Versatile Mage - Chapter 1579

Published at 22nd of October 2020 12:30:06 AM

Chapter 1579: 1579

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Mo Fan quickly caught up to a Hellish Cerberus with Blink . The creature had lost its domineering bearing . Mo Fan threw a lightning spear ahead of them, forming a lightning web in front of the creature . The Hellish Cerberus knew how extraordinary Mo Fan’s lightning was, and immediately turned aside and ran up a pillar .

Its speed was outstanding, it could almost run vertically up the pillar . Mo Fan lifted his gaze and threw Giant Shadow Spikes at the Hellish Cerberus’ limbs .

The Hellish Cerberus did not notice the silent paralyzing spell . Its back legs were nailed to the pillar by the Giant Shadow Spike . Its upper body kept moving while its lower body was stuck to the pillar . It felt like its body was growing longer!

The Hellish Cerberus howled . Its body glowed with hellfire, trying to free itself from the Giant Shadow Spike .

Mo Fan knew the Giant Shadow Spike could only stop a Commander-level creature briefly . He immediately tossed another lightning spear at the creature after it came to a halt!

The lightning spear swept across the sky, crackling loudly . Lightning arcs flickered ruthlessly as the spear drove into the Hellish Cerberus’ body before unleashing a strong electric shock . The Hellish Cerberus’ limbs twitched uncontrollably!

The Hellish Cerberus fell limply from the pillar . Mo Fan clearly did not want to spare its life; his other hand had already Summoned a fiery sword . He slashed at the spot the Hellish Cerberus was falling to!

The fiery sword was over thirty meters long as it slashed ahead and split everything in front of Mo Fan in half, while the raging flames engulfed them . The Hellish Cerberus had already taken several hits from Mo Fan’s spells, and was at its limits, despite its sturdy flesh .

Its skin was severely burned . The scorching heat further penetrated its body through its wounds and devoured its muscles and organs!

The flame turned the Hellish Cerberus into a pile of bones in no time . Its Soul Remnant floated into Mo Fan’s Pendant .

“You’re the lucky last!” Mo Fan stared at the last Hellish Cerberus .

The last Hellish Cerberus was surprisingly bold . It had tried to attack Mo Fan to save its comrades, but Mo Fan’s magic was simply unstoppable . Even a Great Commander-level creature like it could not endure the damage!

Mo Fan had three Soul-grade Flames, while his Lightning Element had a twelvefold damage amplification . Each of his Advanced Spells could inflict serious damage on a Great Commander-level creature . If he had more time to accumulate his energy, he would not have any problem killing a Great Commander-level creature instantly!

The three heads of the Hellish Cerberus took turns attacking Mo Fan . One of the heads was poisonous, and spat out venomous clouds to suppress Mo Fan and stop him from casting Advanced Spells . It forced him to keep moving around to avoid the poisonous gas .

A cloudy gust followed the poisonous breath . That wind was extremely corrosive . Mo Fan tried hiding behind a huge pillar, but the wind ground away the pillar the size of a hut in mere seconds, turning the pillar into bubbles .

Following the corrosive wind was the dark blue Hellfire!

The central head spat out the Hellfire . It surged in Mo Fan’s direction, a fireball with a diameter of ten meters, exploding right on top of him .

With a roar, the creature spat out the Hellfire again . An even bigger fireball with a diameter of fifteen meters flew at Mo Fan . However, he did not dodge it this time . He stared at the enormous fireball while gathering his Will instead!

Mo Fan’s eyes emitted a silver light . A sharp flicker of light struck the dark blue fireball as it was approaching . It began to slow down as it closed on him .

The fireball gradually came to a stop, as if it had entered a muddy swap with a strong resistance, and stopped moving around fifty meters away from him .

Mo Fan yelled as he thoroughly unleashed his Will, knocking the fireball over two hundred meters away . The dark blue flames surged wildly, yet not even the slightest cinder could reach him!

The Hellish Cerberus was stunned . It did not expect its attack to be nullified with a single glance .

“Rise!” Mo Fan extended his Will out onto the sturdy rocks, shards, and pillars scattered across the hall . He snapped them with brute force and used them as his weapons, hurling them all at the Hellish Cerberus!

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Each of them was strengthened by Mo Fan’s Will . Even the smallest shard could penetrate a mountain, let alone the heavy rocks and pillars . , which could easily break the Hellish Cerberus’ bones if they landed on it!

The Hellish Cerberus was badly bruised by the rain of projectiles . However, the creature was surprisingly relentless . It did not show any intention of running away .

Mo Fan was not going to spare its life just because it had the guts to face him . A hexagon carrying a tremendous crushing force suddenly appeared below the Hellish Cerberus’ feet .

Silver ashes drifted into the air . The Space Rhomboid had completely crushed the Hellish Cerberus!

A bright light rose into the air from the spot that the Hellish Cerberus was slain . It floated in the air like a homeless kid .

“A Soul Essence! I’m rich!” Mo Fan was overjoyed when he saw the crystalline glow .

The drop rate of Soul Essences was shockingly high in the Pyramid, including the Soul Essence of a Commander-level creature . A Commander-level Soul Essence was worth a few hundred million!

“A Soul Essence?” a voice blurted out . Sayed’s eyes burned passionately while staring at the crystalline glow .

Sayed had the Undead Element, so Soul Remnants and Soul Essences were quite precious to him . Those things were like huge moneybags to him!

A Commander-level Soul Essence with such a brilliant glow! If Sayed could claim it, he could Summon another powerful undead, similar to the Death Saber Mummy!

Sayed did not care where the Soul Essence had come from . He decisively took out his Soul Container .

The Soul Container was a piece of special equipment designed for collecting Soul Remnants and Soul Essences . Sayed was excited when the thought of being able to Summon another strong mummy crossed his mind . He had to secure the Soul Essence!

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“Screw you, how dare you try to take it from me!?” Mo Fan was enraged .

He had put in so much effort to kill the Hellish Cerberi . One of them amazingly dropped a Commander-level Soul Essence, yet Sayed who did nothing at all, dared to steal it from him? If he was not a friendly, Mo Fan would not have hesitated to blast him to death with a Thunderbolt!

“Little Loach, take it!” Mo Fan yelled .

Little Loach was infuriated too . Nothing had ever dared to steal its food!

Little Loach forcibly dragged the Commander-level Soul Essence toward it like a strong magnet, even though Sayed’s Soul Container had a head start . Sayed did not expect he to fail to claim the Soul Essence even with his valuable Soul Container and his Undead Element .

“I saw it first!” Sayed grunted anxiously .

“I f**king saw your mum first, too! Does that mean your mum is mine? Didn’t you see it was from the Hellish Cerberus that I killed? How dare you piece of shit take it from me!?” Mo Fan cursed him

He had never thought of Sayed as his friend . He had been teaching the man many lessons since the World College Tournament!

“Damn it, what good will the Soul Essence bring you? I’m an Undead Mage . I can utilize its full potential!” Sayed yelled .

“How shameless can you be!?” Mo Fan was mad . The man was speaking righteously even when he was trying to steal someone else’s stuff . Did he not realize who he was stealing from? Only he, Mo Fan, could steal from others! No one was allowed to steal from him! “Little Loach, stop wasting our time on this idiot!”

Little Loach was definitely not the merciful kind, and suddenly increased its force . The Soul Essence began to move toward Mo Fan at a quicker speed .

Little Loach vibrated as it increased its force . The Soul Essence approached Mo Fan’s chest assertively .

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Sayed’s expression darkened .

“Now that we are on the same team, it’s better if I can become stronger . You don’t even have the Undead Element . What are you going to do with the Soul Essence? I only need another Soul Essence to help my Death Saber Mummy evolve . You’re a selfish prick!” Sayed exclaimed angrily .

“Are you messing with me now? Eleven out of ten sentences you said were cursing us to die quicker, and you’re telling me you’re doing it for the team? The Soul Essence is mine, yet you tried to claim it without even asking my permission . Let me tell you, I might not be that desperate over a Commander-level Soul Essence, so if you behave yourself and ask nicely if you can borrow the Soul Essence, I wouldn’t mind lending it to you . However, did you ever ask? Do you think I’m a humanitarian now!?” Mo Fan spat disdainfully .

It turned out that he was too gentle during the World College Tournament, too merciful toward this self-important scum . Otherwise, why would Sayed even dare to take his stuff!?

“Damn it, you’re just being unreasonable! That thing is mine, I won’t give it up!” Sayed finally lost his patience .

He placed his left hand on his right wrist . Dark red runes surfaced on his right arm, and began to glow with the same light the Soul Container in his hand was emitting!

The glow changed the color of their surroundings, replacing the light of the flames burning in the hall .

A sinister hand reached out from the Soul Container . It extended continuously, grabbing in Mo Fan’s direction .

The hand was not going after Mo Fan . It was aiming at the Commander-level Soul Essence that was about to reach Mo Fan’s chest . Sayed had brought out his trump card to compete for the Soul Essence!

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