Versatile Mage - Chapter 1585

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Chapter 1585: 1585

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Heidi and Meos showed how resourceful they were . They took out pieces of Light Equipment and Ice Equipment respectively, one with a golden glow, and the other icy-blue . The golden glow was from a Light barrier, while the icy-blue glow was a shield that resembled the chest of an ice giant . The two layers of defense completely encapsulated the team .

The combination of the two defensive artifacts strengthened by Zhao Manyan’s Baxia Seal barely stopped the Catastrophe Wave .

The chamber was now flooded, and the team was floating on the surface . Even though the fierce tsunami had stopped rolling, the team was still battered after being thrown around by the impact .

Everyone stood on the chest of the ice giant while looking for the Advisor Mummy…

The water suddenly splashed into the air as the Advisor Mummy jumped out . It floated above the group, fierce lightning crackling on its body .

The lightning grew stronger and formed a lightning halberd next to the Advisor Mummy . The lightning halberd dove right at the group .

“It’s the Lightning Punishment, dodge it!” Mo Fan was even more shocked when he saw the huge lightning halberd falling onto them .

It was the Super Lightning Spell, which had strong imprisoning capabilities . Once they were trapped by the nine lightning halberds, they would have to suffer a punishment of thousands of lightning strikes!

“I can’t block a spell of that level!” Zhao Manyan broke out in a cold sweat .

The Lightning Element was too unstoppable . They had no chance of resisting a spell like the Lightning Punishment . Their best bet was to dodge it .


The group immediately fled for their lives, but the lightning halberds were quicker than they had imagined . Each lightning halberd established a huge barrier when it landed on the ground .

The Lightning Punishment covered a huge area . The seven did their best to dodge the first few lightning halberds, but their routes were sealed off by the seventh and eighth lightning halberds; the ninth lightning halberd was the final piece of the Lightning Punishment Formation!

The lightning halberds activated the Lightning Punishment, which soon descended in the form of countless lightning strikes, painting fear on the faces of the seven people trapped within it .

“We are done for, we are screwed!”

They were trapped in the Lightning Punishment Formation . They had no chance of breaking free from it until the end of its duration .

The problem was that the lightning strikes were soon going to blast them into dispersing ashes . The Catastrophe Wave had already worn half of their defenses down!

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“The lightning is coming!” Meos screamed, her face pale .

It was utterly terrifying for someone to be facing a power that could easily kill them . Meos saw lightning strikes that were a lot thicker than normal bolts arcing back and forth between the lightning halberds . A single lightning strike was enough to inflict serious damage to her, let alone countless numbers of them striking her at the same time!

“Heidi, use your Chaos Element to direct some of them away . Zhao Manyan, use your Earth Element to resist as much as you can . The rest of you, use everything you got to weaken the lightning, hurry up…” Mo Fan said .

“What difference is it going to make? Even if we weaken its strength by half, half of the lightning is still going to kill us!” Sayed screamed .

“Do as I say if you don’t want to die!” Mo Fan swore .

The others immediately followed the orders, as they did not have any better ideas, choosing to listen to Mo Fan .

Mo Fan frowned, taking out the Hand of Silent Thunder .

The Hand of Silent Thunder could transform other Elements into the Lightning Element, but it could not reduce the amount of energy of a spell . If the spell was already a Lightning Spell, the Hand of Silent Thunder was more or less useless . Mo Fan only took it out to protect the others .

This Super Spell could most likely kill everyone but him in an instant . The lightning strikes were extremely deadly . The Mummy was obviously an experienced Super Mage, a true Super Mage, unlike Vani!

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Mo Fan was planning to receive the lightning strikes . His Lightning resistance was significantly stronger than the others . He would rather challenge the limit of his demon flesh than watch the others being blasted into ashes!

That being said, Mo Fan did not think his body could endure the entire Super Lightning Spell, thus he had asked the others to weaken the lightning strikes as much as they could while he took on the rest!

“Chaotic Vortex!” Heidi cast the most powerful Chaotic Vortex she could .

The vortex spun slowly, its speed increasing when the terrifying lightning strikes went into it . Heidi thought her Chaotic Vortex could absorb quite a significant amount of the Lightning Magic, but the Chaotic Vortex reached its limit in just a few seconds!

Zhao Manyan took out all his defensive equipment too, including the Venice Ring .

His Earth Element was enhanced by the Blessing of the God’s Seal . Its defense, when further strengthened by the Baxia Seal, was strong enough to withhold the attack of a Ruler-level creature . However, he was a little worn out after defending the group from the Catastrophe Wave . He was having difficulty resisting the Lightning Punishment .

To his relief, the Earth Element was the Lightning Element’s weakness . Otherwise, the rock demon that Zhao Manyan had Summoned would not be able to hold on for too long .

Meos’ defense was also rather outstanding . The Undead Element was not that effective under the circumstances . Any undead they Summoned would be torn to pieces by the lightning .

“Diamond Realm!” Meos took out an Earth Element defensive equipment .

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Diamonds were formed when refined under great heat and pressure . Meos’ cultivation of the Earth Element was quite impressive! A bunch of diamonds burst out of the ground around the group and joined together to form a large crystal encapsulating the group .

“Icebound Coffin!” Mu Bai altered the spell slightly by applying the strong frost on the outside of the crystal, as if he was putting a layer of armor on the sturdy defense!

“We’ve tried our best, but I’m afraid it’s nowhere enough to stop the lightning . It’s a Super Spell after all…” Meos said helplessly .

The defense might look sturdy, but the restless lightning strikes seemed even more terrifying!

“Leave the rest to me!” Mo Fan declared .

The lightning strikes came down at the group . The Chaotic Vortex on the outermost layer collapsed right away, but the lightning strikes were completely unaffected by it .

The lightning strikes soon destroyed the Water Curtain, Rampart, and armor of the Earth Element that were known for their outstanding defensive capabilities, like a stampede of mad rhinoceroses ramming through some simple wooden fences!

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