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Versatile Mage - Chapter 228

Published at 14th of November 2018 09:15:03 AM

Chapter 228: 228

Chapter 228 - I’ll Take Vengeance for You!

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“The Goddess of Parthenon Temple could perhaps help him . But from what I know, the twelve female candidates of the Parthenon Temple have all been murdered . Thus, the position of the Goddess is still vacant,” Tangyue told him .

“In that case, there is no hope whatsoever?” Although Mo Fan did not know who Tangyue was talking about, according to Tangyue’s tone, the chances of Xu Zhaoting turning back were basically non-existent .

The cruelty of the Black Vatican truly made one’s hair stand up in anger .

“ Go take care of him, I’ve some things to do,” Tangyue replied .

“Alright . ”

After hanging up, Mo Fan realized Xu Zhaoting had already raised his head to look at Mo Fan .

“Gugugu~~~” Xu Zhaoting extended his other, perfectly fine claws as he let out a strange sound at Mo Fan .

“What do you want to say?” Mo Fan tried to understand .

“Gugugu!” Xu Zhaoting pointed at Mo Fan, and then pointed at the location of his heart .

“You want me to end your life?” Mo Fan was stunned .

Xu Zhaoting nodded .

“I’ll take you to the Magic Court, I’ll have them temporarily take control of you and find a way to turn you back,” Mo Fan said sincerely .

Xu Zhaoting shook his head . Now that Zhang Lulu had left this world, his appearance had turned into this, and even let that freak Yu Ang treat him like a slave to continuously hurt people . He might as well end his life now .

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Xu Zhaoting was unable to finish his own life . As his soul was enslaved, he was unable to personally kill himself . That’s why he begged Mo Fan to take action .

Dying would be like a form of relief, especially when it was from the Black Vatican .

Mo Fan didn’t move . How could he possibly take action?

Xu Zhaoting realized that Mo Fan wasn’t making a move, so he suddenly kneeled down . He used his bloody head, continuously banging it against the floor .

He was begging Mo Fan, he didn’t want to continue living like this . He didn’t want to be forced to kill someone . He believed that every time he had to kill someone, he would be reminded of the incredible pain today . He wanted to break free from all this, perhaps he could even meet the departed Zhang Lulu on the road of the Yellow Springs .

Mo Fan once again called Tangyue’s phone, he wanted to confirm whether there was a different way .

However, the only thing that Tangyue gave him was despair .

“Do what he wants, let him feel at peace . ” Tangyue’s voice was gloomy .

“I…” Mo Fan looked at the Xu Zhaoting, who was continuously kowtowing to him . Within his heart, a blaze of fire ignited .

Finally, Mo Fan nodded . He displayed his agreement to Xu Zhaoting’s request .

Rose-colored flames condensed within Mo Fan’s palm . It was burning as it began to jump around . The reflection of the flames could be seen on Mo Fan’s resolute face, and was also reflected on Xu Zhaoting’s bleeding and rotting face…

As he looked at Xu Zhaoting, Mo Fan couldn’t help but recall the Opening Ceremony of Tian Lan Magic High, and the Lightning student that took away the breath of the entire school . In that moment, he was incomparably dazzling . Whenever he looked at Mo Fan, his face would carry a sense of arrogance . After all, he was the sole Lightning elemental student of the school . At least, that’s what he thought . . .

“You can leave without regrets,” Mo Fan took a deep breath . He felt a sharp prick in his throat .

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The rose flames finally rolled from the crack of his fingers, they looked like a holy serum as they poured down over the head of Xu Zhaoting .

The temperature of the flames was extremely high . While the Rose Flames were burning his body, they also stretched to the body of Zhang Lulu by his side .

Xu Zhaoting, his body completely covered in flames, hugged Zhang Lulu tightly . The flames were burning ferociously . Mo Fan didn’t want Xu Zhaoting to suffer from the pain of the fire, and he made the flames burn even faster as he quickly ended Xu Zhaoting’s life .

From the bright red flames, a few petals floated up . They turned into a hot sacred burial ceremony . The fires quickly turned Xu Zhaoting and Zhang Lulu into black dust…

During this entire process, Mo Fan had his back turned on them .

The cold moonlight sprinkled over the lonely rooftop . The bright light from the flames stretched Mo Fan’s shadow out before him .

At this moment, Mo Fan’s fist was tightly clenched!

With the cremation of Zhang Lulu and Xu Zhaoting, the flames within Mo Fan’s chest turned increasingly fierce . It was almost as though it would burn the air around him!

He stiffly raised his hand and put the mobile next to his ear . With his voice extremely serious, he asked, “Ms Tangyue . You previously mentioned that the main ringleader behind the operation this time was hiding within Pearl Institute, right?”

“Yeah, unfortunately, we don’t know his name . Unless we got the information from Xu Zhaoting, we’d have to wait for them to expose themselves . ”

“What if I gave them an opportunity to make a move on me?” Mo Fan asked sincerely .

“If the Underground Holy Spring really is in your hands, then they will make a move, even if there is a risk to it . ” Tangyue said .

“Alright, I’ll give them an opportunity to make a move on me . ”

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“What are you going to do?”

“Ms Tangyue, please hurry and locate the Blue Deacon . I’ll take care of the one in Pearl Institute,” Mo Fan said .

After saying this, Mo Fan hung up the phone .

The flames behind him were slowly starting to die out . Only at this time did Mo Fan dare to turn his body around .

Seeing the bone ashes mixed together, Mo Fan’s gaze turned extremely cold .

“The two of you… you can leave without worry…

“I, Mo Fan, will take your vengeance for you!”


“Lingling, have you found the location of the Shadow Beast?” Mo Fan asked .

“Why does it feel like I’ve become your servant? Even though I am in Hangzhou, I still have to help you find clues in Shanghai… Alright, alright, it’s very difficult for me to find the Shadow Beast . However, to find the person who caught it won’t be a difficult matter . The Shadow Beast has landed in the hands of someone called Shen Mingxiao,” Lingling said .

“Help me find them . ”

“No problem . ” Lingling heard Mo Fan’s tone, it felt like a volcano that was about to erupt!

Although Lingling didn’t understand why it was so urgent for him to find the Shadow Beast, she would help him however she could .

“I’ve found them, they are in the warehouse of an express delivery to the south of Pearl Institute,” The efficiency of Lingling’s work was very high . A great Hunter that specialized in following clues and locating was indeed better than your normal one!

“Alright, in two hours, help me spread a message . Tell them that I, Mo Fan, will take the Shadow Beast to the Beast Iron Cage in the early morning . I want you to guarantee that every single person who participates in this examination knows of it!” Mo Fan said .

“What are you doing?”

“I’m pulling a snake from its hole . ”

Mo Fan wanted to find the scoundrel that caused the death of Xu Zhaoting and Zhang Lulu!

Since he couldn’t find their identity before they exposed themselves, then he could only throw out a big net!

When the Shadow Beast was in his hands, then all of the participating students would make a move on him . This included that member of the Black Vatican, he could even use the Shadow Beast as a cover-up for his real objective!

However, Mo Fan would definitely uncover him .

He definitely would not let him go, DEFINITELY WON’T!!!

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