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Published at 25th of July 2019 10:24:29 AM

Chapter 32

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After a few minutes, an aged voice emerged from the other side of the door, calling out Lucifer's name as the door opened slowly .

Opening his eyes, Lucifer looked at Perenna before walking up and entering the hall of admission of the Dawn Academy .

Similar to the rest of construct, the hall of admission was designed according to the application of the plates of Sun Gold as it acted as a natural coolant in this underground city while seven aged men sat on the raised platform with their legs crossed .

Their long white beards and trimmed moustaches perfectly matched with each other's and they all wore the Elder's get-up of the academy .

The only person different from the rest of the six elders was the one wearing a beautiful golden robe with a purple embroidered wings on the upper regions .

The Director .

Walking inside the silent hall, Lucifer stood in the middle of the room and waited for the elders to speak their minds .

"Lucifer, right? What is your last name?"

One of them finally spoke up . The old man rubbed the tip of his moustache and spoke with a dignified tone .

"I don't have any surname . My master decided to grant me one after I accomplish a major contribution in his name . "

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By including Gloria into the equation, Lucifer immediately removed all the strange enquiries in the mind of the elders and finally induced them to conduct the official admission .

Since Lucifer and Perenna were joining the rank of elite disciples without compliance to any of the required conditions, they both had to go through the seven elders and gain their appreciation for an easier life in the academy .

Of course, Lucifer's main goal wasn't any of the Rank 5 Elders, but the Rank 6 Director himself .

"Lucifer, your master, the founding ancestor must have informed you about your attribute and its capabilities, correct?"

One of them started the official questioning .

"Yes, Master told me that I am blessed with a natural talent in Darkness Element . Being one with the darkness, I am can be training into a hidden knife commanded by my master to pave the path for his glory once again . "

He spoke with a humble expression and yet his words made the seven of them frown . With a few sentences, Lucifer had already proclaimed that he would be choosing the profession of assassination and would attune his skills to assist this dreadful path .

"Have you considered a mellower path? The one that can assist in flourishing the empire further . "

Another Elder suggested . Since Lucifer was selected by the ancestor himself (herself), they held no doubt for his talent and being one of the rare elements in the Rising Sun Empire, the Darkness Element could really assist the growth of the Empire through many other means besides the path of assassination .

"Master's words are of absolute importance . "

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Lucifer spoke softly .

The third elder nodded and suggested once again .

"There is no doubt that the ancestor wishes for your better future and the growth of the empire, but the ancestor still needs to understand the true situation of the current generation .

I am sure that a smart lad like you understand my concerns . "

Lucifer bowed and spoke solemnly .

"I understand the elders' concerns but I won't defy my master's expectations for me . But I would still like to request the elders to place me in the more productive department of the academy— The Architecture Department . "

His words silenced the hall and finally, the director spoke up .

"Is that your master's advice?"

Lucifer shook his head .

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"Master only made me join the academy and advised me to walk my path alone . He only wished to show me a path to walk onto .

How I journey through the path solely depends on me . "

The director nodded and spoke with a mild smile .

"Then let's forget the esteemed ancestor for a moment and discuss you .

Why would you want to join the architecture department? How would it aid your growth as a warrior of darkness?"

"The thought is quite simple— Planning . "

Lucifer didn't explain further while his response gained appreciative glances from all the six elders and even Director's eyes held a dignified brilliance .

Just a single word reply from Lucifer explained the seven of them the path he wished to follow . Of course, Lucifer's hidden agenda still remained a mystery to the world .

"Good, you will join Architecture Department under the name of the honorary elder— Rani Dawn, her highness, the Empress . "

In the entire empire, only this old man of a director held enough power and status to address the Empress by her name .

"I am extremely grateful . "

Lucifer simply nodded while the group of elders finally noticed his strange actions . From the beginning till the end of the questioning, Lucifer did not bow to any of them even once .

Not wanting to let this matter go, one of the elders finally spoke up to regain the face for the entire group while also currying for the Director's favour .

"Lucifer, I believe that you are orphan as stated by her highness . But even then, you should've been taught about the basic etiquettes of showing respect to your elders, right?"

Lucifer plainly smiled and gazed at the elder who spoke with a serious expression . His frown contorted the wrinkles on his face and he let his fingers run through his beard while he silently gazed at Lucifer .

"My parents didn't abandon me . Our relation simply couldn't last long and ran its course a little early . As for my respect, aside from my master, none deserve my deference .

If you wish my admiration so badly, please take this issue to my master . I am sure she will help you out with the matter . "

The elder's hand stopped running through his beard while his eyes narrowed . Before he could speak further, a low chuckle escaped the director's lips .

"Clever and Bold . A wonderful mixture indeed . Lucifer, I shall be teaching you the way of architecture alongside my other personal disciple . Of course, I am merely your teacher while your loyalty and respect will always belong to your master and our esteemed ancestor .

Do you agree . "

With a polite nod, the devil spoke up .

"Yes . "

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