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Chapter 22
Chapter 22: Volcano Hot Spring

Ye Cang dismantled Sai’s corpse and got: Volcano Bat’s Tooth, Volcano Bat’s Skin, Volcano Bat’s Meat, as well as a Small Sonic Crystal

Small Sonic Crystal: This is a creature core that can produce sound waves . Can grind into powder and add to food (Good for your throat) .

He also dismantled the bodies of the bats that littered the floor .

Lin Le again displayed the might of his lucky hands . He found an +1 Intelligence, Fine Quality but shabby looking, Black Cloth Gown . It was given to GreenDew .

Ye Cang arrived at the tepid pool of water . He tried to identify it with his skill .

Volcano Hot Spring: A natural spring on a volcano . Can soak in it after removing equipment . Will recover health and mana . Soak for a period of time and receive fire resistance +5 for 2 hours .

So good? Ye Cang quickly stripped till he was in his underpants . His butt hit the water as he cannonballed in causing a splash . ThornyRose saw him strip and jump into the water and looked at him suspiciously . This low life sure has some nerve . Turns out he was a degenerate pervert . She said unhappily: “Hey! Hey! Take note of your surroundings!”

Lin Le saw Ye Cang bathing in the water, and pouted not wanting to fall behind . He threw his axe away, stripped, and like a carp, splashed into the water . Zhang ZhengXiong rubbed his brows and humphed~ . Not wanting to lose the others, he stripped revealing his monstrous physique, and raised his hand like a gymnast before a performance . “One! Two! Three! Jump!” He jumped high and performed two flips before entering the water .

“These three bastards have some nerve…” ThornyRose’s heart felt heavy as she roared at them: “You guys! What the hell are you doing!? I already said to pay attention to your surroundings! Hurry and heal up so we can continue exploring!”

“Bathing in this water will give you 5 fire resistance for two hours . Moreover it will restore your health and mana . ” Ye Cang indifferently said . He then took out a hand-towel, placed it on the volcanic rock on the side and leaned back to relax .

“What!? It will recover mana?” ThornyRose said excited . GreenDew already used up her mana, and now something just came up to resolve that headache . Waiting around for it to recover naturally was too annoyingly slow, but if they didn’t wait, they would be missing an important damage dealer for the next boss fight . But how did he know?

“He should have some sort of identifying ability . Since he has a gathering skill, he probably has an identifying skill too . ” FrozenBlood saw the doubt in ThornyRose’s eyes and quietly said .

ThornyRose nodded . Although she still had some doubt, she approached the hotspring planning to enter .

“Right, you have to remove your equipment and let as much of your skin as you can touch the water for it to be effective . ” Ye Cang added after seeing the three girls were going to enter the water just like that .

“You’ve got to be doing this on purpose!?” ThornyRose said, dipping her foot in . This guy wouldn’t be trying to take advantage of them, would he? Yet after thinking it over, it had to be so .

“If you don’t believe then forget it…” Ye Cang shrugged . He slowly closed his eyes, resting . Zhang ZhengXiong started getting excited, he pretend to close his eyes and be in deep thought . Lin Le was like a child, swimming around the hot spring, diving around, and jumping in and out of the water . He looked like a happy little dolphin .

The three women hesitated . ThornyRose brought the girls behind a stalagmite to strip . Although they still had their undergarments on, they wrapped themselves in a towel before walking out and slowly entering the water . The water had a relaxing effect, after fighting all the way here, bathing was extremely comfortable . Moreover the recovery effect was pretty good .

“Sister Rose, it’s really recovering my mana…” GreenDew said happily .

FrozenBlood got in the water and slowly removed her towel . She found a spot by the side and leaned back, relaxing her arms .

Zhang ZhengXiong tried hard to observe through squinted eyes . That cleavage, those long white legs . It was a wonderful body . His face full of happiness made ThornyRose sigh . “Hah~ that smelly pervert . ”

The hot spring’s warm healing waters glimmered slightly and emitted a light steam, looking very beautiful . The 5 watched Lin Le swimming around and smiled . His body dived down as his little butt stuck out like a duck .

“Bro, I have a good idea . Next year on the combat test, we should take even more instructors and students as hostages and force them to pass us . What do you think?” Zhang ZhengXiong leaned over and asked .

“That’s too easy for them . They must pay the price for kicking us out . You should toughen up . Next time, our targets will be the head instructor and the command center . ” Ye Cang said with a cold smile .

Although ThornyRose wasn’t really listening, she heard the keyword combat test . They were student at a city college? “Which of the five schools do you go to?”

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“LinHai . ” Ye Cang replied .

“LinHai, during the five schools competition, they always rank in the lower half . They’re only a little bit better than ShanLan . ” ThornyRose laughed .

“5 Schools competition? What’s that? I feel like I’ve heard of it before…” Ye Cang looked puzzled .

“I’ve heard about it . It’s a competition to decide the rankings of the 5 schools . ” Zhang ZhengXiong knew a bit, but not much .

“F**k! Have some common sense! You don’t even know about the 5 schools competition!? Are you a student of the city college or not!? Every 2 years, the 5 schools meet up to decide their ranking . They send out the best of the best to participate . Elite students among elites!” ThornyRose shouted, feeling stressed . Then with some pride, she thought back to when she was a member of the imperial capital city college’s team . She looked over at FrozenBlood . That’s when the two of them became partners .

FrozenBlood also recalled their times at the city college, and couldn’t believe that it’s already been two years since they graduated . She smiled and looked back at ThornyRose .

“So?” Ye Cang thought for a bit and indifferently replied .

ThornyRose looked at his uncaring, indifferent expression and felt a burst of rage . She didn’t know what to do with this bastard that had no common sense . She was about to shout at him again when she heard Lin Le’s voice . In his hand was a red crystal . “Brother Lil’White! Under the water, I found a hole with a small wooden chest . Inside I found this . ”

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Bachiya’s Natural Protection Rune: Use to absorb Bachiya Volcano’s heat . Form a protective shield around allies within 10 meters, which absorbs up to 125 points of fire damage . Lasts 10 seconds . (Uses: 1, Can only be used on the Bachiya Volcano . )

ThornyRose saw the effects of the rune and was amazed . 125 fire damage? So much? It was clearly meant for a specific scenario . Now they could be sure that there was still a boss in this volcano, one that had an AOE fire attack . Lin Le was really too lucky . He could even find a hidden item like this .

“You should hold onto it . It’ll probably be useful later . ” Ye Cang took the crystal, got up and slowly walked over to ThornyRose to give it to her .

Only after hearing her answer did Ye Cang nod and sit back down to relax like nothing had happened .

FrozenBlood stared shocked . GreenDew’s mouth was hanging open .

Zhang ZhengXiong was full of grief and envy . If he knew, he would have volunteered to hand over the crystal .

ThornyRose finally reacted, her face becoming red . She felt like she wanted to get angry but couldn’t release her rage . Her hands held the crystal tightly and she gnashed her teeth, watching the indifferent Ye Cang . She wanted to pounce over and tear those indifferent cheeks apart . That lowlife! Smelly rogue!

TN: Any idea what she’s mad about? I assume it’s because in the process of walking towards her, he saw her bathe? x . x Confused .