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Versatile Mage - Chapter 221

Published at 6th of November 2018 04:30:07 AM

Chapter 221: 221

Chapter 221 - Slaughtering the Dark Beasts

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The fierce crackle of Lightning erupted within the factory, the ear-piercing sound causing people to subconsciously cover their ears .

Zhang Lulu was still hiding outside . Her complexion turned white as she saw the flickering lightning inside of the factory!

The lightning illuminated the area while miserable shrieks could be heard from within the factory . There was a few strange and disgusting shadows that could be seen in the glare of the lightning, and the number seemed to be quite high .

“Zhaoting…” Zhang Lulu was not sure what to do .

Biting her lip, Zhang Lulu charged toward the factory . She couldn’t just let Xu Zhaoting deal with these strange people and dreadful creatures alone!

Zhang Lulu ran to the entrance of the factory, and saw four people whose limbs looked like they had been cruelly twisted as they slowly crawled along . Their faces looked like ghastly monkeys and their skin color was completely black . . .

As she looked inside of the factory, she saw a man wearing a grey cloak staring at Xu Zhaoting with cold eyes . He stomped on Xu Zhaoting’s face, now covered with blood, as he swore furiously, “Scoundrel, you dare to ruin our plans!”

“Our great Deacon told us to bring the person away immediately so we won’t be exposed,” Hui Si said urgently .

“I’ll take this kid away . You guys can kill the girl! Quickly tidy up the area, and don’t leave behind any traces!” Hui Yi said .

Originally, they only wanted to surround the objective in this place . In the end, they encountered an irrelevant kid that had completely ruined their ambush .

After calculating the time, the real objective would most likely get here soon . They couldn’t let the objective know that they were making a move on him!

Hui Yi whistled and ordered the Dark Beasts to drag away the wounded Xu Zhaoting . The rest of the four people were focused on Zhang Lulu, who had charged in to her own death .

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The four people might not be the scariest ones, but the most dreadful ones were precisely the Dark Beasts . Zhang Lulu never imagined that there’d be so many demonic creatures within this factory, and immediately regretting charging in impatiently .


The Dark Beasts looked like hungry wolves seeing fresh meat . They fought with one another as they charged toward Zhang Lulu .

Zhang Lulu hurriedly took control of her Water Stars and turned the surrounding droplets into a Water Barrier .

The Water Barrier helped defend against some of the fatal attacks, but was unable to completely block the claws of the group of Dark Beasts . The Water Barrier was quickly broken through, and their claws began to streak past her chest . A long line of blood emerged, and splashed the two rusty windows to the side .

“Do you want to take this girl away to have some fun?” Hui San saw Zhang Lulu letting out a miserable cry, and his eyes flashed with lust .

“We could be considered to have failed this time . If we were to delay the matter even longer, then we would get punished by the Deacon,” Hui Er said coldly .

When Hui San thought of the person wearing half a mask, the things he had in mind were immediately gone .

“It’s better to kill this girl as soon as possible, let’s deal with the crime scene first . ”


“Save… save me…”

A wound appeared on Zhang Lulu’s thighs, so deep you could see the bones . She risked her all just to crawl outside .

She had always been nurtured within a school, she had never encountered people this cruel before . They didn’t even have the slightest bit of humanity . With just a single command, they began to tear her to pieces .

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Even though Zhang Lulu was an Intermediate Magician, she was still unable to cast her magic while she was being attacked by Dark Beasts from all directions .

She did not have any good defensive equipment . If she had a good defensive item, or the Intermediate level Violent Wave, then it could potentially have saved her life . Unfortunately, she was currently unable to complete that complex Water Star Atlas .

The blood wound was very long . A group of Dark Beasts were surrounding Zhang Lulu, they seemed to enjoy the process of slowly tormenting a living person to death .

“Hurry up and kill her . If you waste any more time, then I’ll take each one of you and feed you to the great demon!” Hui Er commanded the Dark Beasts angrily .

The Dark Beasts were scared to death, At last, they finally stopped tormenting and moved to end this pitiful life .


Suddenly, in the middle of the night, the howl of a wolf was heard .

While the sound was still reverberating, a swirl of dust began to form from afar . The dust was rolling widly as it began to engulf the place .

Flying Sand Stones . The fine sands were like bullets as they pierced into the body of the Black Beasts . The rest of the cowardly Dark Beasts began to jump to the sides in an attempt to dodge the Flying Sand Stones .

Within the murk, you could see a sturdy figure using a frightening burst of speed to charge over .

It was at least three or four times bigger than a Dark Beast . The huge wolf bit into a Dark Beast that tried to flee from the Flying Sand Stones .


As the wolf bit into it, the sound of broken bones was heard, followed by a painful noise made by the Dark Beast as it was directly bit in two!

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The upper body of the Dark Beast fell down . It had yet to die, and even began to use its claws to continuously dig at the floor in an attempt to crawl away from from this dreadful creature .

The Spirit Wolf raised a paw, and stomped on the head of the Dark Beast’s head like a watermelon . Brains and goo splattered around the floor .

A Dark Beast that hadn’t escaped in time died instantly!

Just a moment ago, it was taking joy in tormenting living beings . This time, it suffered from the process of itself being mercilessly slaughtered .

On the floor, the Zhang Lulu raised her pale face as her blood pumped out . She looked up at this impressive blue creature with the physique of a wolf .

This creature was standing right next to her . It was clear that it was trying to protect her . When she saw that there was a very familiar man sitting on top of the wolf-shaped creature, her tears began to mix with her blood as they ran down her cheeks .

She knew this person; this was precisely the Mo Fan that Xu Zhaoting mentioned all the time! He was also the Great Demon talked about within the school!

“You . . . you should run . There are still many more inside,” Zhang Lulu managed to gasp as she cried bitterly .

“Really?” Mo Fan stared at the Dark Beasts as well as the four grey-cloaked men . “I will kill as many as there are!”

Mo Fan jumped down from the back of the Spirit Wolf and carried Zhang Lulu off to the side .


The Spirit Wolf was already unable to hold back his killing intent, and took the initiative to charge toward the four Dark Beasts .

A tackle, a smack, and the two Dark Beasts with smaller statures were directly sent flying . They smashed into the iron door of the factory with a loud metallic sound .

The other two Dark Beasts took the opportunity during its attack to bite the Spirit Wolf . They ripped out a bit of its skin along with the fur on its body…

The Spirit Wolf didn’t care about the little wound . It turned its around and bit into one of the Dark Beast’s arms, and easily threw the Dark Beast into the air .

The Spirit Wolf waited for the smaller Dark Beast to fall from the air and used its front claws to ferociously smack it . Before the Dark Beast was even able to land, its bones were smashed to fragments .

“The objective has arrived! Go! Hurry up and go!” Hui Er’s eyes turned ferocious as he commanded the Dark Beast behind him .

The other three grey-cloaked people all issued commands to the Dark Beasts they controlled . They originally thought their operation this time had failed, who would’ve thought the objective would still come to deliver his head despite seeing the circumstances here . It was a pleasant surprise!


Outside the iron door, Mo Fan stood in front of the heavily-wounded Zhang Lulu, staring daggers at the black Dark Beasts charging over .

Zhang Lulu was breathing heavily . Seeing at least fifteen Dark Beasts charging over caused her to nearly faint .

To a Magician who did not have any ability to defend themselves, being assaulted by a group was their biggest taboo . Under a group attack, Magicians generally could not cast their spells .

Zhang Lulu began to despair; it seemed she was still going to die in this place . . .

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