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Versatile Mage - Chapter 1351

Published at 1st of July 2020 01:30:05 AM

Chapter 1351: 1351

Chapter 1351 Put My Life on the Line For You Once Again

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Qi Yang received a secret call soon after he returned to Nanping City .

“Sir, you asked Xianren to investigate if there was anyone suspicious who had bought tickets for trains, coaches, or flights . He did find out that someone special bought two tickets for the flight from Nanping’s Mount Wuyi . The flight is a week from now . Should we investigate further, and see if we can find out the details of the two passengers?”

“That won’t be necessary . It’s fine as it is . Ask Xianren not to investigate further, or he might end up alerting the enemy,” Qi Yang said .

“Should we continue with the investigation, then?” the person asked .

“No, just focus on the tasks on hand . Let me know if there’s anything else as usual,” Qi Yang replied .

Qi Yang ended the call . His face showed his astonishment . He looked at Mo Fan and asked in confusion, “How did you know they had returned to Nanping City, instead of escaping into the mountains?”

“It’s a new ability I have . I won’t explain the details . It looks like your men have verified the information?” Mo Fan answered .

“Mm, the flight is a week from now, but there’s no way we would have noticed it if we didn’t focus on the city…” Qi Yang confirmed .

As the Leader of the Preventive Committee, Qi Yang was an expert at tracking down targets, yet he had no clue how Mo Fan was able to tell exactly where their targets had gone .

Both the Shepherd and Cheng Ying were extremely cunning . Normally, they would have lost track of the two by now . They had not even realized that they were hiding somewhere in the city!

“We just have to do what we are supposed to, so they won’t be suspicious . I bet they won’t do anything reckless for a week, either,” Mo Fan went on .

“You’re right; the higher their positions in the Black Vatican, the more cautious they will be . If they managed to make their way back to the city, they won’t do anything to catch our attention, as it would only bring more troubles to their higher-ups . The Extraditors are responsible for bringing their disciples back safely . They won’t allow any mistakes… it seems like we are going to have a huge catch this time . The Shepherd… who would have thought… we have not had the chance to come into contact with someone of his level in many years!” Qi Yang blurted out in excitement .

The Black Vatican had been infamous across the world for a long time . Even taking out a Blue Deacon was a great contribution for an Enforcer . That alone was enough to guarantee a promotion, let alone someone as important as an Extraditor…

Qi Yang had a feeling he might be able to make some great contributions by following Mo Fan!


Mo Fan was not in a rush to deal with the two targets for the time being . The Fiendish Night was a divine power when it came to tracking down targets . Mo Fan would immediately receive feedback after the slightest presence of magic around his targets . He was well aware of what they were doing and where they had gone .

“Are you serious? They are just walking around on the street and enjoying delicacies?” Zhao Manyan asked .

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“Mm, the Shepherd and Cheng Ying must have disguised themselves as ordinary civilians, eating and having fun as they please . They haven’t been using any spells for a long time . There weren’t even any magic ripples, so I thought I’d lost them…” Mo Fan said .

“How bold is that Shepherd? He clearly has no respect for the Enforcement Union,” Zhao Manyan spat .

“Boldness of execution stems from superb skill, and he is indeed skillful enough . Even if his cover was blown in the city, he could still run away easily,” Mo Fan judged .

The Shepherd was extremely powerful . Mo Fan could not afford to lower his guard!

Unfortunately, the Shepherd’s position was not high enough to convince the authorities to dispatch a Super Mage . However, it would be a different story if they could lure out the person behind the Shepherd!

“Say, what do you think the Cold Prince is planning?” Zhao Manyan asked in mid-thought .

Each time a Red Cardinal was up to something, it would result in a terrible disaster . It was the main reason why Mo Fan had to intervene now!

Zhao Manyan was eager to learn what the Cold Prince was up to . Why would he come to China for it? What was he trying to achieve? The Enforcement Union was already keeping an eye on the Black Vatican, yet they still dared to plot something in China!

“To be honest, I’m a little worried too,” Mo Fan could only reply .

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“Are you worried that the conspiracy is worse than we could ever imagine, and we aren’t capable enough to stop it?” Zhao Manyan knew what Mo Fan was thinking .

“Yeah, we can’t afford to underestimate any member of the Black Vatican . The way they hide in the cities and the countries… they are like a cancerous cell in a healthy person; you never know when they will turn into a deadly disease, and when you realize it’s destroying your health, it’s already too late to stop it . You can only endure it, and if you don’t resist it, death will be the only possible outcome!” Mo Fan said grimly .

It was the same that had happened to Bo City and the Ancient Capital . Whenever the Black Vatican made their move, it was like the mountain was collapsing and the ground was cracking apart . Everything they learned was so insignificant and useless…

Nothing was scarier than the thought of it happening again!

How could Mo Fan not be worried? He was afraid to experience the suffocation and the sense of helplessness after learning there was another conspiracy afoot .

His strength had improved at an insane speed . He was doing everything he could to become stronger, yet it still did not make any difference, since his enemy was always stronger than him!

“Why don’t we let the Preventive Committee handle it? The Enforcement Union, Preventive Committee, Magic Association, military, and the government will handle it . Even an Elder of the Enforcement Union has died so easily, let alone us! We won’t stand a chance if we really are up against a Red Cardinal of the Chief Extraditor…” Zhao Manyan was hesitant .

He was not mentally prepared to face something as huge as the Black Vatican .

He felt like they should just focus on looking for the Totem Beasts… hang on, even looking for the Totem Beasts was not necessarily a safe task, when he recalled what had happened during the incident of the Giant Purple Sacred Linden . He still had nightmares of climbing up the filthy, terrifying, and dangerous body of the demon tree!

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“It’s too late to give up now . Only I have the ability to track down the Shepherd . Perhaps even the Heavens think I’m the most suitable person to take down the Black Vatican, so they gave me the Fiendish Night . We might have no clue about what the Cold Prince wants to do, or what he’s planning, but it also means they are still in the early phase . It’s the same as the Calamity of the Ancient Capital . If we had realized that the Calamity of Bo City was just a test run, we could have stopped the Calamity of the Ancient Capital from taking place . Similarly, if we can learn something important right from the start, we should be able to prevent an incident similar to the Red Mediterranean Sea… I would regret it if I gave up now!” Mo Fan told him .

Only those who had experienced the Calamity of Bo City and the Ancient Capital would know the pain of wishing that time could be reverted!

Unfortunately, time would never be reversed; all that mattered was the present!

Zhao Manyan was lost in thought after seeing Mo Fan’s determination . He finally made up his mind after some time, “I didn’t expect to hear something like that from you . I always thought you were a rascal . Screw it; I, Zhao Manyan have decided to put my life on the line for you once again!”

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