Versatile Mage - Chapter 704

Published at 16th of September 2019 02:00:04 AM

Chapter 704: 704

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Mo Fan felt his bosses were a little fussy . After all, he was the hero of the Ancient Capital, yet not only were none of them grateful for his contribution, they even told him to go places like he was their underling!

Mo Fan was aware that once he checked in at the national palace, he would be going on the training with the national team, which involved traveling to foreign countries .

He was quite excited about it, yet his first priority was here in Hangzhou . He was still worried about what Tangyue had mentioned to him .

He was not suspicious that Xinxia was hiding something from him . Mo Fan had complete trust in Xinxia, but he was worried that she was involved in some great trouble that even she was unaware of .

"Dad, can you tell me more about Xinxia's mother . . . mm, mm . . . alright, I got it . . . "


Mo Fan did not give Xinxia a call . He went straight to her school, planning to give her a great surprise .

However, Mo Fan was unable to find Xinxia . She was not in her bedroom, nor was she in the library . Even calling her phone was not working .

Mo Fan started to panic . The more he thought about it, the stronger the feeling that Xinxia was in trouble grew .

Mo Fan proceeded to look for Xinxia's mentor . To guarantee her safety, Mo Fan had basically memorized the numbers of the people around her . He dialed the number immediately .

"Oh, Mo Fan, there's no need to worry about her . She's in the middle of an interview . It's normal for the phone to be switched off," said Xinxia's mentor smiled .

"Interview? What interview?" Mo Fan was confused .

"Basically, Parthenon Temple College always recruits four students from our country to study one or two years abroad . It's a great opportunity for every famous institute in our country . It's as important as the chance of competing in the World College Tournament . Parthenon Temple College seems to be more interested in the students in Hangzhou, so I recommended Xinxia . She must be having an interview with the representative from Parthenon Temple College," said Mentor Lu .

"Oh, I see . . . " Mo Fan let out a relieved sigh .

If Xinxia went missing, Mo Fan would activate his Demon mode to search for her across the world .

However, on second thought, something did not sound right . . .

"Hang on, miss; if Xinxia is selected, doesn't that mean she would be going to Greece? I heard that the Parthenon Temple is located in Greece, so I believe its college is there, too?" asked Mo Fan immediately .

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"Yes, that's right, but it's an incredible opportunity . The Parthenon Temple is the sacred ground of the Healing and Psychic Elements in the world . The Parthenon Temple and its college were built at the same place . If I were twenty years younger, I would have applied to study there, too . Xinxia is extremely talented with both the Healing Element or the Psychic Element . I'm confident that she is going to be selected!" Lu Ping's tone fully expressed her eagerness towards the Parthenon Temple .

Indeed, it was not Mo Fan's first time hearing about Parthenon Temple . He was proud of Xinxia if such a sacred organization had noticed her talents . . . but the problem was, she would be studying abroad!

The odds of someone breaking up when studying abroad were significantly higher than that of someone breaking up after graduating . God knows how many bad, shameless, and impolite yet handsome jerks she would meet overseas . Mo Fan believed Xinxia would not be seduced by them so easily, but it was still worrisome!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

"No, no way!" Mo Fan immediately rejected the suggestion .

"I know an elder brother has the obligation to look after your younger sister on behalf of your father, but if she really gets selected, there's no reason not to go . It's not like she's going to stay there for the rest of her life . She still has to study here for another two years . She's only going to finish her studies in Greece . Besides, the things she can learn here are very limited .

"It's just a year or two, and being it's very convenient to go to other countries now, you can visit her whenever you want, and she can fly back too," Lu Ping said earnestly .

She really hoped that Xinxia would be selected . Parthenon Temple was the holiest place for Healers and Psychic Magicians . If Lu Ping were in Xinxia's shoes now, she would regret it for the rest of her life if she missed the opportunity .

Lu Ping was clearly aware that Xinxia's talents in the Healing and Psychic Elements were unmatched . She was the perfect candidate to study at Parthenon Temple College . She was extremely confident that her student would grab the attention of the representatives from Parthenon Temple College . . .

"She has difficulties moving around, and there's no one looking after her there . No, I strongly disagree," said Mo Fan firmly .

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"Don't you worry, I've chosen two girls to accompany her and look after her twenty-four-seven . They will constantly report back to you!" answered Lu Ping, as if she had already settled it all .

"This . . . "

"She might be back in a year if she finishes her studies earlier . Otherwise, it's only two years at most . Do you really want her talents to remain undiscovered? Even though she can still become a talented Healer without attending Parthenon Temple College, she's going to become one of the best after going there . The truth is, our country really needs world-class Healers . If Xinxia went to Parthenon Temple College, she might be able to bring back the knowledge she learned . . . " added Lu Ping .

"It's still a no . "

"Well . . . " Lu Ping finally ran out of words . She did not expect Mo Fan to be so stubborn .

Normally, anyone who learned about the news would eagerly send the person over, as they would be afraid that the people of Parthenon Temple College would change their minds .

"Have you asked Xinxia her decision?" asked Lu Ping .

"No, I can make the call for her," replied Mo Fan .

Mo Fan had always been tolerant, but he was overly protective when it came to Xinxia . A no will always be a no!

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He was already extremely worried when Xinxia was not around him, and now they were going to let her study abroad? Absolutely ridiculous; he could not care less if the college was the top institute for Healers in the world!

Lu Ping let out a sigh .

"I'm sorry, I know that you're concerned about the wellbeing of the schools' Healing Element . " Mo Fan understood the professor's thoughts .

If Xinxia agreed to study abroad, it would allow Zhejiang Institute to develop a relationship with the Parthenon Temple, allowing them to learn a lot from the latter, which would bring tremendous benefits to the Healing School!

"I should be the one saying sorry . I never expected you to be so firm . As a matter of fact, I've lied to you, she wasn't at an interview . She's going to a private jet departing for Greece," said Lu Ping .

"What did you say? She agreed to go by herself?" Mo Fan asked in shock .

Xinxia would definitely discuss such a serious matter with him . Mo Fan did not believe that she would leave the country without telling him .

"The truth is, the representatives of Parthenon Temple have already chosen the candidates . They picked Xinxia instantly . It's still an interview, but because the people of Parthenon Temple are running short on time, they decided to bring Xinxia straight to Greece after the interview . Xinxia is totally unaware of it . I'm sorry, I made the decision for her, I thought you would agree, since . . . (sigh), alright, not everyone is the same as me, I'm sorry," said Lu Ping .

"Crap, where are they taking off, tell me!"

"A private airfield close to Kunshan . I can give you the address, but I don't know if you can make it in time . "