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Published at 10th of July 2016 07:17:06 AM

Chapter 1

1 Hikime – FWO Started

[Hey . . hey . . Yu-san hey…!!] (Taku)
[Hmm… what is this suddenly? I have bad feeling…] (Yu)

Lunch break time, my friend who sit next to me suddenly stuck his face to mine so I punch him . It’s really gross please don’t get closer to me . Iyaa…  really gross, five times grosser than usual .

[Hey . . hey . . do you know FWO?] (Taku)
[I know… lately it’s on the news] (Yu)

I draw back my face with full force, it’s still feel gross please stay away from me .

What do you know about VRMMO? It’s abbreviation for virtual reality massive multi-player online . Such long-winded name, but it’s not what I want to talk about . The point is with this we can enter the game world . We can touch, smell, and see everything like the real world . It’s a door to enter different world, or so my little sister says .

Anyway a new game and the lates machine game will be released today . That’s FWO, first full-scale VRMMO action fantasy game . This is fantasy world where sword and magic exist . Hunting monster, adventuring, open shop, or created field, world of freedom . And then in front of me is my best friends with monstorous luck to win lottery for the right as beta tester for FWO . And today the game has officialy released, but you have to stand 5 days prior in front of the shop to get the first copy .

[Although it was something for chills moment… ] (Taku)
[Is this just my imagination that you are bragging about FWO?  …So? What do you want?] (Yu)

[What? I don’t have time to listen your joke!!] (Yu)
[Houu… then let’s starts with you ears~~] (Taku)
[Stop it!! Don’t get closer to me!!] (Yu)

Finally this guy stop fooling around and take a seat in front of me

[So . . ? What about FWO?] (Yu)

I will just ride the talk while resuming my launch that has been suspended . I’m also interested with the thing about FWO .

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[Ok lest continue the story, mfufufu… . you want to know? You must be want to know? right? right?] (Taku)

I look at his face… grosss!!!

[Gross…] (Yu)
[Ouch, citical hit to my heart] (Taku)
[Opss . . sorry! My bad, so what do you want?] (Yu)

[If you really feels sorry then prove it with your body!?
Don’t worry only 30% is joke!] (Taku)
[It’s less than half, Maa… set the joke aside hurry up just tell me] (Yu)

Then he get closer to to me . Please don’t bring your face too close, it’s gross .

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[Do you want to play FWO?] (Taku)
[You got me there… But you know, even I go to game shop now and lined-up all night for 5 days is too late . So is that all you want to talk?] (Yu)

And I look back to his face, he now puts a serious face . Iyaaa… I really think is gro… never mind!!
I finished my lunch and started to listen seriusly . Summary as benefit of beta tester you can get extra copy when the game released . And then Taku give me FWO software that he received .

When the school end I’m going straight to home… running .
What a good guy my best friend, giving me such amazing present . But now I think about it again, maybe he can’t make any friend in the game so he give me this? At least I will become his friend in the game too . Let’s do so .
Waiting the game service starts at 6 pm…
Is about to begin…

[Dive in!] (TL : ダイブイン!=?? )

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I am in the white room when I open my eyes, and in front of me there is a large mirror just as Taku told . Here is character edit room . Room to decide such as name, appearance, and occupation .

Although there is no significantly changed in my appearance, at best to change is the length and color of the hair . I can’t change physique size or gender . Well that’s no problem there will be  no inconvenience when you return to real world . I keep my black hair, and is all good .

To be frank I want to just using default setting character, but Taku told to make what you look in the game and real life as much different as possible . But it’s doesn’t apply to the name, he using the name what he called in school to avoid forgeting character name .

Next, decide race . Human, elf, dwarf, I dont know what’s the differences so I choose human . Maybe this will be a big miss ??
Finally profesion, it seem not much option available . There are fighter, magic user, crafter . I heard there are some unusual profesion but there is no explanation . You can choose various jobs from related profesion . But it doesn’t mean you can’t learn skill that doesn’t belong to your profession . You can use skill bonus for this . Of course because this world where magic exist so I choose magic related profession . I pressed OK after select occupation that catch my eyes from the bottom list .

Now the initial configuration is complete .
Let’s meet up with Taku in the fountain that located in the middle of the first of the town . There will no mistake because it was said that it should be visible even from the login point .

Let’s go to the game world!

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