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Versatile Mage - Chapter 468

Published at 13th of June 2019 08:28:02 PM

Chapter 468

Translated by XephiZ

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Edited by Aelryinth

Loud thuds were heard coming from the sand, which felt like the drums of death in the quiet evening .

White sand swept into the air, like countless dragons rolling in the white sand river, to a height that could shroud the sky…

A sinister, cold aura swept across the place, as the White Sand Giants rose from the white sand, like devils from the palaces of Hell, climbing out from the ground .

They were each holding a three-meter-long giant sand saber in their hands . Their bodies of sand did not look weak or vulnerable, and as the sand packed densely together, it looked like they were clad in sturdy armor plates .

Their eyes were filled with menace . The thing that they hated the most was their sleep being disturbed by other living things .

Bloodshot eyes, thunderous roars!

The Magicians felt like something was exploding in their heads at the deafening noise, but before their hearts were overwhelmed by fear, the countless White Sand Giants filled their sight .

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Once these Elemental Beasts became hostile, they were a lot scarier than demon beasts of flesh and bone, as they were fairly reckless .

The tides of sand exploded simultaneously . The fine sand drifting in the air prevented the Magicians from learning how the others were doing .

As they recalled the plan they had agreed on, and the fact that any failure would place the others in danger too, everyone immediately took their roles seriously .

“Crap, Zhao Manyan is targeted by the most White Sand Giants!” yelled Lingling, who was in the safest spot right in the center of everyone .

Ideally, according to their plan, they assumed the number of White Sand Giants would be equally distributed to everyone’s position when they split up . The truth was, these White Sand Giants were not robots, thus they did not simply follow the script . It was obvious that Zhang Manyan’s area had the highest number of White Sand Giants, and they were all gathering toward Zhang Manyan’s position instead of targeting Mo Fan or Zhang Xiaohou .

– I guess it’s a reflection of one’s moral quality… -, crossed Mo Fan’s mind .

However, Mo Fan knew that now was not the time to ridicule the guy . It did not matter if Zhao Manyan was the weakest among them, he had to find a way to ease his burden . Otherwise, the playboy would simply turn into a lump of meat in a few minutes!

Line after line, these White Sand Giants were exactly like some well-trained soldiers, and would always appear in an orderly fashion .

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The creatures were so perfectly aligned in rows that they were pretty much layers of walls . Once they attacked with their sabers, their target would not have enough space to dodge . It was the perfect body-crushing saber formation!

Zhao Manyan looked at the White Sand Giants surrounding him . As his vision was blocked, he had no idea that he was in the worst position out of everyone else .

He tried to remain calm, by casting a Water Barrier first, which summoned a layer of water to circle around his body .

The Water Barrier was a very effective defensive Spell . The unique effect from its third tier, Circulation, allowed the Magician to continue stacking up layers of the same defensive Spell around himself…

Zhao Manyan had stacked three layers of Water Barrier on him when the White Sand Giants appeared . Three layers was his limit, while those with better control of the Water Element could go four or even five layers . Most of the time, they would need to rely on a Water Element Magic Tool!

The three layers of Water Barrier: Circulation was enough to defend Zhao Manyan from the White Sand Giants attacks . However, Zhao Manyan had underestimated the White Sand Giants’ strength and numbers . When the sand sabers that were looming over him struck down, his Water Barrier: Circulation immediately turned into droplets…

Zhao Manyan’s face turned pale . Luckily, he was already forming a Star Pattern .

Zhao Manyan’s fundamentals were quite solid . If he was like the previous group of Hunters, whose Star Patterns were disrupted when they panicked, the second wave of attacks would easily smash him into a lump of meat .

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“Light Protection: Sacred Shield!”

Zhao Manyan did not cast the second-tier of the Light Protection, as the Light Protection: Rampart was more suitable for defending against attacks coming from the same direction . Meanwhile, even though the Light Protection: Sacred Shield was weaker than the Light Protection: Rampart, it was able to protect his whole body!

The sacred light produced some slight heat, as it perfectly wrapped around Zhao Manyan’s figure, who let out a relieved sigh after hiding behind the sacred shield . He finally realized through the gaps between the White Sand Giants that the numbers surrounding him were uncountable!

These White Sand Giants were not strong when they were alone, yet they seemed to know battle formations in skirmishes used by the warriors in the ancient times, which involved taking turns to execute their attacks!

As a result, after hacking with their sand sabers, the White Sand Giants that were slowly reforming their weapons switched positions with those behind them who were ready to attack . The area Zhao Manyan was at immediately turned into a giant pit after receiving three waves of attacks in a row, while Zhao Manyan who was holding his ground with his defense was almost covered in the sand .

“Help! Help me!” screamed Zhao Manyan into the communication device .

His surroundings were covered in blasts, his voice simply did not reach too far . Everyone else was surrounded in the same loud blasts too, which either consisted of rolling sand gusts, the explosive blows of the sand sabers, or the deafening roars of the White Sand Giants…

The only people aware of Zhao Manyan’s current situation were Lingling and Xinxia, who were monitoring the tide of the battle .

Xinxia stood on the ground, her eyes fixed in Zhao Manyan’s direction . She was thinking of spreading her Psychic Spell in his direction, to help him Pacify some of the White Sand Giants .

“Don’t do it, it’s difficult to pacify the triggered White Sand Giants . If we start using up your energy now, the path ahead will be more troublesome!” Lingling quickly stopped the kind-hearted Xinxia .

Xinxia bit her pink lips, and could not help but feel worried about Zhao Manyan .

“Don’t worry, he won’t die so easily,” said Lingling .

“Mmm,” Xinxia nodded, choosing to believe Lingling . She subconsciously glanced in Mo Fan’s direction .

She worried about Mo Fan subconsciously, it had almost become second nature .

Luckily, the number of White Sand Giants that had appeared at her brother Mo Fan’s position were not as many as those in Zhao Manyan’s area…

If Zhao Manyan, who was currently surrounded by the White Sand Giants, knew what the two girls were thinking, he would have had the urge to simply kill himself by slamming his head into a White Sand Giant’s body!