Versatile Mage - Chapter 1655

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Chapter 1655: 1655

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

The two young Wind Flame Lightning Vultures escaped to safety under the protection of the Steel Griffin’s wings . Their intelligence had not fully developed yet . They were not hostile toward humans, and with a little hint from Apas, they soon had an enjoyable time with the others . Everyone took out the snacks they had brought along to feed the young cultures . The two little creatures had never eaten anything so delicious . They completely forgot they were two savage flying beasts, and kept running around everyone in circles .

The sudden appearance of the two young vultures diluted the anger everyone felt after learning the truth somewhat . It was pointless to dwell on certain things, they still had to walk the path ahead . They were just disgusted after accidentally going to a landfill . The air was still fresh and refreshing after they left the filth behind!

“Everyone must be tired . We’ll rest at the peninsula ahead and return to Athens tomorrow,” Blue Star Knight Kris suggested .

The sky had darkened, and his Steel Griffin was a little tired from flying for the whole day . It needed a rest .

“Sure, let’s get some rest,” Mo Fan agreed .

They landed on the peninsula along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea after noticing many wooden huts scattered across some dense copses . The wooden huts were not jumbled up . There were small paths between the wooden huts for vehicles .

The center of the village was a small marketplace surrounded by a dozen huts . They noticed quite a few tourists frequenting the stalls full of colorful clothes . Men and women were visiting them in pleasant moods .

Kris had withdrawn the Steel Griffin back to his Contracted Space to avoid scaring the civilians . They slowly descended from the sky by riding Mu Ningxue’s winds .

“This is a pretty fine place,” Zhao Manyan looked around and saw many women with alluring physiques walking by . Their waists were long and slim, their body ratios slenderer than Asian women . Their curves were dazzling!

“We’ll stay here for the night . Let’s walk around and eat some food,” Mo Fan suggested .

It was important to ease their minds . Otherwise, they might die from an excess of anger toward those bunch of assh*** authorities!

The others agreed . They found a resort with a spacious beach front and booked all the rooms . They did not want to be disturbed by some strangers .

The resort had a huge beach in front of it with an aged tree at its center . The two young vultures soon perched in it and fell asleep .

“They won’t hurt anybody, right?” the owner of the resort said worriedly .

“They won’t,” Apas said confidently .

Mount Tyrant, the cliff at the top of the mountain…

The cliff was heavily damaged now, the shocking mark of a claw left on it . A huge part of the cliff had been destroyed!

The sea of clouds initially shrouding the mountain below the cliff had countless holes along it, looking tattered and ragged .

Over a thousand black destructive rays were falling from higher up in the sky, a huge attack with wide coverage . The huge mountain had several peaks on it, but every black ray that fell from the sky would shatter a peak and flatten the jagged edges of Mount Tyrant!

The black destructive rays came from a great height . The air was unusually cold . Even a powerful Mage would be frozen in no time at that altitude .

The sunlight faded away as night arrived . An enormous black dragon extended its shocking wings, the wings loomed over the Mages on the mountain like they were a part of night’s curtains . Its dominating bearing as a ruler of the Heavens and Earth was more than enough to make the tiny humans tremble!

Its wings shrouded the stars and the moon, its body occupied the sky . Even the divine beasts depicted in the legends were incomparable to the massive creature . It felt like the creature had come from a different universe . How could anyone possibly stand a chance against a creature like that?

A loud cry was heard, like the howl of a meteorite as it fell through the atmosphere, shaking the ground as the wind began to blow fiercely!

“Dragon breath, it’s about to unleash its dragon breath!” an old Mage on the collapsed cliff yelled out in a panic .

The dragon breath was a true dragon’s deadliest weapon . It left nothing alive as it surged across the land . Even a Forbidden Mage might die before it, and thus was why a true dragon was deemed an inviolable existence!

The wind stirred up a lot of dust . The Black Dragon Emperor hovered in the sky . It raised its head as its belly and the cavity in its mouth bloated .

The air began to reverse, as if a huge whirlpool had appeared in the air, sucking everything nearby into it!

The remains of the mountain were initially falling naturally, but they were now rising into the sky instead! It felt like the gravitational force of the whole mountain had upended . The pieces or rocks, broken cliffs, and trees were rising into the sky!


An old Mage with Wind Wings did not realize that the dragon breath possessed such a strong absorbing force before it was unleashed . The old Mage was too close to the dragon, and was dragged into the wild turbulence .

“Help me, help me!” the Wind Mage yelled .

Not many Mages on the cliff were able to guarantee their own safety . They were up against an ancient dragon, the most savage black dragon of all species!

No one dared to lend the Wind Mage a hand . It was the typical fate of someone who was trying to be a show-off!

Humans were too weak before the wind . The others soon lost sight of the Wind Mage, who vanished together with the debris being lifted into the air . It was impossible to tell how spacious the dragon’s cavity was . It had devoured over ten mountaintops, yet it still seemed to have a lot of space left!

“This is our chance!” Su Lu smiled .

He was the only person that was smiling . The others were already regretting their decision to challenge the black dragon!

A dark green gas rose from under the cliff, like a swarm of insects . It was not affected by the strong wind .

The Black Dragon Emperor soon absorbed the wriggling streams of gas into its stomach . Its chest suddenly glowed an eerie green .

The dragon was going to unleash its breath after the deep inhalation . As a matter of fact, no one there had ever seen the dragon breathe before, since no one had managed to survive to tell the tale . Even a group of elite Mages would be wiped out by a single breath!

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From inhaling to exhaling, the Black Dragon Emperor was like a black sun . It was approaching the land to vent its flames of annihilation!

“It’s the dragon flame!”

A dragon had control over different magic, especially a Black Dragon . There were different kinds of dragon breaths, each bringing a different form of destruction!

Among them, dragon flame was like a falling sun . It would turn the surface into pits of flames and lava that would take centuries to recover!

Su Lu pointed at the Black Dragon Emperor and grunted, “From today forward, I shall take away the dragon breath that symbolizes the dignity of a dragon!”

As the dragon was exhaling, the dark green gas in its chest liquefied and condensed, like countless tiny eggs of flies…

The dragon breath surged from its insides . Its energy was accumulating in the cavity, but was the perfect nutrient for the eggs . They trembled in excitement along the walls of its lungs . One and another insect after another broke out of the eggs and attached themselves to the dragon’s throat…

Hordes of demon flies hatched from the eggs, growing as the dragon accumulated its energy . The demon flies were filling up the dragon’s throat while taking in its energy!

Flames sprouted out from the gaps between the Black Dragon Emperor’s fangs, but it had failed to let out its breath as intended . The destructive flames were somehow stuck in its throat . It let out a painful cry!

“HAHAHAHA! Without the dragon breath, you only have thicker scales than a Ruler-level creature, and I have plenty of time to peel off your scales one by one!” Su Lu burst out laughing .

It was important to inflict serious damage on a true dragon to subdue it!

Su Lu did not come to slay the dragon; he was planning to enslave it!

One of his Contracts had been available for a long time . He was reserving it for the Black Dragon Emperor!

Even though the Black Dragon Emperor would not be able to use its dragon breath again, it was still a supreme beast . It was strong enough to help him conquer the world, even without its dragon breath!

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“The pain is going to last for a while, ready the Forbidden Ritual!” Su Lu told Ferran .

“Got it!” Ferran had an excited face .

Everything was going according to plan . They had restrained the dragon’s breath, greatly lowering the threat that the Black Dragon Emperor posed!

They just needed enough time to complete the Forbidden Spell . It should be enough to defeat the matchless beast!

A man in a dark coat stood on another peak on Mount Tyrant . He was staring at the flickers in the night sky with a determined face!

“Now is not the time,” he mumbled to himself .

He could only strike at the right time . There were too many experts of the Magic Associations on the mountain, and he was all by himself . If he did not strike at the right time, he was basically hitting a stone with an egg, not to mention that Asia Continental Senator Su Lu’s formidable strength… he was able to cast a Forbidden Spell!

Norman clenched his fists after hearing the dragon’s painful cry .

“Father, everyone has forgotten you and snorted disdainfully at your beliefs . They think they are better off chasing the demons, but they have already lost themselves…”

“I shall remember and protect your beliefs!”

“I will not let them get their way… Austin, I will keep fighting just like you!”

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