Versatile Mage - Chapter 1215

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Chapter 1215: 1215

Chapter 1215: Ardent Sunset, New Soul-grade Fire!

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It was quite obvious that the Burning Mountain contained an abundant supply of Fire Magic, but Mo Fan was utterly confused . How was Little Flame Belle going to conquer the mountain? Was she seriously thinking of eating the whole mountain?

Mo Fan stood to the side quietly . He saw Little Flame Belle flying into the Fire Elemental Sacred Ground that she had flown out from .

She emitted a strong aura . The mountain seemed to be shuddering after sensing her power . The flames nearby began to circle around her before entering her body .

The sea of flames was rolling fiercely . Little Flame Belle was like a bottomless hole in the middle of it, a hole that could never be filled up, even when the water of the sea was pouring straight into it!

Little Flame Belle was only absorbing the flames nearby at the start, but soon the flames across the entire mountain were slowly moving toward her . Mo Fan watched in disbelief as the endless flames surged into her tiny body in a spectacular manner .

Little Flame Belle had a huge appetite, and kept devouring the flames . She even absorbed the energy of the Fire Elemental Sacred Ground . Her body was slowly emitting the color of the rose-tinted clouds at sunset . It was beautiful, yet it also possessed an extremely dangerous aura!

“What kind of fire is that?” Mo Fan was astounded .

The color of Little Flame Belle’s fire had changed . It was no longer the brown of the Fire Calamity, but a beautiful, ardent red . Mo Fan could easily tell how scorching and deadly the fire was without even touching it!

“Little Flame Belle, are you refining the fire?” Mo Fan asked .

Little Flame Belle was obviously absorbing the flames on the mountain to refine her own flames . She was not done with her rebirth, she was only just getting started!

Little Flame Belle uttered a cry . Her petite figure had the imperious aura of an empress . She was commanding the Fire Magic around her, asserting control over the fire!

The flames on the mountain were slowly extinguished, starting from the edge of the sea of fire . It was clearly not the time for the fire to disappear yet, but the fire of the Fire Elemental Sacred Ground was gradually being absorbed by Little Flame Belle . The remaining flames that were nowhere as strong or pure were treated as a whetstone by Little Flame Belle to hone her fire…

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The ardent, rose-tinted light, with a gradient of light to dark, slowly merged with Little Flame Belle’s body .

Little Flame Belle was originally made of fire . The ardent flames granted her an imperious demeanor . Her aura now greatly resembled the destructive aura of the Flame Belle Empress!

Some time later, the flames on the mountain vanished completely, and the temperature on the mountain dropped too .

Little Flame Belle, engulfed in ardent flames, flew out of the Elemental Sacred Ground . She had a big satisfied smile on her face .

“What is the fire that you’ve refined?” Mo Fan asked .

Little Flame Belle was eager to show off her new power too . She summoned an ardent fireball and tossed it indifferently at a boulder nearby!

The fireball was only the size of a Fire Burst, yet the boulder burst into flames as soon as the fireball touched it . The fire burned the boulder into ashes within seconds!

The rocks in the desert were able to withstand incredible heat, let alone the rocks on the top of the Burning Mountain . They had been assaulted by the fire for many years . Those that remained were clearly indestructible to the fire, but Little Flame Belle’s flames were able to burn them to ashes with ease!

“Is that a Soul-grade Fire?” Mo Fan blurted out in joy . If Little Flame Belle had obtained a Soul-grade Fire, it meant he had access to it too!

Little Flame Belle let out a cry . Her body was soon engulfed in a fierce, brown fire that Mo Fan was very familiar with . It was the fire that Little Flame Belle once had, the Calamity Fire!

Mo Fan initially thought her Calamity Fire would be replaced by the new fire . The Calamity Fire was indeed incredibly powerful, as it was able to grow stronger together with Little Flame Belle . To Mo Fan’s surprise, Little Flame Belle was able to retain the Calamity Fire after she refined the new Soul-grade Fire!

“Does that mean you now have two types of Soul-grade Fire?” Mo Fan exclaimed .

Little Flame Belle let out a happy cry .

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Mo Fan remembered the Fiery Sorceress Jiang Feng had two different flames, too . One was used as her attack, and the other circled her defensively . It meant Little Flame Belle was extremely close to reaching Jiang Feng’s strength, since she now possessed two different kinds of fire!

Little Flame Belle had two different flames, while he had one, meaning that he would have three kinds of fire when he was Possessed by Little Flame Belle!

Different fires had different effects, and different Domains, too . Mo Fan could not imagine how unstoppable he would be once he managed to find a Soul-grade Fire Seed for himself!

“Calamity Fire, Ardent Sunset, Rose Flame, HAHAHA, I’m going to be unbeatable again!” Mo Fan burst out laughing imperiously, even though he was still standing naked on the barren mountain top .

Little Flame Belle stood on Mo Fan’s head . The naive little creature burst out laughing too . The only difference was she sounded a lot more adorable .

Little Flame Belle also had a new ability after she was reborn . She could shrink into a Tiny Flame Belle like a blazing red porcelain doll whenever she pleased, allowing her to lie on Mo Fan’s head or shoulder…

Mo Fan was still laughing egotistically, and Little Flame Belle followed suit .

The mutated demon locust looked at them in confusion . It eventually let out a few cries too, to liven things up further . It ended up making the scene even weirder .

“Let’s go, it’s time we go down the mountain and crush anyone that we find to be an eyesore!” Mo Fan strutted down the mountain . He was clearly in a good mood .

Little Flame Belle was a fan of destruction . Now that she had two different flames, she would definitely enjoy burning the bad guys even more .

“Little locust, it’s time to say goodbye . Remember to be a kind-hearted demon locust, do you understand?” Mo Fan did not forget to bid farewell to the mutated demon locust .

The demon locust seemed like it was unwilling to part ways with Mo Fan . He had no choice but to give the little creature another piece of jerky .

The little locust beat its wings and led Mo Fan to another side of the mountain .

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After traveling for a kilometer, Mo Fan discovered black stones that looked like pebbles scattered across the place . It was quite a stunning sight .

The little locust found a crystalline, black rock and brought it to Mo Fan . It seemed to be giving Mo Fan a parting gift .

Mo Fan was startled . He could easily tell that the rock had crystalized as soon as he saw the gloss on its surface . A rock crystal was invaluable, it was the highest-quality Fundamental Crystal . Mo Fan never thought the little locust would be giving him such a huge gift .

“Do you want to go with us?” Mo Fan asked Little Flame Belle to translate for him .

To his surprise, Little Flame Belle was able to communicate with the demon locust . The little creature seemed quite intimidated by Little Flame Belle, since it was unable to withstand the heat of the Ardent Sunset engulfing her .

Little Flame Belle soon relayed the demon locust’s words to Mo Fan .

“You are staying here to guard this place? Is there even anything you can guard here apart from a pile of black pebbles? We’ll be going then . Remember to be a kind demon locust, and don’t you dare harm the crops!” Mo Fan patted the demon locust on its head . “By the way, how fast have you grown? You were only this small a few days ago, but you’re already so big now . Does your kind feed on fertilizer?”

Mo Fan went down the mountain with Little Flame Belle . The Burning Mountain was no longer as valuable as it used to be, since Little Flame Belle had absorbed most of the energy of the Fire Elemental Sacred Ground . Even if the mountain still burned at night, the scale of the flames were nowhere close to what they used to be .

Little Flame Belle reminded Mo Fan to bring her to places like this, so she could further refine her fire .

It was obviously a piece of good news to Mo Fan . Little Flame Belle’s rate of growth was actually quite slow . It would take years for her to grow into a Flame Belle Empress . However, if Little Flame Belle could continue to grow stronger by refining her fire, she would most likely become even stronger after she evolved into a Flame Belle Empress!

“We’ve spent almost three days here . I wonder how the others are doing?” Mo Fan hurriedly made his way down the mountain . He was worried about Zhang Xiaohou, Mu Nujiao, Lingling, Jiang Shaoxu, and the others, since he had been gone for quite some time .

The sand in the air thickened as they crossed the area with the black rocks .

Mo Fan eventually saw the structures of the relay station that were half-buried under the sand . However, he did not find a single person there .

“Strange, did they already leave? I’m quite sure Houzi and the others would be waiting for me here instead?” Mo Fan mumbled to himself .

Little Flame Belle flew back and forth helping Mo Fan to search for the others . However, she did not find any trace of the people either .

“Lingling, Lingling, can you hear me? I’m back from the mountain,” Mo Fan took out the communication device to try contacting Lingling .

He did not receive a response . It was likely that the bad weather was stopping the signal from getting through .

The question was, where did they go? Why didn’t they leave some clue for him? How was he supposed to look for them?

Little Flame Belle let out a cry to call Mo Fan over . The little creature seemed to have found something .

Mo Fan went over and saw an arm exposed above the surface behind a structure . The rest of the body was buried under the sand .

Mo Fan’s heart sank . He quickly dug through the sand using Telekinesis .

The corpse was already died, implying that the person had been dead for more than a day .

After digging the corpse out, Mo Fan realized that it was Li Sichong, the man he had saved before!

Mo Fan let out a relieved sigh . He was relieved that it was not Zhang Xiaohou or the girls… However, he immediately frowned . If Li Sichong had died here, it meant the others were in trouble now!

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