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Chapter 79

He knew what he did was wrong .

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Stealing a soul, which hadn’t reached its time yet to Netherworld, was a fatal mistake nobody should ever do .

It was a mistake to resist fate .

Even gods couldn’t go against this law . Nobody could go against it…

Soi woke up in this world without her memories of her past . Both the memories of her family or her peers, she couldn’t remember anything about them at all .

Hades had given her a new memory and he also created a new memory with her as his wife . Maybe it was because of his greediness, her outward appearance was just like Soi whether it was her smile or her behavior .

Everything was Soi,

but she wasn’t Soi at the same time .

However, he still continued to believe that she was Soi, his Soi .

็Deep in his heart, he still felt guilt towards August, but August was the one who entrusted her to him . He had to take care of her with the utmost care on behalf of the man who wasn’t here anymore .

Even if it wasn’t different from stealing, but he wouldn’t get regret over something he had already done .

“Hades, look here!”

In the middle of the night, a light was shining down from the moon to blooming lotus in the pond . Soi and Hades had spent their time together at the pavilion . She stood at the pond’s edge as she was looking at a group of fireflies flying around them with their shining blue light . They lingered onto a lotus’s petal and hovered around in that area .

“fireflies? Why do you want me to look at them?” He walked towards her and looked at what she pointed .

“Don’t you think it’s beautiful? You should try being an open-minded person and take these beautiful sights in . ”

“It was only fireflys . ”

“What a narrow-minded person . ”

“Alright, that’s beautiful . ”

In the end, he could only go with what she wanted . Soi lightly sighed and gently smile . Even the scene didn’t look beautiful in his eyes, but she wanted him to relax from his work a little . That’s was enough for her .

“The weather is good today, isn’t it?” She looked to somewhere far away . The horizon here was completely dark, but the weather was good as it had a gust of wind blowing past them . That’s what made this place comfortable .

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“Umm, but I want to go back to sleep . Do you want to go to sleep now?”

“Have you gotten sleepy? Alright, let’s go . ”

“I mean the activity that husband and wife always do in the night . ”


He scooped her up into a princess carry without waiting for her to say anything . He brought her into their room . No matter how much he tried to love her…No matter how many time she told him her love for him…

The red thread won’t link them together .

Time passed by, Soi was pregnant with his son . Her temper was up and down since she was in a later stage of her pregnancy . It looked to be normal for her to be like this . He had a little time to work as he had to take care of her, but that didn’t make him trouble or anything .

One day, his son was born .

Soi named him ‘Methyst’ . It was from Amethyst as this crystal represented honesty .

The time he used with his family seemed pretty simple and beautiful until…

Methyst was five years old . He liked to spend his time with his mother more than his father . The innocent boy brought his mother to his father’s treasure room . Even Soi hadn’t entered this room once, so why did her son know the existence of this room?

She was filled with her curiosity and her worried about her son . She decided to follow her son into this room .

“Mother!! This…This thing can shine!” Methyst poked his mother and pointed to a black skull in a glass cabinet .

“O-oh…I think it was pretty…”

Didn’t it look too scary for a child?

She thought mentally while staring at the skull . That pair of eyes also shined with a blue light . M-moreover, it could move . This is too creepy .

“This place has many interesting things, mother . ”

“It’s good that you have fun, but your father will get angry if he knows we come here without his permission . Do you understand?” Even if her son’s eyes were brimming with curiosity, she had to get them out of this room before Hades knew . If Hades knew, she would be reprimanded by that narrow-minded man for sure .

“Yes, mother . ”

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He only wanted to have fun with his mother, but it would be bad if his father knew . That’s why he agreed with his mother and cut some of his curiosity down .
However, it was that moment when something caught her eyes .

It looked like scissors… mystery scissors .

That thing seemed to call for her . It looked like it was crying, but it was only scissors . How could she know that it was crying?

‘He steals you away, little girl’

That was words that Hades’s colleague told her from a long time ago .

Why did she suddenly remember this right now?

Her curiosity was going to kill her . She unconsciously stretched her hand out toward the scissors . She opened its case and grabbed this thing up .




A sadness, a heartbreak…Many feelings were rushing into her head causing her to get a headache .

Methyst saw his mother picked up that scissors, and she suddenly screamed out in pain . He didn’t know what to do! Did that scissors hurt his mother!? He could only think of destroying that thing at that moment so he tried to pull it from Soi’s hand .


However, that scissors unexpectedly broke into two parts .


Hades, who heard his wife’s scream, ran to this place in a rush . When he reached the room, he saw her lying on the floor with crying Methyst who was trying to wake his mother up .

“Mother!! Mother!!” He cried while shaking her arm hoping she will come back to him .

Hades rushed to his son’s side then his eyes swept to see the severed scissors, which had broken in half, near her body . This scissors was the only thing binding Soi with this place . If it’s broken in half, it would turn into white color and that would mean…

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She would be released from here .

‘No…Not right now!’

Nevertheless, he still wanted to keep her here . He didn’t care which way he had to use!!


Hades grabbed half of the scissors and impaled at the middle of her chest…

Her body would stay here in this world,

but her soul…

had turned into a black butterfly which flew away into the sky .

“Father, what’s happened with mother…Why…” little Methyst still couldn’t understand the reason why his father had to stab his mother . Moreover, why did his mother become silent and not moving like this?

“She will have to sleep for a long time . ”

He slowly pulled the scissors out of her chest, but there wasn’t any blood dripping from it . This was only a body…He couldn’t restrain her soul even if he tried .

Half of the scissors had turned into white…

Her soul must fly away to somewhere and disappeared .

It must have returned back to that world, the place where you would be tormented forever .

‘Soi . ’

Even though he knew it was wrong, he still wanted her to come back .

The day that she wasn’t around was beginning to make his heart numb . He still worked, worked, and took care of Methyst .

Until one day, He met with a familiar soul .

Her soul was the same as Soi, but her name was White .

The woman, who was betrayed by her friend, died by a car-crash .

She was a guarded woman too . She looked at him as though she didn’t know him at all . This was what made him hurt,

but it didn’t hurt that much .

If it’s like this, he would finally bring her back here again . She was in his reach right now!

So he sent her to reincarnate in a world where her life-span would be shorter than an average person .

But it was like a punishment from heaven again .

August’s soul came here a little later .

“Do you have a wish or something?” He still acted like an employee to match with the changing era .

The man looked at him with a pair of eyes filled with emptiness .

“If it’s possible…I want to meet her again…I want to meet a woman named White . I really want to meet her . ”

He tried to fight back his tears .

“I don’t know if that’s possible . ”

“It’s alright…I also don’t have the face to meet her again . ”

He smiled even when he was already in tears . Before Hades sent him to the chosen world, normally, he had to completely erase all of the memories .

Because of that…

“I am the most open-minded person, you know . ”

The red thread between those two was instantly linking when they met in that world .

He was beginning to understand August’s last word .

The things that made her happy the most…he finally understood now…

Therefore, he would let her go…go to where she would be happy the most .