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Published at 25th of July 2019 10:24:44 AM

Chapter 19

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With both of the girls gone, Lucifer finally covered the remaining corpse with his spectacular purple flames and also threw in the essence crystal while he poured an insane amount of vitality that may create a living path for a person standing on the doorstep of his demise .

With Vital Origin, Lucifer covered up the problem that emerged from his new race . Even if deprived of sexual activities to fulfill his needs, Lucifer's body would remain unaffected and with an inexhaustible vitality, he is already deemed to live unless an accident that threatens his life occurs .

His injuries would heal at the pace visible to the naked eyes and the only method to kill him is to reduce his body to ashes .

Now, Lucifer wasn't only a Devil in his mindset and species, but also in his immense vitality . As long as his heart beats and his brain isn't damaged to a very large extent, he would remain Eve's successor and exist on the mortal plane for thousands of years .

But of course, even with the very essence of the concept of satisfaction hanging around his waist— Tripta, the blade of satisfaction, his heart still thirst for more .

More and more and more .

Just like his vitality, his thirst remained inexhaustible .

Slowly, the immense amount of curse element existing in Eve's body combined with the potent holy essence crystal and slowly took form under the immense amount of Lucifer's demonic vitality .

The process was lengthy but Lucifer never moved his gaze as a light brown egg with purple inscriptions was formed right in front of his eyes .

The egg reached Lucifer's waist as the delicate purple patterns shone brilliantly while a deep sense of life and vitality emerged from the egg's surface .

Touching the cold and smooth surface of the egg, Lucifer couldn't help but smile .

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"Eve's body combined with Vitality Origin, Holy Essence Crystal and the blood condensed with Fate Element would manifest the Goddess' Smile . . .

Then with Eve's body as the foundation, Holy Essence Crystal as the connection of life, Curse Element as the constitution and my Demonic Vitality as the source of lineage, this egg shall be named the Devil's Smirk . "

When he spoke out the name he had thought for such a long time, a small smirk also emerged on his face .

Devil's Smirk .

His first step to deviate the destined demise .

His very first step against the creation itself .

Looking at the egg, Lucifer didn't know that something in this world can be so beautiful . It wasn't the outer beauty that captivated him, but the beauty of the purpose this item would serve .

The very first purpose had already been served the moment it was created . The Devil's Smirk had reduced the chances of the appearance of the Goddess' Smile by 50% .

It was too bad that he didn't know where Adam's corpse was hidden or else, he would've thought some schemes for that location, too .

Alas, all he could think right now was the measures against the approaching enemies .

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The Heroic Seven; The Embodiment of Seven Virtues .

Lucifer's or his generals' summoning was marked with a deep formation that would initiate the awakening of the first generation of the heroes of this world, the seven warriors that sided with Heaven's army to defeat him and his six generals .

Originally, the seven of them would've attacked the Kannon District where he and 'Pete' would make a successful escape and then the first generation of heroes would've been killed by his original self's schemes .

Now, he didn't have to run away . After all, he was currently in his own domain!

The Immortal Valley!

Though destroyed due to Eve's urge of vengeance against any and every holy entity, it was still a Rank 9 Legendary Continent . . . it was his Legendary Continent .

Even though the Holy Element has been replaced by Dark, Fire and Curse Element and while he couldn't control this place because of him losing his holy self, Lucifer knew everything about the valley .

The size of this valley could rival the Nirvan Continent's and the portal the entered through is specifically created by his future offsprings .

Yes, as it turns out, the village head that Lucifer tortured and interrogated was his own blood distant by countless generations .

And Lucifer also happened to be the Destined Warrior's ancestor .

This is the most terrifying component of Fate Element wielded by Goddess . If the Goddess can control the hero, who was specifically chosen due to his lineage connected with the 'Archangel' Lucifer, the Goddess will be able to slowly gain control over his own actions .

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And that is why he left his own pawn near the hero to muddle the waters .

Walking towards the pit created by Tripta, he crouched near the edges, making sure that he doesn't accidentally fall into it and takes out his blade, slowly carving a mystical pattern on the ground .

Tapping on Tripta's handle, Lucifer smiled and sighed lightly .

"Tripta . . . you have accompanied me for an entire lifetime . You served the God alongside me and we rebelled alongside, too . But as of now, you can only accompany me once you are reforged .

Reforged with my new blood . . . my free blood . So bear the pain, for it shan't last long . "

With a thought, Lucifer gripped the handle of the sword and slashed his other palm at the base of the blade .


There was no extraordinary sound, a simple swipe of the edges of his palms cut the blade of the formerly Rank 9 weapon that made the Holy army tremble .

The blade fell into the pits that supposedly reached the gates of Hell as a bloody light erupted from the handle alongside a mournful chime from the sword .

Lucifer immediately bit his tongue and sprayed his blood on the crimson handle as Tripta's pain finally subsided and he immediately called for Perenna and Layla telepathically through their unorthodox contract .

"Don't lose your grip on me, or else, you will definitely die . "

Lucifer didn't bother explaining to the confused duo who were happy to grab onto his arms and immediately stood linked their arms with his .

While Layla and Perenna felt quite confused about the giant Egg Lucifer was walking to, they didn't ask anything as the trio felt a pressure surrounding the whole valley .

A pressure so terrible that it almost made them lose their footings .

The moment Lucifer reached the Devil's Smirk, he immediately connected the other side of the handle to its surface and a portal right in front of them was ripped open while Seven figures of varying species stood in front of them .

"Hmm? I thought Asmodeus was summoned? Who are you? And why do you have the stench of lust all over your body?"

A humanoid with two pairs of translucent wings forming a cross on her back while her pitch black luxurious hair cascaded down her petite body . Her deep blue eyes and a beautiful face that could entice the holy and the demonic alike .

Sporting a body smaller than the other six arrivals, she kept control of her flapping wings and spoke with a cold expression while flying in the same spot .

"Adroundi Gannnahan!"

With holy language, Lucifer commanded Tripta as a crimson light glowed from the dark pit and covered the entire valley .

Before the seven embodiments could even understand what happened, the portal behind them closed and they faced the full brunt of Tripta's attack .

Rank 9 Spell: Tripta, The Satisfaction Within .

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