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Published at 5th of October 2018 09:32:52 PM

Chapter 322
Chapter 322: Cyan Eyed Falcon

SpyingBlade reached out to throw the bottle of water away, but it slipped out of his hands . He wanted to catch it, yet couldn’t even hold onto it . He watched as the bottle rolled away, and sighed . Walking over, he picked it up and dropped it in the trash . Then he turned, and slowly disappeared from under the morning sun .

Black Peaks, north-west mountain range .

Ye Cang and the others were still exploring deeper . Little Ye Tian’s holographic map had been expanded by a lot . SpyingBlade stroked his chin . Once this was complete, he planned to ask her to update his map .

Midway, they had passed by one of Black Rock City’s sentries . Although it was called a sentry, it was more like a stronghold full of aboriginal hunters . It’s just that every year, Black Rock City would send good over, in exchange for their help in watching the surrounding area for activity . For example, a traveller or a caravan that came from the desert .

Everyone gathered information in the sentry, asking about the surrounding area . From this population of mountain top hunters, they gained plausible clues . 3 mountains to the south, a place the locals called Ghost Peak . It was covered in clouds nearly year round, and on the rare occasions where it’s clear, they could occasionally see some buildings, but not many dared to go up, because that area was extremely terrifying at night . Not only do powerful wolf packs and demon beasts appear, there are even many undead creatures .

Everyone prepared, then set off southward . Passing through two mountains, and at the peak of the third, they could see the so called Ghost Peak . It looked like a column jutting into the sky . By Little Ye Tian’s estimation, it was over 1200 meters tall . The top had clouds encircling it, but they could occasionally see some ruined buildings . Between their current location and Ghost Peak, there was still a comparatively flat forested area .

An excited shout came from Lin Le . Ye Cang looked in the direction Lin Le was pointing . A couple tens of meters down the cliff there was an eagle nest, however, the eggs inside were different than normal eagle eggs . On their journey, these two had snatche eggs from many nests, drawing the ire of many tens of giant eagles, whom dived through the wind to kill them, forcing them to run bitterly in search of mountain caves to hide in . The egg below them at this moment was cyan . It was twice as big as a normal giant eagle egg at a meter in diameter .

Ye Cang looked around with his eagle eye, and didn’t find anything, so he excitedly took out a rope, and tied it to a stable tree . “Turning this egg into egg drop soup will definitely be delicious . ”

“Um, team leader, usually when you find a special egg, the first thing you think of should be incubating it into a pet, especially with your taming skill . ” FrozenCloud said anxiously .

“Exactly…” Wu Na was also somewhat speechless .

Ye Cang thought for a bit, then shrugged . “Whatever…”

Saying that, he grabbed the rope, and in a few leaps, arrived at the eagle nest . He tried identifying the egg .

Cyan Eyed Falcon Egg: Cyan Eyed Falcons are an extremely fierce, large sized, wind element, bird of prey . It’s vision range and speed, are both greater than other birds of prey . Although rare, it’s value as food is proportionally higher . After eating, gain a permanent +3% speed, with a chance to learn a bird type wind element skill .

Without a word, Ye Cang put it in his bag, then began climbing up . There was a furious bird call . SpyingBlade saw a pure white falcon flying over rapidly from Ghost Peak . It’s body was nearly 10 meters large, and 3 long feathers extended from its head to the end of its tail feathers . Two of them were white, but the middle and longest one was a light blue . It looked very graceful, and it’s incomparably sharp eyes flickered a cyan color .

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Ye Cang saw at the giant falcon flying over . He was still hanging in midair, and couldn’t shadowstep because he couldn’t see the top . He quickly increased his climbing speed, but noticed that he wouldn’t make it . The falcons two claws arrived, and as everyone thought he was going to be captured by those two claws, he became a shadow figure . He had activated his accessories 6 hit combo . The pike unleashed 6 sweeping attacks at the falcon’s back . Then he leapt off it, jumping towards the cliff side . He saw Lin Le’s shadow, and activated shadowstep . He managed to get out of the situation more startled than hurt . “Prepare for battle! This big bird is too cruel . It’s actually so sinister, trying to sneak attack me when I’m not ready…”

Hello, you have no qualification to say that! Aren’t you stealing its egg when it’s not around?! SpyingBlade and the others roared in their mind .

“Exactly, this big bird is too cruel . It dares to sneak attack Brother Lil’White and wants to snatch our egg! It’s no better than a bandit!!” Lin Le pouted full of righteous anger . Everyone felt their legs go weak . Can you be any more absurd!? That egg is its family! You’re the bandits!!

“But, will falcon taste better than the monstrous bird…?” Zhan ZhengXiong care most about this . They had run out of monstrous bird meat, and with it, their supply of edible food . How would they pass the days without it…

The fight had already begun . Everyone waited with eyes peeled . Seeing the falcon fly over from the direction of the cliff, even the wind caused by its wings had a piercing chill . Little Ye Tian raised her brows . “Careful, it’s probably a ice/wind type flying boss . ”

SpyingBlade felt helpless . Currently, the hardest to fight were flying bosses, because most melee classes still didn’t have a reliable way to attack from range, so they could only take advantage of the instances where it dives . Most of the damage will be dependent on the ranged classes .

Without a word, Ye Cang sent a mini rain of arrows towards it . The white falcon flapped it’s wings, causing a violent wind that blew away over half the arrows . Even the ones that weren’t blown away, were smacked away by its wings . Tens of wind blades shot down . Everyone struggled to avoid them . Zhang ZhengXiong tried to receive one, and roared, “Don’t get hit! The damage is very high . Even I lost 50 health!”

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“This terrain is too open which is unfavorable for us! Run! Into the forest, there are more obstacles there!” SpyingBlade’s heart sank . Even that Shaking Bear had taken 50 damage from one of the many blades . The more lightly armored classes would basically die in 2 hits . He turned and ran to the forest on the way down the mountain . Fang Ci had Bali cast some confusion magic, but it was directly pierced through by the falcon’s sharp gaze . FrozenCloud warned, “Falcon type creatures have a very high resistance to illusions! Their eyes have a high chance of seeing right through them . ”

Fang Ci nodded, and everyone fled into the forest . The falcon flew back into the skies, looking for activity among the trees . It circled above their heads . Suddenly, its two wings shot out scythe like blades of wind . SpyingBlade quickly turned and hid under a protruding rock . The smaller trees around him had all been cleanly cut through . Everyone had found comparatively larger trees to avoid the blades of wind .

Seeing that its attack had no effect, it turned back, continuing to stare unwaveringly at the spots everyone was hiding . Ye Cang leaned against a big tree . He stepped out of cover and instantly sent a Triple Shot into the sky, managing to deal a bit of damage . A few feathers and drops of blood fell .

The falcon found Ye Cang’s position, and quickly dived down . A tree as big as the one he had used for cover was directly cut through by it’s wings . Ye Cang gasped . He quickly shadow stepped into a ditch he had seen, dodging the fatal dive . He felt the white feathers brushing above his head, and his pike unleashed Multiple Straight Thrusts . After the thrusts, he looked and saw it circling back in the air . He quickly climbed out of the ditch, and activated his shoes’ shadowstep, disappearing from its sight, and appearing under the shadow of a big boulder which was concealed from it . SpyingBlade was hiding on the other side of the boulder . “Don’t randomly attack, wait for a chance to deal heavy damage! Then don’t let it into the air again . ”

Ye Cang nodded, taking out his mini ballista . He leaned closely against the boulder, waiting for his chance . If he moved, he would definitely be discovered . Its speed was so fast, directly hitting it in the air was not probable . He could only wait .

Fang Ci and Little Ye Tian were hiding in what they suspected to be a wild boar’s cave . They would occasionally stick their heads out to check the sky, but quickly duck back in .

FrozenCloud and Zhang ZhengXiong weren’t too worried . The place they were standing wasn’t all that well hidden, but there were many stable obstacles and objects to defend against the dive, which was enough . If it dives, the two of them would then use all their strength to make it fall to the ground .

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As for Lin Le, he had summoned his over 2 meter tall mobile store, and was hiding by a protruding rock . He secretly thought that as long as it dared to come at him, he would smack it to death with his cart! Little Ren stood at his side on standby .

Time slowly passed, but no one became anxious . They patiently waited for an opportunity . The cyan eyed falcon in the sky was also not in a rush to attack . It had landed on a 10 meter tall tree and was staring unwaveringly at Ye Cang and the other’s area .

Ye Cang sighed . Waiting like this wouldn’t work . He shouted, “I’ll go lure it over . Everyone prepare . It’s first priority should be me . A’Xiong, FrozenCloud, Lele, you guys come closer . Later, I’ll run to the place between you three and draw it down, then let it hit a mirror image . Knock it down as fast as you can . Everyone blast it to death on the spot . Got it?

No one objected . Ye Cang waited for a couple minutes, then jumped out from behind his boulder . He held the egg in one hand, and ran towards the middle of their triangle formation . The falcons cyan eyes reddened . It leapt into the skies, quickly diving down .

When there was still 100 meters between them, he activated mirror image . It’s diving speed was really too fast . The 100 meters was travelled in the blink of an eye . It struck at Ye Cang with its claws, creating a cloud of dust . Suddenly, when its claws passed through the body, it discovered that it was water!

Boom! The water clone exploded . Before it could stabilize its body, the water pounded against it knocking it to the ground . As it was about to get up and lift off, Zhang ZhengXiong’s Barbaric Charge hit in from the side, knocking it off balance again . Holy Judgement! FrozenCloud’s Wyvern Kick struck its head . Wolverine Strike, Triple Strike, Collapsing Palm! It was stunned for a short time . Lin Le’s handcart homerun struck from in the air . A mournful call rang out . A silver giant anti-cavalry blade was raised high in the air . Execute! Then, taking advantage of his rotation, Sword Drawing Art - Flash! Returning Dragon! Surging Dragon! Rising Slash, Whirlwind Strike! Armed Destruction!

SpyingBlade and Ye Cang also took advantage of this opportunity . It was continuously greeted by a pike and longsword . Wu Na’s Ice Spear pierced its body . The water elemental’s ice arrows, and the vengeful spirit’s spirit attacks also stuck in succession .

At this moment, a hurricane like wind arose, continuously dealing cutting damage, making everyone’s health drop like leaking water . Zhang ZhengXiong quickly activated Desperate Prayer and the one in his ring, but it still couldn’t hold up against the hurricane wind’s continuous cutting damage . One by one, they were forced to back away from the falcon’s rising body .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!