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Versatile Mage - Chapter 64

Published at 24th of March 2018 01:34:59 PM

Chapter 64

Chapter 64 - One-Eyed Magic Wolf

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To be honest, other than the emergence of Mo Fan’s pure and manly heroic spirit, he was very puzzled over this trembling thing happening again .  

It had already happened once atthe Mingwen Girls Middle School’s cafeteria; how come, not long after, another trembling had emerged in a different part of Bo City? Was it really another Colossal-eyed Ape Rat? 

It was reported that after eliminating the Colossal-eyed Ape Rat, the other areas around Mingwen Girls Middle School also had slight trembles . The police hadn’t found the reason behind them, and the school had ensured the campus’ safety, so school began as planned .  

“My grandmother lives here, and the trembling area is over there . ” Zhoumin pointed first at an old house, and then pointed toward a large construction site with more old houses that had already been partially demolished .  

The construction teams had withdrawn from the site for a while now, a result of not being paid . The entire abolished district could be described as desolate and uninhabited . When night fell, the distant, splendid city in lights was not able to illuminate this place . Black clouds shrouded the night sky .  

The great city officer Mo Fan was currently being quite daring . With a nimble leap, he vaulted the temporary construction walls, and after he landed elegantly, he discovered Zhoumin walking in through the little gate further down . The atmosphere immediately turned incredibly awkward .  

Cough, so what time does it usually start trembling?” Mo Fan asked quickly .

“During the evening, no specific time . ” Usually, Zhoumin would appear like a successful career woman . However, after coming to this abandoned construction site, she couldn’t help but stand closer to Mo Fan .  

Mo Fan walked forward a few steps, and then took something like a fragrant bag from his pocket .  

He untied the bag; inside it was sparkling and translucent dust . As Mo Fan blew the dust, it immediately scattered through the air, before it slowly sprinkled down all over the construction site .  

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“This is… Beast Seeking Dust?” As expected of the honor student Zhoumin, she could tell what it was from a single glance .  

“Yeah,” Mo Fan nodded . Beast Seeking Powder was a must for city officers when hunting beasts on a dark and windy night .

“How come you brought this kind of thing along, do you really think there’s a Magical Beast here?” Zhoumin asked, surprised .  

What student would normally bring this along with them? Moreover, this was Bo City, it’s not like they were in the desolate countryside! 

“Lady, you need to trust in experts . Just look for yourself . ” Mo Fan pointed at the sparkling, translucent dust that was sprinkled on the floor .  

The dust he’d sprinkled had gathered about ten meters away from them, and the translucent dust particles looked as though they were glued to the floor, forming an outline there . This outline looked like… a footprint! 

As Zhoumin saw this, she was completely dumbstruck .  

Heavens, Bo City really had Magical Beasts??

The odor of a Magical Beast was normally really hard to catch a whiff of, especially the ones that had already left the scene .  

The specialty of the Beast Seeking Dust was that it was extremely sensitive to a Magical Beast’s odor . If a Magical Beast left behind a footprint ten days ago, the Beast Seeking Dust would still be able to track it! 

“What, what do we do?” Zhoumin was so scared that her face had turned pale .  

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Normally in school, she wouldn’t question what the teachers said, and she would think the city was the safest place . Who would’ve thought that there really were footprints of Magical Beasts, the Beast Seeking Dust didn’t lie! 

“I’ll take a look at the shape of the footprints…” Mo Fan bravely walked over .

“We-we should hurry and contact the City Hunter Team . ” Zhoumin couldn’t help but feel a chill .  

Mo Fan was completely speechless .  

I am a genuine officer from the City Hunter Team . Contact them, my ass!

Besides, it’s not like the City Hunter Team had a lot of time . If there wasn’t any concrete evidence, then they wouldn’t dispatch the team .  

The footprint outline emerging from the Beast Seeking Dust could only count as a suspicion, and not ironclad evidence . After all, a Summoning Mage taking a stroll here was a possibility, too .  

“This footprint doesn’t seem like it belongs to a Colossal-eyed Ape Rat . ” Mo Fan creased his brow .  

“Mo… Mo Fan… We should leave . ” Zhoumin was a bit scared .  

Mo Fan, however, wanted to investigate this to the end, so he continued to walk toward the interior of the construction site .  

Zhoumin carefully followed Mo Fan .  

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“It seems like he is hiding in that unfinished mall . ” Mo Fan pointed down the road to the building before them .  

This building looked like it was supposed to be a shopping center . The floor area was gigantic, and there were piles of cement bags, tools, and building materials everywhere . The footprint shown from the Beast Seeking Dust ended at this unfinished shopping center . If there really was something living around here, then it would definitely be living in this place as it terrorized the people! 

This abandoned construction site had been here for two months, so it was the most perfect spot for hiding .  

“Mo mo mo… Mo Fan…” Zhoumin’s voice suddenly turned incredibly stiff . She used an extremely strange way to warn Mo Fan .  

Mo Fan immediately looked towards the place Zhoumin was staring at . On the other side of the brick front wall, the place that was supposed to be the first floor had a wiggling black shadow! 

It was a creature with very sturdy lower limbs . Just standing there, its head was almost hitting the ceiling of the second floor .  

Its physique resembled that of a Spirit Wolf; the main difference was that it did not stand with four limbs, it stood on two legs, like a werewolf! 

The biggest difference was this thing’s head .  

The gigantic wolf-shaped head had one single eye; it looked particularly terrifying beneath the night sky .  

“It’s… It’s an One-eyed Magic Wolf!” Zhoumin almost yelled out .  

A One-eyed Magic Wolf . This was a savage Magical Beast that was mentioned several times by their teachers in Magical Beast class . It was different from a creature like the Colossal-eyed Ape Rat that hid in the corner; the One-eyed Magic Wolf mostly dwelled in the mountains . It was innately hostile to humans, and it really liked eating them! 

They were greedy, savage, and enjoyed massacre . They hungrily eyed people who tended to live away from the human centers of civilization .  

“Shit, this kind of One-eyed Magic Wolf appeared so close to the city area; even if there are people who don’t care, they won’t be able to anymore!” After Mo Fan saw this scene, his heart also began to tremble .  

Not too long ago, he was the same as Zhoumin; someone who thought the city was extremely safe .  

Who would’ve thought that this would be the second Magical Beast he encountered in Bo City? 

The Colossal-eyed Ape Rat appearing in the city wasn’t too strange . That kind of creature already lived among humanity’s sewers and graveyards . However, how could one explain the savage One-eyed Magic Wolf appearing in this kind of place?

“It… what is it doing??” Zhoumin was so scared that her face had gone white .  

“Eating midnight snacks,” Mo Fan replied .  

Zhoumin carefully looked over before she almost fainted .  

This One-eyed Magic Wolf was chewing . In the shadowy light, Zhoumin saw a chewed-off arm! 

Heavens, that was a human arm! 

Mo Fan, that scoundrel, how could he playfully say that the monster was eating its midnight snack?!

It was eating people!!

It really was eating people!!!