Versatile Mage - Chapter 1201

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Chapter 1201: 1201

Chapter 1201: It’s Difficult to be a Pervert

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Zhu Meng did not let Mo Fan down . He soon took care of the general that had been bribed by Lu Zhantian . The military was extremely strict when it came to bribery . It was quite obvious that if the general had not been bribed by Lu Zhantian and stuck to the protocols, the people of the Enforcement Union would not have been able to take Mo Jiaxin away so easily .

Things might have seemed normal on the surface, but if they were to investigate further, they could easily find enough evidence to track down the people that were tied to the matter…

Mo Jiaxin was having a hard time living in the Magic City . He quickly returned to Bo City after things were settled, as he felt lost when living in a huge city . He had struggled to adapt to life there . Bo City was much smaller after it was rebuilt, but everyone was close and kind to one another, like a huge family .

Mo Fan sent his father back to Bo City . The commander at the fortress was infuriated after learning the truth . He immediately scolded the crap out of his men .

Family was everything for a soldier . If they could not protect their families, how could they possibly protect their country?

The Clearsky Hunter Agency…

Mo Fan was sitting at the bar . He rarely had the mood to sit down and read some books .

He was reading notes about the Taklamakan Desert written by a Hunter Master . The man had written down some unusual parts about the place and the things that other people should place their attention on if they were planning to go there .

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“Mo Fan, the Enforcement Union found something interesting,” Lingling was holding a book in her hands too, but she was only pretending to read it . She spoke up as if she was not used to the silence in the room, “The Enforcement Union caught Yu Ang half a year ago and handed him to the Beiyu Enforcement Union . They initially planned to use him to catch the remaining members of the Black Vatican . However, the two suspects that Yu Ang pointed out were innocent . One of them was an important subordinate of Lu Zhantian’s political rival . In other words, Lu Zhantian has been using Yu Ang for personal gain . The accusation alone is enough for him to be locked away in the Twin Guardian Towers for the rest of his life!”

“Yu Ang is just a little underling . He never had any contact with the authorities of the Black Vatican,” Mo Fan snorted in contempt .

“Speaking of which, he was on equal footing with you around three years ago, but you can easily kill him with a single slap to his face now,” Lingling smiled .

Mo Fan’s strength had improved at an insane rate . No one could have anticipated that Mo Fan had become so strong in such a short time that he could now defeat Enforcers with ease . He had obtained lots of benefits from the World College Tournament!

“I’m going back to rest, I’m a little worn out . I definitely need some rest . We’ll set out once the Golden Battle Hunters have finished their preparations . ” Mo Fan put the book down and left the Clearsky Hunter Agency .

Liu Ru and Bola were following Mo Fan . Mo Fan turned around and said with a smile, “Liu Ru, I’ve bought the place beside here . It’s your home now . You two are from the Blood Tribe, so your identities are a little sensitive . It’s better if you stay here with Old Bao . ”

“Mm!” Liu Ru nodded with a smile .

She liked staying here . It was the area she had grown up in . Besides, Lingling, Old Bao, Leng Qing, and Old Bao’s disciples that occasionally showed up were all very friendly to her . Even though Mo Fan was not around all the time, it felt like home to her .

Bola was in a good mood after coming to a new environment, like he was about to start a new life .

Interestingly, Mo Fan was relieved that Bola insisted that Mo Fan draw his demon blood out for him . Bola was not used to drinking a man’s blood from his neck…

Mo Fan totally agreed with the method . He did not mind Liu Ru kissing his neck, since Liu Ru had a nice scent and her body was soft, making it quite a pleasant experience . But if it was Bola doing it, Mo Fan would rather leave him to die instead!

Bola ended up staying close to the Clearsky Hunter Agency . He would be a great help to Liu Ru as she continued to extend her control over the gray areas of the Magic City .

Bola had been alive for a long time . He had no intention of pursuing fame or glory . When Mo Fan was not around, he was willing to be Liu Ru’s bodyguard, and would not hesitate to lend a hand if necessary…

Mo Fan was not worried about Bola’s loyalty . Since Bola needed his blood to live, if he had the slightest intention of betraying Mo Fan, the vengeful demon blood would turn him into a dried corpse . Mo Fan did not even need to do anything!

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Mo Fan took a hot shower to relax .

He laid down on the couch on the balcony, a dim light on . He was enjoying the nightscape of the bustling city . Lights of different colors intertwined and lit up the clouds . It was actually not that beautiful . Some would rather describe it as ‘light pollution’, as it had taken away the original beauty of the night sky . It was a relief to many if they could still see the outline of the moon, let alone the stars…

In Bo City, the night sky had always been filled with glowing stars, spread out like marbles . Some were crowded together, others were scattered across the place . Some felt like they were within the reach of your arms, while some were far apart, like the distance between two worlds…

Yu Ang’s sudden appearance had reminded Mo Fan of his past in Bo City .

“Oh, you’re back!?” a pleasant voice said . An alluring figure with elegant temperament approached under the dim light .

Mo Fan slowly lifted his gaze, and smiled when he saw Mu Nujiao in casual clothes .

Mo Fan enjoyed staying here, as he would occasionally see a pleasant sight like this whenever he was feeling down .

Mu Nujiao was wearing a singlet, since she was at home . She was most likely unaware that he was back, otherwise she would at least worn a thin cardigan instead .

Mo Fan squinted when he saw Mu Nujiao’s tender shoulders . He shifted his gaze down . The pair of hills soon caught his attention . Mu Nujiao was pretty good at concealing them . If the girl was not wearing a singlet, or if he did not use his Shadow Element to take a peep on the girls when they were showering, he would never know she had such an impressive bust . He could easily grab her slim waist with a single hand, but it would take more than a hand to hold her bust . For a second, Mo Fan really wished he was a pervert, since there was no one around .

Mu Nujiao was feeling uncomfortable at how Mo Fan was staring at her . Her clothes were not that exposing . Many young women would wear the same thing when going to the gym . Besides, she was not so conservative that she was unwilling to show some of her skin .

She did not leave . She looked at Mo Fan and saw a dull look in his eyes .

After a moment of silence, Mu Nujiao asked, “Do you have any plans lately? My cultivation is currently in an awkward position . My family has given me lots of resources, but I just can’t break through . I think I’m lacking practical experience…”

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“Oh, right, I almost forgot about it . My mind is in a mess after those two assholes showed up out of nowhere . ” Mo Fan finally remembered he had something to discuss with Mu Nujiao . Somehow, she had mentioned it first instead . “I’m planning to go to the Taklamakan Desert . Something happened to the Little Flame Belle . ”

“Huh? What happened to her?” Mu Nujiao immediately panicked .

Little Flame Belle would refer to the girls around Mo Fan with numbers . Xinxia was the first mother, Mu Ningxue was the second mother, Mu Nujiao was the third mother, and Ai Tutu was the fourth mother .

Even though Little Flame Belle could not speak in the human tongue, Mo Fan knew the girls were ranked in this order in Little Flame Belle’s heart .

Mu Nujiao was particularly fond of Little Flame Belle . Her expression shifted as soon as she heard that Little Flame Belle was in trouble .

“Nothing too serious, she just needs an Elemental Sacred Land so she can be reborn in its flames . I’ve done some research, and some burning mountains will occasionally show up in the Taklamakan Desert . I believe it’s a suitable place for Little Flame Belle to be reborn,” Mo Fan said .

“Are you sure that she’s fine?” Mu Nujiao was still worried about Little Flame Belle .

“Don’t worry, she’s fine . ” Mo Fan was not planning to tell Mu Nujiao about the incident at the Parthenon Temple . It was better if fewer people knew the truth .

“Mmm, when are we setting out?” Mu Nujiao asked .

“It’s very dangerous there . You don’t have to choose a place like that for your training,” Mo Fan was worried about putting Mu Nujiao in danger .

“Danger is necessary to trigger a breakthrough . Didn’t you grow stronger in dangerous situations?” Mu Nujiao replied .

Mo Fan looked Mu Nujiao in the eyes . He could see a strong desire to grow stronger in the woman . The World College Tournament had been a great opportunity for her, and now her clan had placed their hopes in her . She needed to grow stronger!

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“We’ll be going with the Golden Battle Hunters . They are still making preparations . The place is full of danger, it’s more like an expedition . If we happen to take the wrong path, we might be in danger…” Mo Fan said .

“Even so, you are there to protect us, right?” Mu Nujiao smiled . She was totally unaware that she was subconsciously relying on Mo Fan a lot .

Mo Fan’s heart shuddered . His mind kept telling him that he was a pervert . If he pounced on the girl now, she would only resist slightly!

Mo Fan struggled mentally for some time before letting out a sigh .

It turned out that he was still a good man after all . He managed to be a hero that had risked his life to save the country, so why was he struggling so much to be a pervert?

It was most likely because he was lacking friends like Zhao Manyan . He was surrounded by Zhang Xiaohou, Xinxia, Zhan Kong, Tangyue, Mu Ningxue, Zhu Meng, and others with strong moral principles . It was the reason why he felt so much pressure when trying to cross the lines!

Spreading their seeds across the world? He couldn’t even spread his seeds in his house!

Speaking of which, Mo Fan was missing Zhao Manyan a little . He wondered if the man was still alive . He needed to know if the man was already dead, as he would constantly recall him…

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