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Versatile Mage - Chapter 209

Published at 22nd of October 2018 09:10:02 PM

Chapter 209: 209

Chapter 209 - An Excessive Commission!

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Mo Fan had no more regrets in life . A place filled with beautiful girls, his eyes had some problems looking at them .

No wonder why the ancient people would only live to forty or fifty years old before they die . Who knows how much nosebleed Mo Fan have had in the past few days, let alone the ancient people’s wives and concubines . . .

In the middle of his winter vacation, Mo Fan was feeling cosy inside his place .

The entire living room had a fluffy carpet . They didn’t even have to turn on the heater to feel comfortable . Sitting on the couch in the living room while meditating gave him an extremely good feeling, it was just too nice!

Naturally, Mo Fan would only cultivate the Lightning and Summoning Element when he was in a public area . The other two Elements he only cultivated when he was inside his room . Furthermore, he had to properly control any leaking aura .

Mo Fan also realized that the white rabbit girl Ai Tutu would try to expose his secret by any means . Don’t think that you can close your eyes and swaggering in 34 degrees will help you expose me! Thinking back on Ms Tangyue, a mature and sexy woman like her wanted to do things with him, yet he was still able to control himself!

However, not too long after the winter vacation started, Mu Nujiao and Ai Tutu returned back to their homes . For a period of time, the entire apartment had turned into a secret paradise for Mo Fan and Xinxia . Locking the door and carrying her onto the sofa, that truly was like being up the creek without a paddle and without any aid!

Xinxia’s cultivation speed was not slow at all . Compared to Mo Fan, a student who didn’t even listen in his classes, Xinxia was much more sincere about her own things, including cultivation .

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Right now, her cultivation was very close to breaking through the Intermediate level . If the Little Loach Pendant could be used on other people, then Mo Fan hoped that he could help out Xinxia a little and help her walk into the Intermediate Magician level .

An Intermediate level Healer Magician was relatively popular . The Healing Element students and senior students within the Pearl Institute had always been the most popular people . For a lot of people, these Healing students were like guardian angels; they wore white uniform, were gentle, kind, and beautiful…

Unfortunately, the Little Loach Pendant was indeed what Ms . Tangyue had told him . He could only use it because he had some kind of spiritual connection with it . In other people’s hands, it would be no different than those ugly rings that you could find in some random store .

Xinxia wanted to break through the shackles of Stardust . During this winter vacation, he had seen her cultivate . Naturally, Mo Fan couldn’t just sit idly by . He started to cultivate the Lightning and Fire element, hoping for the two to reach the next state .

The Fiery Fist and Thunderbolt had already reached the right level of power . However, their effects were not as clear against Warrior-level creatures with sturdy physiques .


The winter vacation quickly passed by . Mo Fan reluctantly brought Xinxia back to her school . He was also about to enter the second half of the study year .

During the second semester, Mo Fan did not excessively engross himself into cultivation . He mostly went to the Clearsky Hunter Agency and looked for missions that were more suitable for himself .

Combat was the best method to increase one’s strength . Mo Fan realized that his cultivation had reaped a huge harvest after every single battle; either the Nebula had expanded or it had reached a level where it was able to attack the next level .

His Lightning and Fire Elements had been stuck in the first level of Intermediate for quite a while . Mo Fan urgently hoped that he would be able to raise them to the next level, and leveling by combat was the best method!

“Lingling, how come there are still no missions . I’m nearly bored to death,” Mo Fan sat inside the milk tea shop as he solemnly looked at the little loli Lingling enjoying her milk tea .

“If there is no business, then there’s no business . What can I do?” Lingling’s face showed that she didn’t mind that at all .

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“Aren’t you guys a shop with a long established reputation in China?”

“Mmm!” Lingling didn’t even open her eyes as she continued drinking her milk tea .

Mo Fan’s entire being seemed to have withered . Not fighting for a couple of days made his whole body feel uneasy!


Just like that, he passed those days, bored, bored, bored . Mo Fan was sitting on the balcony as he watched a couple kissing each other by the artificial lake… Either way, he was currently bored to that extent, and his cultivation seemed to have gotten stuck, unable to take another step forward .

He heard the ding-ding as his phone began ringing .

When Mo Fan heard that ringtone, his entire person seemed to wake up .

In order to immediately receive a mission, Mo Fan had changed Lingling’s phone calls to a special ringtone, which happened to come right now! .

“Mo Fan, there’s work to do!” Lingling’s voice said clearly .

“Good, what kind of work is it this time,” Mo Fan urgently asked .

“It is a bit complicated, but also simple at same time . Come to the Hunter Agency,” Lingling said in a strange tone .

Mo Fan was also puzzled . He had been in the Clearsky Hunter Agency for around four or so months, and had dealt with nearly ten different missions . Every single one of them had been successful, and normally, Lingling would also give a simple description of the mission over the phone . Why did she want him to get to the headquarters this time?

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Nursing a funny feeling, Mo Fan took a cab to the Clearsky Hunter Agency .


Clearsky Hunter Agency was the same as always . It looked like a fusion teahouse that was close to going bankrupt, and was completely deserted .

After walking in, the doorbell was heard very clearly . There was indeed not a single customer inside .

Old Man Bao was smoking at the counter of the bar . Lingling was sitting in front of the counter, her long legs were skinny, but did not reach the ground . She was even wearing a short skirt with long stockings .

Mo Fan walked in the front of Lingling and asked, “What is it?”

“Look at it yourself . This kind of mission is my very first time seeing one after all these years in this profession,” Old Man Bao pushed the mission document in front of Mo Fan .

Lingling also didn’t say anything, she drank her fruit juice as she waited for Mo Fan to finish reading it .

Mo Fan was confused . He picked up the mission document and began reading out loud .

“Due to special reasons, I have been kept busy with something, and so I could only dispatch other people to deliver this mission to you in the Clearsky Hunter Agency . I hope you are able to dispatch an experienced Hunter to help me protect someone’s safety . I believe in the reputation of your Clearsky Hunter Agency! I have already transferred the money to your bank account…”

As Mo Fan read this, he didn’t feel like it was anything complicated . He was puzzled as he looked at Old Bao . “Isn’t it just being a bodyguard, there’s nothing special right?”

Old Bao knocked on the pipe as he slowly said, “Look at the person you would be guarding . ”

“Could it be that this person is special? But no matter how special they are, it’s just protect- What the hell!” When Mo Fan saw that he began to feel uncomfortable .

Mo Fan looked closely at the mission document as he rubbed his eyes . He was confirming whether he read it wrong or not .

“Initially, we also thought this was a prank . However, the money has indeed been transferred to our account, and it wasn’t a small sum, either,” Old Bao said .

“What is this . . . ” Mo Fan held the mission document as he felt cold sweat coming on .

Protecting someone was very normal, Mo Fan didn’t think this mission had any unique areas .

The problem was, the person to be protected in the mission statement was named Mo Fan!

Mo Fan initially thought someone had the same name as him . After all, his name was handsome, elegant, and was very meaningful . Other people sharing his name was naturally a normal thing . However, the mission document clearly stated, “Pearl Institute Azure Campus, rookie Summoner student, Mo Fan!”

Hiring a hunter to protect a hunter . Mo Fan felt like he did not have enough brain cells to use for this .

Originally, Mo Fan thought the situation with the wife and husband in the past was extremely strange . However, compared to the situation right now, they were on a completely different level!