Versatile Mage - Chapter 861

Published at 3rd of December 2019 12:20:05 AM

Chapter 861: 861

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Light as a crane, dodging the deadly attack calmly despite being such a close call!

Some people doubted Mu Ningxue’s strength before the duel, even though she used to be on the national team, but they were now convinced!

Everyone knew that an Intermediate Magician’s physical attributes were not all that outstanding compared to a normal demon creature . If they failed to maintain a safe distance away from a demon creature, it was relatively easy for the agile, fierce creatures to kill them in an instant . Only Advanced Magicians had quick enough reactions to dodge their attacks, allowing them to take on demon creatures both from range or in close combat…

The Death Saber Mummy’s slash with fifty meters of coverage was basically impossible to dodge for any Intermediate Magician . They could only endure it with Shield equipment or Armor .

Considering the undead’s outstanding strength, any Magician would suffer serious injuries even with the protection of their armor, just like Yue Tangxin had .

However, no one had expected Mu Ningxue to dodge the slash by skipping so high in the air . Even the instructor Bai Dongwei’s face was covered in disbelief .

Casting the Ice Lock as she was rising in the air, and altering the direction of the Wind Track to push her further up… how could an Intermediate Magician possibly have such extraordinary control?


Mu Ningxue did not land too quickly . She retained control of the wind around her to help her land safely .

As she was falling, she continued to produce ice chains . The Intermediate Spell was rather lively under her control . She was able to cast the spell without standing in one spot…

The deadliest weakness of Magicians was the process of channeling spells . Many Magicians who lacked skills needed around five seconds to cast an Intermediate Spell . During this time, demon creatures had more than enough time to approach them and slap them to death, before they could even finish drawing half the Star Patterns .

Mu Ningxue had mastered the ability to cast her spells just by waving her hands . Apart from her solid foundations, it was also the strength of her Domain .

As long as she was in her Domain, her Stars were able to connect at a faster rate . On top of that, the Ice Domain was also the source of her extraordinary control of the Ice Element .

She was able to utilize the maximum potential of her Domain . Therefore, she was not totally helpless when fighting a Commander-level creature . She rarely had to face one, depending on the terrain .


Mu Ningxue summoned four ice chains in an instant . Each section of the chains was able to move freely . They were incredibly flexible under her control!

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The four ice chains rapidly approached the Death Saber Mummy and tied its arms down . they also triggered a snowfall . Even Sayed could feel the bone-chilling cold!

Sayed was quite cunning . He remained behind the Death Saber Mummy throughout the duel, not giving Mu Ningxue any chance to attack him directly . Mu Ningxue knew that she had to defeat the Death Saber Mummy if she wanted to take Sayed down .

The freezing finally came into effect . Mu Ningxue had never stopped spreading the ice in her Domain . The Death Saber Mummy already had a thin layer of frost covering its white wrappings .

The wrappings were a layer of defense too . As the ice chains touched the Death Saber Mummy’s body, the chill penetrated the wrappings and froze the creature’s skin and muscles .

“Just a little longer,” Mu Ningxue held her breath and waited patiently for the right time .

Ice Magicians were not afraid of prolonged fights . Their ice would become stronger as the fight dragged on . It did not matter how strong the Death Saber Mummy was, as it could no longer raise its saber once the frost penetrated its bones and joints . Even the sturdiest defense would shatter after a single hit when it was frozen!

Mu Ningxue did not attack . Her job was to let the fight drag on by kiting the enemy . In just another minute, even the movements of a Commander-level creature would be restrained!

Freezing the bones and joints was crucial to her plan . Mu Ningxue could see a hint of panic in her opponent’s eyes .

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Mu Ningxue’s speculation was on point . Sayed was indeed starting to panic .

Sayed had not expected the woman to dodge two of the Death Saber Mummy’s attacks . The air was turning cold . He was well aware that if the Death Saber Mummy did not get rid of her soon, once the ice penetrated t’s bones, it would become useless, just like the Gray-Cloth Iron Mummy!

The Death Saber Mummy was able to slash other forces in half, but how would it be able to cut away the frost?

-Damn it, how is someone as strong as her a defender of the National Training Hall? Looks like I’ll have to use my other Element!- , Sayed cursed in his heart .


“Calm down, calm down, the Egyptian’s Death Saber Mummy isn’t as scary as it seems . It’s just a simple-minded machine . Its attacks are powerful, yet it only has a few moves . Don’t be intimidated now…,” breathed Bai Dongwei .

After a few rounds between Mu Ningxue and the Death Saber Mummy, Bai Dongwei finally understood the undead’s weakness .

He was quite shocked when he first saw the Death Saber Mummy . If a random person on the Egyptian team was able to summon a killing machine like the Death Saber Mummy, didn’t that mean their national team had no chance of winning against the Egyptian team?

As a matter of fact, the Death Saber Mummy had a critical weakness . It was unable to move as freely as the Gray-Cloth Iron Mummy . Due to its fleshy body, every step it took required effort . All its strength was concentrated in its hands, and the death saber was its only attack!

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The creature was unable to pose any threat as long as one could dodge its cuts .

It was a relief that Mu Ningxue had managed to remain calm throughout the entire fight . It was something that most of the students in the National Training Hall failed to do in a fight . They all assumed the Death Saber Mummy was unbeatable after witnessing Yue Tangxin’s injuries .

That being said, Mu Ningxue’s had Ice Element played an important role in the fight . She was able to maximize its potential while being patient with her approach, despite the risks involved . She was determined to win the duel by waiting for the freeze to come into effect!

“Attack!’ Sayed pointed at Mu Ningxue . His voice was hinting at how impatient he was feeling .

The Death Saber Mummy raised its hand . Its movements were clearly not as fluent as they used to be . It seemed to be struggling .

The saber was raised over the creature’s head . The Death Saber Mummy used both its hands to spin its saber above its head .

As the saber started spinning, a huge wind started blowing . The snow disturbed by its motion highlighted its path .

The Death Saber Mummy leaned forward and whipped out its hands . It was hurling the spinning saber at Mu Ningxue, together with the strong wind!

The saber howled through the air . It was fearsomely fast!