Versatile Mage - Chapter 859

Published at 2nd of December 2019 12:25:08 AM

Chapter 859: 859

Translated by XephiZ

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Edited by Aelryinth

“You can’t win if running is all you can do! It’s only a matter of time until my Gray-Cloth Iron Mummy catches you!” Sayed called out calmly .

He did not even send his Death Saber Mummy after Mu Ningxue . He was eager to see if the woman was just putting up a show, and as useless as the first guy with the Fire Element who also could not even take on his Gray-Cloth Iron Mummy .

Mu Ningxue had not stopped running since the duel started, controlling her Wind Path deftly . The Gray-Cloth Iron Mummy was a fairly agile creature, yet it had yet to touch even a thread of Mu Ningxue’s clothes .

Another punch was thrown . Half of the Gray-Cloth Iron Mummy was stuck to the ground, but both the punch and the force that it generated failed to harm Mu Ningxue . The girl stood just outside the range of the punch .

“You have underestimated my Gray-Cloth Iron Mummy . I only let it use seventy percent of its speed just to test your strength . It will soon teach you the definition of moving around without leaving a shadow behind!” Sayed chuckled .

“I’m afraid it won’t have the chance anymore,” Mu Ningxue replied coolly, remaining in place . The wind no longer appeared under her tall yellow boots as she let the Wind Track expire .

Sayed grinned disdainfully . His eyes emitted a strange red flicker as he ordered the Gray-Cloth Iron Mummy to attack at full speed!

“Ah Tai, attack!

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“Ah Tai… hurry up and pull your fist out from the ground and smash the woman!

“Asshole, what are you doing!” Sayed kept giving his orders, yet the Gray-Cloth Iron Mummy was not reacting to the commands .

Did the woman have the Psychic Element?

That wasn’t right, the woman wasn’t an Advanced Magician . Besides, the mummy didn’t seem to be out of his control .

Did that mean his mummy could no longer move?!

Sayed quickly came to a conclusion . He observed the Gray-Cloth Iron Mummy closely .

Sayed was dumbfounded as he took a closer look . His Gray-Cloth Iron Mummy was covered in a thin layer of ice . Even its iron skin was turning transparent from the frost .

Through the transparent iron skin, Sayed discovered that the insides of the Gray-Cloth Iron Mummy were basically frozen solid .

-How did it happen so quickly?- Sayed was stunned . He could not understand how it all happened .

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He did see Mu Ningxue cast Ice Spread, but based on his understanding, even the strongest Soul Seeds had no chance of immobilizing his Gray-Cloth Iron Mummy in such a short period of time!


The Gray-Cloth Iron Mummy tried to move by sheer brute force . Its movement resembled that of an old wooden puppet .

Mu Ningxue was standing less than twenty meters away from it, murmuring something . The freezing energy continued to penetrate the undead’s skin .

The Ice Element was particularly effective against zombies or skeletons, since the body structures of undead were different from living creatures with blood vessels, veins, and muscles . These undead had simple body structures and compositions . Even their attacks were usually quite predictable .

It was unnecessary for Mu Ningxue to freeze the mummy’s whole body . She only needed to focus on some of the important joints to impair the thing’s movement . It did not matter how sturdy or strong the undead was, it would turn into an abandoned mechanical puppet, unable to pose any further threat!

“Damn it, get moving, use your strength to break the ice!” Sayed demanded . He could not believe that his Gray-Cloth Iron Mummy had been dealt with so easily!

The Gray-Cloth Iron Mummy received the order, yet it could not move its body . It remained motionless in place .

“Freeze!” Mu Ningxue finished channeling . A stronger freezing energy lunged at the undead .

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The thin layer of ice covering the Gray-Cloth Iron Mummy thickened . The gray iron mummy turned completely white, looking like a snowman now .

“Wind Disc!” Mu Ningxue was extremely quick at casting her spells . With a wave of her hand, the breeze turned wild and violent after traveling a certain distance away from Mu Ningxue .

A tornado soon appeared in front of Mu Ningxue . It filled the sky with snow as it slowly approached the frozen Gray-Cloth Iron Mummy!

“Damn it!” Sayed immediately cursed .

Normally, a little Wind Disc could not even ruffle the Gray-Cloth Iron Mummy’s skin . Its defense was even stronger than that of the Death Saber Mummy .

However, the Gray-Cloth Iron Mummy was currently covered in ice, which would turn even the sturdiest object brittle . The Wind Disc would instantly shatter the Gray-Cloth Iron Mummy into pieces!

If the undead broke into pieces, it was basically impossible to fix the pieces back together . Sayed asked the Death Saber Mummy to attack in a panic . He had to stop the Wind Disc from destroying the Gray-Cloth Iron Mummy at all costs!

The Death Saber Mummy stepped forward heavily . Its flesh was swaying with every step it took .

It raised the black saber once again . The creature charged fiercely and stood in front of the Gray-Cloth Iron Mummy, slashing at the tornado!

The force of the black saber collided with the Wind Disc: Tornado . The howling tornado, at least ten meters tall, was shattered with brute force . It dissipated as several whorls scattered in all directions .

The students watching the duel gasped .

-It can even slash an Intermediate Wind Spell in half? How powerful is this Death Saber Mummy!-

Mu Ningxue was fairly close to the impact . She reacted quickly and glided fifty meters away from the Death Saber Mummy!

The black force exerted by the saber stopped around four meters away from her . If Mu Ningxue had naively thought the saber was only targeting the Wind Disc, she would have suffered serious injuries by now…

She lowered her head and saw a cut on her sleeve . Fresh blood was pouring out from the five-centimeter cut .

Mu Ningxue’s face was icy calm . The cut would not affect her performance, yet it was a sign that her reactions were not quick enough . If she had been just a bit slower, her arm would have been separated from her body!

Mu Ningxue did not lose her will to fight . She stomped the ground heavily with her boot . “Ice Lock Formation!”

The frost covering the ground sprang into the air . It did not fall back to the ground, but floated around Mu Ningxue…

With a thought, the ice crystals, frost, and snow began to combine into countless chains . The chains connected with one another into a white ice chain around twenty meters long!

After the ice chain took shape, it floated around Mu Ningxue as if it had come to life…