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Published at 5th of October 2018 09:35:24 PM

Chapter 23
Chapter 23: Crystal Slime

ThornyRose unwaveringly stared at Ye Cang . The more she looked, the more pissed she got . FrozenBlood stood at the side and looked at her meaningfully . Very few people could irritate her so much . Anyways, these three guys were very interesting .

“Little Green, how much mana have you recovered?” ThornyRose sighed and asked .

“I’m about done, we can continue exploring . ” GreenDew’s words allowed ThornyRose to cheer up a bit . Seeing Zhang ZhengXiong and Lin Le making a fuss across from them as well as the indifferently resting Ye Cang, she had no choice but to remind them: “Let’s go . Let’s clear this place as early as possible . ”

Ye Cang slowly opened his eyes . “Time to work . ”

The three guys climbed out and started putting on their equipment .

ThornyRose and the girl’s also finished changing behind the stalagmite, their wet hair swaying .

Everyone looked around the area but couldn’t find anymore paths . They decided to return to the fork and go down the left side this time .

On the left side, which was the main path, it quickly became obvious that it was leading downwards . The further they went down, the higher the temperature became . As they approached the end of the passage, a strong sulfur smell assaulted their noses and the air suddenly became had a drastic rise in temperature .

Ye Cang looked at the surroundings . They’d arrived in a empty, winding cave . Looking left and right, it was only 3 meters wide . It seemed to continue to zigzag downwards . The volcanic rock here seemed to have been molded into a path . They arrived at the edge of a cliff . Ye Cang hopefully looked down and saw only billowing smoke . This should be the mouth of the volcano .

Everyone stuck to the left wall away from cliff, carefully going forwards, but soon it became too difficult to advance . There was barely anywhere to stand . They had no choice but to turn back . This time they tried following the right wall .

The right path continued winding downwards, and they arrived at another cavern . Killing the red slimes and volcano bats that were there, they entered to take a look . There were passages in every direction, and many natural bridges that crossed deep chasms . Luckily it wasn’t too complicated . After all, this volcano wasn’t all that big .

Walking across one of the bridges, the smoke made some of them feel unwell . It also drastically reduced the range of their vision . They quickly crossed the bridge to arrive at the cavern on the other side .

“How much farther do we have to walk…” Lin Le whispered .

“This is considered easy . In the future, there will be: big volcanoes, cave systems, sinkholes, and enormous labyrinths . Compared to those, this is nothing . Imagine staying in one of them for over half a month . ” ThornyRose couldn’t help smiling a bit . They continued walking, their torches illuminating inside .

FrozenBlood thought back to the last game ‘Rise of Clans’ . All of Thorns and Roses, the 4 great guilds, as well as many of China’s strongest groups, were all trapped in a volcano for half a year . ThornyRose and herself were lucky and managed to find an exit in just over a month, as they didn’t plan on staying for too long, so they focused on leaving . With all of the 4 great guild inside, the word fierce wouldn’t be enough to describe the competition . Although Thorns and Roses’ strength was considered pretty good, but there was still a gap when compared to the 4 great guilds . They could only stare at their backs . Leaving the volcano early, although they didn’t receive much, they also didn’t lose much . The one’s inside who were trying to establish a base suffered quite a loss . When the volcano erupted, even the 4 great guilds received significant losses .

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At this moment, a round, white, gem-like thing popped out . It appeared right in front of ThornyRose . It had a diameter of over 2 meters and looked like a white, crystal .

ThornyRose quickly signalled that there was a problem .

“Slime!?” ThornyRose drew her longsword and asked doubtfully .

Ye Cang looked at the crystal pimple and identified it, confirming it was a slime . “Crystal Slime - Harja”

Crystal Slime - Harja (Rare Elite): A rare species of the slime family . It’s a precious slime born from crystals .

“F**k, it’s another slime…” Zhang ZhengXiong drew his machete, somewhat unmotivated .

Ye Cang readied his bow and shot an arrow, it hit the slime’s round crystal body and made a sound like hitting a shield . The arrow bounced off with a ding~ only doing 3 damage . He frowned .

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ThornyRose and Zhang ZhengXiong, as well as Lin Le and FrozenBlood behind them, rushed up to engage it . Harja’s crystal body suddenly morphed and stabbed out with many crystal spikes, giving the two in front no time to react . Luckily it hit their shields, but they were still sent flying away . They had received under 20 damage, which was an acceptable amount .

“This thing, it’s physical resistance is too high! GreenDew! Is your magic ready!?” ThornyRose roared . She pushed off the ground with one hand and gracefully landed in a crouching position .

Greendew had already started casting and preparing her chants . 4 magic missiles whistled towards the slime, slamming into it’s body, causing significant injury . Every missile hit for over 10 damage . A wind blade also cut towards it . All these attacks caused the crystal to form thin cracks .

Lin Le charged over and chopped at one of the crystal spikes, chopping it off . FrozenBlood slipped past the spikes and stabbed at the cracks . When she pulled out her dagger, crystal shards spurted out . She raised her dagger and and used Linked Strikes, stabbing forwards with two quick strikes .

Ye Cang also took this chance to shoot an arrow at one of the cracks, causing pretty good damage .

At this time, the crystal slime’s body started to pulse . It seemed to have been enraged . Lin Le’s ahoge sent a danger signal, he quickly let go of his axe and jumped back .

FrozenBlood also sensed the danger . She jumped back, tilting her body in the air to dodge a crystal spike . Her heart thumping from the close call . However the attacks didn’t stop, instead it abruptly shot one of its spikes towards the one that cracked it’s body: GreenDew .

GreenDew wanted to interrupt her casting and dodge, but with her speed, she wouldn’t make it in time .

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ThornyRose charged over, but the spike’s speed was really too fast and sh was too far away . “Dodge!”

Just as she was about to die, Zhang ZhengXiong suddenly appeared . Although he appeared unsteady, he still slanted his shield to deflect the spike . However, the impact only knocked the spike slightly to the side, it still stabbed into his left shoulder . GreenDew looked at the spike that was only 10 centimeters away from her chest and relaxed . Without interrupting her magic, she casted and her magic missiles traveled around Zhang ZhengXiong and accurately smashed into the crystal slime’s body again . The crack on it’s body appeared increasingly prominent .

Zhang ZhengXiong looked at his remaining 2 health and couldn only smile bitterly . Good thing that, as he blocked the spike he knew it wouldn’t be enough so he quickly used his shield to heal himself a bit . Otherwise he’d have been sent back to town .

Ye Cang let out a sigh of relief as he confirmed that Zhang ZhengXiong’s health hadn’t hit 0, he was only near death .

“Shaking Bear, good block! Now go hide somewhere and don’t get hurt again . ” ThornyRose saw Zhang ZhengXiong’s earlier display and couldn’t help gasping in admiration . This Shaking Bear’s reaction and nerves was even better than FrozenBlood’s . It could be said he was as fast as lightning . She started to view him more favorably . Too bad he was a priest who raised Constitution . She felt a bit of regret but it didn’t affect the goodwill she had towards him .

The Crystal Slime received GreenDew’s second barrage of missiles and fell into a precarious state . Ye Cang looked at his quiver and saw he still had 10 arrows, most of which were recycled . He couldn’t keep wasting them . He activated the boot’s ability and charged .

FrozenBlood also pounced over . The slime stabbed out with shorter spikes as it started retreating . It suddenly jumped and stuck to the cavern ceiling and began to slowly recover health .

FrozenBlood and the rest just arrived . ThornyRose felt powerless . It was too high and there weren’t any places to jump or climb so they couldn’t get up there quickly . They looked back and saw that GreenDew was still in the middle of her chant . Ye Cang stopped his charge and started shooting his bow, but compared to the rate of healing, his damage was lacking . He became a bit anxious . Will they make it in time?Please download our sponsor's game to support us!