

“Attack him, what are you all waiting for? Attack him now!” Lu Bingfeng snapped furiously . Why were these idiots stunned by his petty Space Magic? They were supposed to be the elites of the Enforcement Union, true Enforcers!

Mo Fan had grabbed the two Psychic Mages with the Illusionary Claws, yet they were not the only ones he was up against . Ice cones over twenty meters long, fireballs, and wild Demon Trees soon approached him from three different directions…

“Time Stasis!” Mo Fan did not bother dodging the spells . The silver light shrouding him grew brighter as an energy field that could reduce every rapid-moving object to stillness manifested around him!

The three waves of attacks slowed down dramatically after entering the area of the Time Stasis . They eventually came to a stop less than five meters away from him .

The deadly ice cones, the rain of flames, and the giant Demon Trees had frozen in place like they were parts of a painting . Mo Fan was in full control inside the area . The silver light further set off his imperiousness!

Mo Fan walked out from the spell . As soon as he left, the flames, ice cones, and Demon Trees came back to life, bringing utter destruction as they converged . However, Mo Fan had already left the area . The spells did not even touch the corner of his shirt!

“Piss off!” Mo Fan set his gaze on the two Psychic Mages held in place by the Illusionary Claws . His Intermediate Stage mental strength summoned a great force, knocking them flying .

The Psychic Mages vomited blood and fell to the ground . They could not get back to their feet .

Mo Fan had already knocked out most of the Enforcers . Lu Bingfeng could feel himself breaking out in a cold sweat when he saw Mo Fan slowly approaching him…

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He was just an Advanced Mage like them; how was he so much stronger than them?

How was it that he had managed to crush the Enforcers with every Element he had!?

“You…you are a dead man, our Lu Clan is going to make you pay!” Lu Bingfeng tried to stay calm . He did not think Mo Fan would dare do any harm to him if he mentioned his background .

“You’re from the Lu Clan? It was the Lu Clan that took my father?” Mo Fan asked coldly, stopping in front of Lu Bingfeng .

“So what if it’s us!?” Lu Bingfeng suddenly sounded a lot more confident .

He was an Enforcer . Only authorities with the rank of Councilman or above had the power to sentence them to death! Even so, they could only do it in a trial in the Enforcement Union’s Supreme Court . Councilmen were not allowed to harm them directly!

“The stupidest thing about your Lu Clan and Lu Yilin is how they keep thinking that the whole world revolves around them!” Mo Fan grinned coldly .

Mo Fan sealed Lu Bingfeng’s mind with the Shadow Element and tossed him high up into the air .

When Lu Bingfeng reached the highest point, Mo Fan suddenly emitted a blinding dark light!

Lightning strikes suddenly appeared in the form of a demon claw, reaching out from the stormy clouds .

Lu Bingfeng tried his best to Summon his magic Armor . He had already sensed that Mo Fan did not have the slightest hesitation about killing him . However, his magic Armor was completely useless against lightning twelve times stronger than an ordinary lightning spell!

There was a series of explosions, and Lu Bingfeng was shredded to pieces by the lightning . His scorched blood poured down like hot rain .

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The rest of the Enforcers were utterly terrified after witnessing his death!

Was this guy out of his mind? Did he really just kill an Enforcer in their territory?

“Whoever is tired of living can step forward now!” Mo Fan demanded . The Enforcers froze in place . This man was serious about killing them, regardless of their identities and background!

Mo Fan proceeded forward . No Enforcers dared to attack him .

“Asshole, asshole, I’m going to kill you, Mo Fan, I’m going to kill you!” Lu Zhantian screamed at the top of his lungs, diving down at Mo Fan from the sky .

“It seems like you aren’t treating me seriously!” Bola showed up in front of Lu Zhantian with an eerie flicker of magic .

Bola struck with lightning speed, grabbing Lu Zhantian’s arm and pulling it down with irresistible force . His sharp claws penetrated Lu Zhantian’s skin, severing the arteries and tendons in his arm!

His master had asked him to break every single bone and tendon in the man’s body . It was actually quite a difficult request to fulfill . Even a butcher would have difficulty cutting the bones and tendons of a pig . If it was not for the request, the man would have died many times over by now…

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