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Published at 24th of September 2019 10:02:58 AM

Chapter 61

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Ruin . . . well another version Rob looked at him claiming to be Ruin .

His copy continued, "Young one I will give you chance to attain my power . Gather a group of five demons of the first stage to come with you . I will open up my trails to you and your demon brethren it will not be easy but the rewards will be great . " Opening up his hand he placed it over Rob's head and a quest appeared .

<Ruin's Trail>

Take five people of the first stage and finish the trail, this will be long and arduous so make sure to be ready . A portal will appear in the area you are at be ready .

Raph Class: White Blooded Infuser

HP:110% Spirit: 35

Str: 12 +2

Wis: 8 +2

Con: 12 + 2

Dex: 8 + 3

Chr: 4 + 2

Int: 4 + 2

Cultivation Techniques: <Tonfa school beginners' cultivation technique>

<Tonfa hand to hand technique> (locked out)

<Tonfa Dash> (locked out)

<White Winds Swift Steps>

<Twin Tonfa Spirit Strike> (locked out)

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<Spirit Tonfa Strike>(locked out)

<Triple Leg Strike>(locked out)

Status Effect: +10% movement speed, +1 Dex

King Wolf Brew- Effect: 5% additional HP , +1 to all stats . Permanent

Badger King Brew- Effect: 5% additional HP , +1 to all stats . Permanent


Wolf Bone Tonfas (locked out)


DMG: 20-25

<Pounce>- Jump at your opponent landing and creating a shock wave which slows them . Cooldown 30

<Tonfa Combat>- 5% increased damage with tonfa's

<Lupine Crushing Sphere> (locked out)


Dex+2, Str+2, Con+2

<Red Blood>- Increase Damage by 50% for 10 seconds . Cooldown 5 minutes .

<Offensive Aura>- Increase you and your allies physical damage by 5%

Five Elemental Metal Gi (locked out)

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Def 20

<Metal strength>- Increase your damage by 50% for the next 5 seconds . cooldown 2 minutes

<Metal defense>- Increase your defense by 5%

<Metal Spirit defense>- Reduce damage from spirit attacks by 25% for the next 10 seconds . cooldown 2 minutes .

Roc Boots (locked out)


Def 20

<Tornado kick>- Kick dealing 250% sending you opponent flying 30 feet . cooldown 1 minute .

<Swift>- Increase your movement speed by 15%

<Tread on Air>- Walk on any surface including air for 20 seconds . Cooldown 5 minutes .

Skrull Armlets (locked out)


Def 20

<Skrull strikes>- Strike 8 times for 50% . Cooldown 2 minutes

<Badger Mental defense>- Increase your Mental defense by 5%

Ghost Paldrons (locked out)

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Def 20

<Ghost Drain>- Drain 5% of an opponents HP . Cooldown 2 minutes

<Ghost form>- Reduce physical damage 2% .

True Defenders Tonfas (locked out)


DMG: 35-40

<Pounce Quake>- Jump at your opponent landing and creating a shock wave which slows them, then deal 150% of your damage to your opponents . Cooldown 30 .

<Improved Tonfa Combat>- 15% increased damage with tonfa's .

<Improved Tonfa block>- absorb 20% additional damage when blocking with your tonfas

<Crush!>- 5% chance to crush your opponent lowering their attack speed by 10% for 2 seconds .

Rob's character sheet appeared having both abilities weapons and armor all locked out . His status also fell sharply feeling much weaker than he was before .

"Here is something for you to begin your next adventure . " His copy said as he dropped a piece of armor and gloves on the ground . "I will also impart skills for you to use in combat . " the hand over his head glowed again transferring the information of new skills .

Armor/Weapon infusion: Infuse the power of darkness into your gear to improve its effects

White blood spikes: spikes form from the ground behind your opponent deal 150% damage and slow that opponent for ten seconds . Spirit: 10

White blood lance: Throw a lance at an opponent for 300% damage making your opponent attack you for the next 8 seconds . Cooldown 10 seconds

White Blood Smash: Strike your opponent on the side of the head dealing 200% damage and stunning them for 2 seconds . Cooldown 20 seconds

Spirit blood Restoration: Use 10 spirit to regain 5% of your health .

Infuser of Ruin- While in your white blood state regain 1 spirit every second .

After the glow faded his clone was nowhere to be seen, then he looked over his new skills and stats . He felt as if he was walking in water as his body was slowed down just as he had felt after he had gotten that boost when he had fought Zach . It seems those stat points indeed are very important then he picked up the bracelet equipping it .

Ruin's ancient armor- If you feed this bracelet high grade beast cores it will unlock different effects . Run your infusion to begin it's operations .

It also said the same thing about his gloves

Rob concentrated running his spirit through the armor and gloves . A small hum could be heard then a white blood armor surrounded his body and white claws spread our of the gloves .

White blood Gloves Grade: 0 - Dmg- 4-8

White blood Armor Grade: 0 - Def 8

Rob smiled he had a stash of high grade cores back in his stash in the game this would be easy to take care of . Suddenly the game logged him of and try as he might he couldn't log back in .

"What happened?" Aunty Zin asked surprised at his new look . He was supposed to get a hold of everyone in the guild and ask what was going on . Rob began to recount the events of what had just happened to him . "Well I have a couple of high grade cores on me . " She said .

Then Rob was on the side of a gateway unable to get out, a message appeared!!!

<Ruin's trail>- Choose four others to begin this trail with you . No cheating either powering yourself up before you begin the trail will not be allowed .

"I guess the game is being stingy" Rob complained at the prompts that had appeared .

"I'll go with you . " Zin said . "I'll just restart at first stage it should be no problem . "

"No . . . . " Raph said "I'll need you here to train the new recruits, we can't really just leave them . I'll train five new recruits I'll take those Grend those and those three over there .

Grend had chosen monk path of the healing palm so he would be good for healing . The first was a girl Jin a blue demon with yellow spike hair had chosen weapon master Sniper God's cultivation technique . The second was a boy Behan with white hair and short red spikes with blue skin had chosen the Supporter role of Totem Master . Then the last girl Shuri with green hair short blue spikes and green skin had chosen the Refiner of the Broken Great Sword . After they had passed over to where Rob started the trails . . . . .

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