Versatile Mage - Chapter 1325

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Chapter 1325: 1325

Chapter 1325 Compressive Explosion

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“I’ll now teach you the Space Rhythm . Let’s start by compressing the space!” Mo Fan proceeded with the next lesson after seeing Flame Belle mastering the first step in no time .

Flame Belle mastered the Space Rhythm quicker than Mo Fan expected . As a matter of fact, she would gradually awaken her abilities as she gained more experience from fighting . Mo Fan was only helping her awaken her abilities earlier .

“That’s right, compress the space in that area; not the fire, the ground . Turn the loose soil into firm rocks,” Mo Fan said .

The area of Flame Belle’s Space Magic was incredibly huge . Not only did it include the loose soil, it was also compressing the little flames she had left behind previously .

Little Flame Belle had tossed a fireball out of boredom to set the weeds on fire . The flames covered an area a meter square, but they suddenly shrank into the size of a candleflame as the space was being compressed, down to the size of a thumb .

Mo Fan went forward to check if the loose soil had solidified into rock, but the flames that were compressed into a candlelight suddenly exploded!

“Ling~” Flame Belle stuck her tongue out at Mo Fan after failing to control her magic .

Mo Fan stood still, in deep thought .

Little Flame Belle had just compressed the flames covering an area of a meter square into a tiny candlelight, but not only did it not weaken the flames, the explosion was actually stronger than the energy that the flames initially contained…

“If a small fire could trigger such a powerful explosion after it was compressed, what would happen if it’s a big fire?” Mo Fan murmured .

Mo Fan immediately decided to have a go at it . He said, “Little Flame Belle, toss your fire into the space I’m compressing, as much as possible . ”

Mo Fan began to emit a silver light . A brilliant Star Pattern was completed swiftly . A rhomboid appeared in front of Flame Belle .

Flame Belle followed Mo Fan’s instructions and poured her fire into the rhomboid continuously .

Normally, the fire that Flame Belle unleashed was enough to set the whole side of the mountain ablaze, and even spread further to the other side . However, as Mo Fan continued to use the Space Rhythm to compress the fire, it remained the size of a little glowing crystal .

The crystal was not that big . It was similar to a basic level Fire Burst when it was being tossed forward .

“I’m almost at my limit,” Mo Fan was struggling to control the compressed space as more energy was poured into it .

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Flame Belle seemed to be enjoying herself . She kept pouring her flames into the rhomboid despite Mo Fan’s warning .

“Enough, that’s enough!” Mo Fan blurted out when he realized something did not feel right .

Flame Belle finally stopped pouring her flames, but the compressed space was already on the verge of collapsing . The rhomboid instantly crumbled as soon as Mo Fan slightly lost control of it .

The energy stored inside the rhomboid emitted a blinding flicker as soon as the walls containing it collapsed . The energy began to surge in all directions!

“Crap!” Mo Fan immediately Summoned the Black Snake Armor as soon as he sensed danger .

The fiery crystal exploded as soon as Mo Fan cursed . A huge shockwave swept across the place and crushed the irregular peaks of the mountain . The scorching flames surged forward like a tide of wild beasts!

A mushroom cloud rose into the sky . An apocalyptic impact razed the mountain to the ground!

Both Mo Fan and Little Flame Belle were taken by surprise . They were sent flying by the formidable explosion, followed by a deafening blast .

Mo Fan clearly felt how terrifying the energy of the flames was as it landed on him . If he had not summoned the Black Snake Armor to defend himself in time, it would most likely have blasted him to pieces!

“Cool!” Mo Fan blurted out in excitement as he rose to his feet and glanced at the area that was now scorched black .

He never thought of this before . When he compressed a huge blaze with the Space Magic into a tiny little fire, if he suddenly withdrew the Space Magic containing the energy of the blaze, it would trigger a terrifying explosion that would inflict more damage than the initial blaze!

“HAHAHA, Little Flame Belle, let’s try it again! I think we’ve found our new trump card!” Mo Fan exclaimed excitedly .

Little Flame Belle nodded happily too . Was there anything more entertaining than unleashing her flames as she pleased and triggering huge explosions?


The villa of Fanxue Mountain…

Mu Ningxue, Mu Linsheng, Yu Shishi, and the others were discussing the Cliff of Ages when someone suddenly barged into the room in a panic .

“I believe our west is being attacked by the Dali Clan, who has come to get their revenge . They have sent out an extremely powerful Fire Mage to blow up our territory . A few of the hill have been razed to the ground,” a member of Fanxue Mountain who was on patrol said .

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“Those scumbags of the Dali Clan, how dare they mess with us in our territory…” Mu Linsheng swore furiously .

They had already come to stir troubles even though the incident at Gulangyu had only ended not long ago?

“Strange, why didn’t my moths notice any intruders?” Yu Shishi asked in confusion .

“It’s a Fire Mage; maybe your moths were driven away by the fire?”

“Impossible,” Yu Shishi shook her head .

Even if the moths were scared, they would still alert her . There must be some other reason if they were not warning her about the danger .

“Patrol captain, did you see who it was?” Mu Linsheng asked .

“No, the enemy’s cultivation is strong and the attack was utterly terrifying . I didn’t dare go any closer,” the captain said .

A tiny moth flew into the room and landed on Yu Shishi’s shoulder . It beat its wings to relay a message to Yu Shishi .

Yu Shishi giggled after receiving the message, “It’s fine, captain; it’s one of us . ”

“One of us?” the captain was stunned . “Why would anyone blow up our own territory? The explosions have razed the hills to the ground like a bulldozer . Even the mountains are barren…”

“It’s Mo Fan, right?” Mu Ningxue asked .

Mu Ningxue vaguely remembered Mo Fan mention he was going to the barren mountains to the west to practice his magic . She did not expect him to cause such a scene that it scared the shit out of the patrol captain .

“It’s him; it seems like he has invented a strange ability,” Yu Shishi confirmed .

“So it’s Mo Fan… I thought the Dali Clan had sent a Super Mage!” the captain said with a wry smile .

“You do know the difference between the Advanced Level and the Super Level . ”

“I do, but the explosion that Clan Leader Mo triggered was just too…” The patrol captain’s heart pounded heavily as he recalled the extraordinary explosion that he had seen .

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Mo Fan had discovered a new ability, and was so excited that he kept practicing it . In the end, Mu Ningxue drove Mo Fan off to the bay as she could not stand the destruction he was causing in her territory . He could trigger as many explosions as he wanted at the bay .

Mo Fan actually went to the ocean, and it was the sea monsters’ turn to suffer . A group of sea monsters was planning to stir up some trouble along the coastline, but they immediately fled after the explosions scared the crap out of them .

After practicing for a few days, Mo Fan could now compress a huge fire at will, but there was one little weakness to the new ability: the time needed to cast it was a little long .

He had to keep pouring energy into the space; if he wanted to trigger an explosion strong enough to raze everything to the ground, he needed at least the amount of time that he usually required to cast two Advanced Spells!

That being said, Mo Fan was satisfied with the new ability .

“If I was able to do this when I was fighting the Hillmen, I would only have needed a few of these Fire Crystal Bombs to blow them all up!” Mo Fan declared .

He did not have a breakthrough, but he had discovered a way to perfectly combine Fire Magic and Space Magic . It was more exciting than advancing his Element by a tier!


Mo Fan returned to Fanxue Mountain contentedly after his energy ran out . He was going to hear about at the decisions that the others had arrived at regarding the future plans of Fanxue Mountain when his phone started ringing .

“Mo Fan!” Lingling sounded a little anxious .

“Did you find some clues about the Totem Beasts?” Mo Fan asked .

“No, but my sister is in trouble,” Lingling said worriedly .

“Calm down, tell me what happened,” Mo Fan said calmly .

Lingling’s sister, Leng Qing, was going to be promoted to an Elder of the Magic Court . Her cultivation was not particularly outstanding in the Enforcement Union, but her leadership and commanding skills were exemplary . Many members and Enforcers followed her lead . She had made a lot of contributions to the Enforcement Union, too, including the operation that took out the Black Vatican on Chongming Island .

Mo Fan had been told that Leng Qing was about to be promoted to an Elder . Why did Lingling sound like something bad had happened?

“An expert of the Hall of Assassins is targeting my sister . She almost died in the Demon City (Guangzhou)!” Lingling sounded uneasy and scared .

It was rare to see Lingling helpless and clueless about what to do, like another girl of her age . Mo Fan comforted her on the phone and went straight to the Magic City .


He found Lingling alone at the Clearsky Hunter Agency .

“I was told that my sister is still in danger . There’s a chance that the assassin will strike again,” Lingling said .

“Don’t worry, I’ll go to the Demon City with you . I won’t let anything happen to your sister,” Mo Fan said .

“Mm, we must hunt the assassin down!” Lingling said .

“What exactly is the Hall of Assassins?” Mo Fan asked .

“The Hall of Assassins is similar to the Black Vatican . The Black Vatican is like a cancerous tumor that will do anything to destroy the world, but the Hall of Assassins is after profits . They will assassinate anyone, regardless of the consequences, as soon as they are paid to do it!” Lingling said .

“Humph, the Hall of Assassins?!” Zhao Manyan harrumphed coldly as he walked into the Clearsky Hunter Agency . He absolutely despised the Hall of Assassins!

The two assassins that Zhao Youqian hired to kill him were from the Hall of Assassins!

They were a bunch of scum who could not care less about a person’s life!

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