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Versatile Mage - Chapter 129

Published at 10th of April 2018 11:55:03 PM

Chapter 129: Chapter 129 - Curse Element

Chapter 129 - Curse Element

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“Since they left, let’s start harvesting the treasure . Tsk tsk, a Fire Soul Seed, if I obtained it, then Yunmei would definitely kneel down for me! Let’s see if she’d still act all virtuous as she ignores me everyday!” the man with a mole on his face said .

“Give this thing to me, I’ll give you guys some other good things . ” Dongfang Jun said firmly, as he tidied up his expensive clothing .

The other people were shocked before they began to smile apologetically .

No matter how dissatisfied they were, they still did not dare to fall out with Dongfang Jun . Although each of them was indeed an Intermediate Mage, Dongfang Jun was a direct disciple that was able to eat on the same table as those from other noble sects . These people just did not have the guts to strive against Dongfang Jun .

“I’m sorry, this thing belongs to me . As for other benefits… If my mood is good, then I’ll let you all die a little less painfully . ” As the other four were planning on reaping their harvest, a cold and gloomy voice floated over to them .

An extremely pale-looking youngster with a baseball cap and a somewhat handsome face was walking over . The chaotic atmosphere that remained after the Magic Battle suddenly descended into a biting cold that penetrated into their skin, right down into their bone marrow .

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This man had the aura of an expert, and an indifferent killing intent . The person who looked like a runaway scholar suddenly revealed a ruthlessness that was similar to that of a Magical Beast . He swept his emotionless gaze past the four Magicians from the Dongfang Family .

“Who are you this time… Hmph, you actually want to reap our prize after we worked so hard for it…” Dongfang Jun’s face immediately displayed his anger .

“You might have heard of my name, Chao He!” The man slowly took off his hat, revealing half of his face, immediately showing a demonic expression! What shocked everyone was that on his forehead was a mark that was clearly imprinted using a branding iron . The people who had this kind of brand were mostly those who had been sentenced to death by the Magic Trials!

“Chao He, it’s . . . it’s that Killer Magician!” the man with the combed hair exclaimed .

“Dongfang Family? If I remember correctly, you guys have a girl called Dongfang Qinger, she seems to be quite delicious,” Chao He began to laugh .

“You bastard, you actually dare to toy with a disciple of our Dongfang Family?”

“Oh, toying with her wasn’t anything special . What I meant was she was quite delicious when I ate her!” Chao He licked his lips, looking like a blood demon .

As the four people heard this, they began to feel goosebumps!

They knew that the girl called Dongfang Qinger had been taken away by this crazy demon, Chao He . Who would’ve thought that this monster had actually eaten her!

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On the other side, Mo Fan glanced at Mrs . Tangyue, his heart rippling with an endless wave of fear .

This person was so insane that he’d even eat a person, what was the difference between him and a Magical Beast?

“That’s why we cannot let him go this time,” Tangyue whispered as her eyes turned cold .

“The four people of the Dongfang Family aren’t weak, they should be able to -” Before Mo Fan finished, that monster called Chao He began to laugh strangely .

His laughter was extremely dreadful, like the screech of a blood-sucking bat .

As he was frantically laughing, Mo Fan suddenly realized there was something black slowly descending from the high altitude . It seemed like a black spider web that had been there from before, and at same time, it was also seemed like the claw of some vicious creature slamming down!

“I was actually here before all of you . In fact, this Demonic Pit was actually a gift I prepared for our meeting!”

A black claw and a black spider web appeared . When the four men raised their heads, they could see the trap, enveloped in a black mist . It was the shadow of an astonishingly sinister spider . Its numerous eyes displayed a avaricious glint and made them feel like they were being absorbed by the creature .

“It’s the Curse element, retreat!” Dongfang Jun yelled out, his face changing greatly .

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Everyone panicked . They had never seen a magic like this, that allowed the unseen black silk to bind their whole body . As they were bound, if they closed their eyes in an attempt to cast magic, the avaricious eyes and the frightening body of the sinister spider would appear within their Spiritual World . Its disgusting body and masses of eyes within their minds made them unable to control a single Star .

“Oh no, we’re too late!” Tangyue suddenly stood up as her face turned pale .

Originally, Tangyue wanted to take action when Chao He was attacking the four people from the Dongfang Family, and quickly and thoroughly deal with him . Who would’ve thought that he had prepared a Curse Web here ahead of time, and bound the four Dongfang men instantly .

The spells from the Curse Element were usually sinister and cunning . You couldn’t defend against them if you were not careful . The four men from the Dongfang Family had been completely focused on the squad of Hunter Magicians . When they seemed to be relatively exhausted, Chao He cast his Intermediate Curse Magic to directly and effortlessly sweep up everything and everyone instantly .

Furthermore, the Sinister Spider Trap had been cultivated to the third level . When it reached that level, the sinister spider’s spirit would become a phantom that would enter people’s minds, leaving those who had fallen into the trap without a way to resist .

The Dongfang men were not weak at all . However, they were unable to defend themselves against this kind of cursing scheme . Once they had fallen into the trap, these four people were no different than disabled people . They were simply sheep!

“We should rejoice over the fact that we didn’t appear earlier, or else we’d be the ones who fell into that trap,” Mo Fan said with a gloomy face .

The fugitive that Mrs . Tangyue was planning on dealing with was even more frightening than a Magical Beast . This person was just like a spider; they put out a transparent web, and had their prey walk into it unaware . Once they ferociously tried to break the web, that’s when the God of Death appeared in front of you .

“If they were a Spirit Element or a Light Element, they’d still be able to survive . Otherwise, they’re dead for sure . ” Tangyue really wanted to save them . However, even if she was to take action now, she’d be of no use . She specialized in the Fire Element and Dark Element . The spells from these two elements were simply unable to break the magic of the Curse Element .

“How about Lightning element?” Mo Fan had already pulled out a Star Atlas Book .

Tangyue immediately shook her head, “All of the spells within the Curse Element are cast beforehand . Even if Lightning killed the person who cast the spell, it’d still be of no use . The Curse Element would still continuously nibble away the life of these four men . In other words, the second these four people entered this place without realizing the Curse was cast, that was when their lives no longer belonged to themselves . ”

“This guy is truly dreadful . ” Mo Fan couldn’t help feeling astonished .

Tangyue bit the side of her lip, her expression solemn .

As a Judge of the Magic Trials, she had an obligation to save people . However right now, she could only stand there and watch the Curse swallow the lives of the four men .

She couldn’t take action, because even if she did, she still wouldn’t be able to save the four Dongfang men .

She could only wait, wait until the moment Chao He loosened his vigilance while he harvested the Fire Soul Seed, before she could deal with him . If she let him escape this time, then who knew how many more people would suffer from a similar calamity!

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