Versatile Mage - Chapter 637

Published at 14th of August 2019 12:45:07 AM
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Chapter 637

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Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Northern Gate, the crowd was tiny like sand, pushing their way toward the inner walls slowly . However, the black tide had already arrived .

Hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of people, death was lingering in every corner, as destruction like that of an apocalypse descended!

In the past, the people standing on the walls would see the city as a flourishing scene of prosperity . Even though it was not as colorful and luxurious as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, the unique atmosphere of the city after the history it had gone through was somewhat attractive . Every brick and tile had its own touching story . . .

Now, the black storms consisted of the savage undead . The scene of an apocalypse was looming right over the city, crushing the life and buildings into nothing!

Cries and screams filled the cold air, each full of despair!

The zombies, phantoms, and skeletons came in like a tsunami . Both the land and the buildings crumbled, while the sky and clouds lost their usual color!

No one knew the number of people that had failed to reach the inner city safely . However, the sight of the crowded inner city, with so many people in tears while uttering cries of despair was enough to imply that there were still countless people out there . . .

The inner city gradually fell silent .

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No one had the energy or mood to ask around for information about their close ones . The overwhelming calamity had crushed their dignity, integrity, and questioning!

It was Heaven's will to destroy the city . Once the city was destroyed, it would then lead them into utter destruction!


The streets were fully crowded with people . Vehicles were no longer allowed to occupy their usual spots . The people curled up in the corners, crying tears of despair and hiding their heads between their legs . They were clueless whether they should wait patiently for their death, or continue to pray so they could survive the calamity .

Even the expected noise such a huge crowd would normally make was no longer present . The majority of the people already had their souls crushed by the calamity, leaving only empty shells behind .

More tears were shed than the raindrops . The chill in their hearts was stronger than the cold of winter . No one could care less about their personal gain or loss, or if they could stay in spots that were slightly cozier . After all, they had no chance of escaping from the fate of being devoured by the ocean of undead . Perhaps everyone had already fallen into the kingdom of the dead, where humans appeared to be so petty and miniscule .

Zhang Xiaohou kept on taking deep breaths and clenching his fists as he weaved through the crowd on the streets full of people .

Useless, he was so useless!

He had seen the people of Black Vatican planning something close to the Ancient Capital so much earlier, yet why did he not suspect that they were plotting to invoke such a disaster?

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Most importantly, he had already heard that Great Deacon Hu Jin's voice, yet why could he not remember who the person was!?

If they were able to deal with the Black Vatican earlier, they could have avoided this disaster!

The people on the streets were stacked together regardless of age or gender . Everyone had a blank face, not because of the apocalypse surrounding the tiny inner city, but because of the memories of their families and friends being devoured by the undead, robbing them of the motivation to live further .

To many people, even the death of someone close to them was seen as the apocalypse, let alone when they were left all alone in this world .

"What is it?" asked Su Xiaoluo, when she saw Zhang Xiaohou's eyes reddening .

Zhang Xiaohou wiped his wet eyes and inhaled a mouthful of the sour air before he said, "The year we graduated from high school, when our Bo City was turned into rivers of blood, I told myself that I would not let anything like this happen again . I must become stronger, strong enough to destroy anything that would bring despair to mankind… but after all these years, the same thing is happening again; more people are dead, more Magicians have been sacrificed, and I'm still the same as the old me, unable to do anything . I can only watch it all happen, like a useless piece of trash . "

The sense of feeling tiny was something that Zhang Xiaohou hated to the bones .

The golden barrier protecting the inner city would not last for long . In no time, he would be watching the people around him dying again . . .

He had already experienced it before . He would rather die than suffer the same torture again .

He wanted to do something . When he saw the people suffering around him, he wanted to help them; anything was better than pettily waiting for their deaths .

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"It's not your fault, it's just that the Black Vatican are a bunch of cunning lunatics . It's not like you didn't do anything either, at least you've learned that someone behind this conspiracy is from Bo City . Perhaps we can find out who that Great Deacon Hu Jin is once Mo Fan finds your old classmates," Su Xiaoluo tried to comfort him . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting .

As soon as Su Xiaoluo finished her sentence, she saw a few people approaching them among the crowd . The person leading them was none other than Mo Fan, still in his same black shirt .

"Mo Fan, over here!" Su Xiaoluo waved her hand .

Mo Fan led Mu Bai, Zhou Ming, Zhao Kunsan, and Wang Sanpang over to them . He glanced at Fang Gu, who had stayed with them and let out a wry smile when he saw Zhang Xiaohou's bloodshot eyes .

Mu Bai and the others were wearing the same unpleasant looks . They had witnessed the same thing before too . They thought everything was already in the past, yet it turned out that a scarier nightmare had arrived .

"I've told them about the situation . Houzi, they are going to say the names of the people they know, and you'll do some deductions… we have to find out who that Great Deacon Hu Jin is as soon as possible, and inform Councilman Zhu Meng at once so the authorities can react accordingly," Mo Fan said to Zhang Xiaohou .

Zhang Xiaohou nodded grimly .

Mu Bai, Zhou Ming, Zhao Kunsan and Wang Sanpang had grim expressions, too . They had taken a while to calm down after learning the truth from Mo Fan .

"I'll go first: among the people I know, only Lin Yuxing and Deng Kai are Magicians . I haven't seen Lin Yuxing for many years . She took great care of me when we first came to the Ancient Capital," said Zhou Ming .

"Lin Yuxing, she's here too?" Mo Fan was slightly surprised .

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The attractive girl in a white uniform with a strong sense of justice immediately crossed Mo Fan's mind when her name was mentioned .

It was Lin Yuxing who handed him the Underground Holy Spring at Bo City . She had put her life at stake just to protect the precious Underground Holy Spring . She was definitely one of the reasons why Bo City was not entirely wiped out!

"There's no way Lin Yuxing is on the Black Vatican's side," said Mo Fan confidently .

"How about Deng Kai?" asked Mu Bai .

Deng Kai was a superior in the Hunter Union . He had fought hard to protect Bo City, too .

After Headmaster Xiao died in the calamity, Deng Kai was supposed to replace him as the headmaster of Tian Lan Magic High . However, Bo City was turned into a military station, and Tian Lan Magic High was now a military academy . Deng Kai had moved to the Ancient Capital, too .

"Deng Kai's voice is quite unique, I still remember it, I don't think he's the one," said Zhang Xiaohou, shaking his head .

"Mu Bai, your turn, you would know most of them," said Mo Fan .

Mu Bai fell into a thoughtful state . It seemed like he had something to say, but he had no idea where to start .

"Mu Bai, what are you doing, we're running out of time… don't you want to find out who the person from Black Vatican is? Don't forget that they are the ones who destroyed our hometown . We must get our revenge!" yelled Zhou Ming .