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Published at 25th of July 2016 06:55:12 AM

Chapter 10

10 Hikime - Rabbit Meat

The next day .

To be honest, I underestimated FWO .

No way . . . you've got to be kidding me! One-third of my class including Taku is absent .
Do you really want to play the game that bad?
Aah . . . I’d like to play !!

Today is Friday and tomorrow we have a holiday, can you guys endure it a little?

Well it's not for me to say . . .
During a class I could not concentrate at all .
When the school ended, I ran straight home as fast as I could .

By the way Tsubasa was also absent as well . God damn it!!


When I logged in, it was night .

It’s strange, I should be logged in at the same time as yesterday .
When I check it, it seems one day in FWO is 20 hours .

Noon is 10 hours included 1 hour for dusk .
Night is 10 hours included 1 hour for sunrise .  (TL : it says sunrise not dawn)
It is shifted by 4 hours from the real time .

In other words, because yesterday dusk was at 9:00 pm, today dusk will be at 5:00 pm and from 6:00 pm it will be night time . Noon will be at 6:00 am .
Day and night will be reversed perfectly in 3 days, and will be turn back in 6 days .

The monsters in day and night are also changed, it’s troublesome but everything was taken into account .
It must be the result from considering people who can only log-in at night .

[Now then . . . the schedule is messed up] (Yu)

I try to remember the schedule I considered yesterday .

Schedule no . 1 : Stroll in the town .
Player’s store are still open now but NPC store are started to close .
 But I wanted to stroll through town while it was light out

Schedule no . 2 : Visited Ell’s atelier .
It’s not approriated to visited a girl house at night without an appointment .

Schedule no . 3 : Hunt and sealing Rat monster with Boparu .
I have to wait for four and half hours until Boparu's resurrected .
I think a Rat has the same strength as a Rabbit so I can do it alone, but I’d like to raise Boparu level too .
I don't think the experince point from the Crows were distributed to Boparu so maybe its still level 2 .

Well I decided on hunting Rat to kill time while I waited for Boparu revive .
I can ask Taku and Sylph for help but I don’t want to cause truble for their party member .


I walked through town at night along with the palyers that starts to log-in one after another .

. . . Night life, somehow it sounds erotic .

 Well setting that aside, I realize something serious when I want to buy an apple from the food stall .

[I have no money . . . ] (Yu)

The money from the Rabbit Fur that I hunted with Taku and Sylph is only enough to buy 2 apples .

It seems I can get some money if I sell the Crow Feathers in my hand .

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I didn't get any material from Caterpillar and Owl because I had to seal them .
It's little depressing to be a Summoner .

Bu . . . but I have Boparu with me, so how is it? Are you envious?

. . . but right now Boparu is not here though . . . Aaah I want to meet soon . . .


[Ria-san good evening] (Yu)
[Oh dear if it isn’t Yu-kun . Welcome!] (Ria)

I take a side trip to a street where Ria-san opened a stall .

For now I planned to get a little money, it's better than not having any right?
Though I wasn't aware of it until just now, but I felt uneasy suddenly .
Is this cold? I try to check my temperature and it’s little feverish, is this due to a bad condition or is this something different?

Even so, Ria-san has a street stall just in the same way at the same place as yesterday .
If you'r always watching a store here, I wonder how she can level-up?

[Aah you see, we also get experience point when doing trades with other players . Something like a bonus I think . But it’s only a little and you can only get it once a day from the same player . ] (Ria)

[Hou . . . ] (Yu)

By the way, the silly idea that I had "Even I can easily earn experience points then . . . . " has been denied by Ria-san while giving a bitter smile .

"Trade" is one of exclusive skill for the crafting profession .  
This is necessary if you want to get experience points from buying and selling or exchanging items .

So, what happens if you buy or sell without the Trade skill?

Apparently loss occurs in the product .

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The quality drops, or the number times it can be used decreases, or the price drops, . . . and tax!

Also when using the Trade skill you will understand the fair price of the goods, but while being low-level it seems to slip fairly often, and it's quite unreliable or whatever .

That aside let’s continue the transaction
Price of 11 Crow Feathers is . . . . same as two pieces of fur .

After all it's impossible for the feather which becomes a disposable arrow ingredient to be bought at a high price .

And the player ratio in the field is high now .
There aren't a lot of different kinds of dropped items so stocks seems to have increased .
And not many player use a bow so there is almost no demand so it makes the prices decrease more .

It's also said that there are places where they didn't buy Crow Feathers or if they do it bought dirt-cheap .
So I can sell it at reasonable price, I seem to have been lucky .
I'm grateful to Ria-san, thank you .

Now that I have some pocket money
Let’s leave Ria-san stall and go hunt Rats which was the original purpose .

[Nee~ Yu-kun . I wonder if you have any Rabbit Meat?] (Ria)
[Rabbit . . . meat?] (Yu)

I have been stopped by Ria-san
Hmm . . . Rabbit Meat, didn't rabbits dropped fur?

[I think that the dropped items changed after the service update . It also wasn't until the service update that rabbit meat drops were added] (Ria)

Ria-san had a strange face when explaining it to me .
Oh, beta information from Taku and Sylph certainly may not be the same at all since the service update .

[You see about Rabbit Meat, stew that is made with it is superb . Moreover it will increased you skill significantly . I want to at least make it once!] (Ria)

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[Eh Cooking skill? Ria-san do you have the Cooking skill?] (Yu)

[Well because there are rarely any customers, my level has also hardly risen] (Ria)

Her face is unusual, Ria san was embarrassed .

Cooking skill is useless in FWO .
To begin with there are no hunger parameters in the FWO .

In the game you won’t feels hungry or want to go to the toilet so in that case what was the Cooking skill for? Meals has become a complete luxury item in FWO .

Even they knew people still using SP to acquired cooking skill so they can create a delicious cuisine .

There are more people that want to acquired the Cooking skill compared to Summoning magic and it’s still increased .

[And the Rabbit Meat drop rate is very low . Moreover when your level exceeds level 3 it seems you will no longer encountered rabbits at all . When you find it they will run with amazing speed . And the majority of my acquaintance have exceeded level 3 so its even more difficult now . If you have it, I want you to let me have it] (Ria)

[Well, unfortunately I don’t have any Rabbit Meat and my level also has exceeded 3, but . . . Boparu is level 2 and I plan to get another summoned monster soon, with two people (monster) it may workout somehow] (Yu)

[Really!? I will buy it a little bit higher than the market price . I will also shared the stew with you!] (Ria)

[Hahaha . . . I will work hard then . Well the one who will work is not me though but my summoned monsters] (Yu)

[well the person itself is absent so there is no meaning . Tell best regards to Boparu-chan from me and I will give it special service next time] (Ria)

3 hours remained before I can re-summon Boparu .
Well then let’s go to seal a Rat .


Translator : Sabishii desu

Proof reader : Truffle

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