Versatile Mage - Chapter 2035

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Chapter 2035: 2035

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Mu Feiluan walked toward the alliance. He seemed to know Senior Hunter Yassen. He smiled at Yassen and said, “I believe you saw what happened just now. The woman is a heretic who the Heresy Judgment Court froze on Tianshan Mountain in the past, but somehow she has escaped. She is extremely dangerous and likes to stay in cities. She is a lot stronger here because of the environment. The four Judicators have trapped her in this area, but it will take us some time to apprehend her.”

“I understand, but we are here for the Tianshan Sacred Lotus. We have lost a lot of men along the way. You can’t possibly ask us to risk our lives for something so dangerous when we are already worn out both physically and mentally, just because the Heresy Judgment Court is catching a heretic here, right?” Senior Hunter Yassen tactfully rejected the request.

“The Nine Flowers Scar where the Tianshan Sacred Lotus is located is exactly where we have trapped the Ice Witch. If you go there without the Heresy Judgment Court’s permission, you will have to bear the consequences. We already discussed this with the Great Judicator. If you help us apprehend the Ice Witch, the Judicators will help you find the Tianshan Sacred Lotus in return,” Mu Feiluan promised.

“Are you serious?” Yassen was surprised.

The Tianshan Sacred Lotus was extremely valuable. Even Forbidden Mages would be interested in it, let alone Super Mages. Yassen almost gave up when he saw the group of powerful Mages, since his group had no chance of competing with them.

“Eliminating heretics is the Heresy Judgment Court’s sacred duty. They aren’t interested in the Tianshan Sacred Lotus. As for us, we are more interested in establishing a friendly relationship with the Heresy Judgment Court. Don’t you worry; if you’re willing to lend us a hand, we won’t demand a share of the Tianshan Sacred Lotus!” Mu Feiluan swore.

Mu Feiluan could easily tell Yassen was the leader of the alliance. If he could convince Yassen, the others would follow too.

“I shall discuss with the others first,” Yassen said.

“Be quick, we can’t let the Ice Witch rest for too long,” Mu Feiluan warned him.

Yassen called a meeting with the leaders of the teams to discuss it. Yassen was leaning toward working with the Heresy Judgment Court, mainly because they had to cross the complicated terrain in the Nine Flowers Scar before reaching the Tianshan Sacred Lotus. They could also see many powerful demon creatures roaming in the area ahead, who were also probably interested in the Tianshan Sacred Lotus.

A huge battle clearly awaited them if they went after the Tianshan Sacred Lotus. Most importantly, the people of the Heresy Judgment Court had established the Nine Lights Formation in the Nine Flowers Scar. They would not withdraw from the area if they did not catch the heretic, meaning the alliance would struggle to achieve their goal.

The Heresy Judgment Court would normally seal up an area when they were on a mission. They had the right to execute any unauthorized personnel on the spot. No one dared to challenge the Heresy Judgment Court’s authority!

Yassen told everyone about the situation. Bertan, Kuma, Zhao Kang, and the others were hesitating to make a decision.

“It sounds like we don’t have a choice, but the Ice Witch is incredibly strong. I’m afraid none of us will stand a chance against her,” Zhao Kang pointed out.

“Don’t worry, we aren’t facing her directly. Look on the bright side, it’s a chance for us to befriend the Heresy Judgment Court too.”

“Speaking of which, who’s the woman they are after? She looks not much different from us. Why is she a heretic?”

“We shouldn’t ask too many questions. The Heresy Judgment Court has its reasons.”

The leaders told the teams their decision. Although many people were against the idea, they would overstay their welcome on the mountain if the Heresy Judgment Court sealed off the area. The Heresy Judgment Court had ways to leave the mountain safely when the storm came, but the alliance would be in danger.

They had no choice but to help the Heresy Judgment Court since they did not have a choice.

“The Nine Lights Formation should be the silver-blue magic formation across the field. The Heresy Judgment Court has come prepared,” Mo Fan saw faint lights rising from the cracks when he returned to his team. They formed a huge circle around the field, like some icy flames.

“Qin Yu’er must be trapped in the Formation. I wonder where she’s hiding now,” Mu Ningxue said worriedly.

The field was surrounded by glaciers and peaks. There were glaciers hanging upside down in the sky and bottomless cracks in the land. Qin Yu’er was nowhere to be seen, but there were only limited spots in the enclosed area where she could hide.

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“It’s obvious that Qin Yu’er has no trouble running away even if she can’t defeat them. The main problem is the Nine Lights Formation. We have to break a hole so she can escape,” Mo Fan said.

Qin Yu’er did not confront her enemies all the time, since that would only consume her energy. She needed time to catch her breath, so she was using the complicated terrain to play hide-and-seek with the Heresy Judgment Court. She was recovering energy while waiting for the Nine Lights Formation to disappear.

Mu Feiluan had already scattered the people of the alliance across the field to do a thorough search.

They believed Qin Yu’er did not have much energy left. They should be able to apprehend Qin Yu’er if they could find her in the next three hours.

The seven Judicators had difficulties searching the field on their own. There were many spots in the field where Qin Yu’er could be hiding. However, she would have nowhere to go if the alliance was searching for her too!

“Nanyu, don’t help those people,” Mo Fan told Nanyu.

It was easy for Nanyu to look for someone with her Sound Element. She could pick up a person’s breathing and heartbeat within a kilometer if she was focused.

Mo Fan was worried that Nanyu might help the Heresy Judgment Court since she was clueless about the truth of the matter.

“Do you know her?” Nanyu was surprised.

“I do, and she’s very important to me. I might even have to oppose the Heresy Judgment Court as a last resort,” Mo Fan admitted.

“Are you out of your mind?” Nanyu said with wide eyes. “You can challenge any faction, but not the Heresy Judgment Court. Even Chairman Shao Zheng won’t be able to protect you!”

“I know, I know, but I can’t let her fall into the Heresy Judgment Court’s hands. I will explain the details to you later. Help me find her before the others so I can help her escape secretly,” Mo Fan said.

“We can help her secretly, but make sure the Heresy Judgment Court doesn’t learn about it. We can’t afford to go against the Heresy Judgment Court. Even Ai Jiangtu and the others won’t side with you!” Nanyu warned him.

“Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing. I won’t put you all in trouble,” Mo Fan nodded.

Nanyu and the others would not hesitate to side with him against the Mu Clan, but the Heresy Judgment Court was a different story!

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