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Chapter 11

11 Hikime – Owl Summoning

« Rat seal rate is now 100% »
« Rat was completely sealed »
« Skill : Summoning Magic Has Leveled-up »

« Complety sealed monster is : 5 »
« The possible monster to summon is : 2 »
« Skill : Fire Magic skill has leveled-up »

I have thought this many times, but it seems I still underestimated FWO .

Encounter rate of the Rat isn't low .
You can say is particulary high and they didn’t hide or run away like rabbits .
Not far from the town you can find 4-5 Rats entering your field of vision .
But because of this other player also engaging Rats, well there are excess Rats so is enough .

To be precise the players that were going to the forest or mountains during the day, right now are all gathered in the grasslands .

Well that’s normal, I would also hesitate going to the forest or mountains in the darkness of night .

Besides I can’t think of another place to go hunting alone .
I don’t want to take any unnecessary risk even after Boparu revived though .
Anyways Rat has been sealed, once more let’s fight on!


3 hours later . . .

Arere . . . it's strange !? 

(TL : The paragraph below is random [for me] is inconsistent with overall chapter content . if you have better interpretation please tell me) 


Why Boparu can be summoned already? 


Rat seal rate is 20%, so five are needed to complety seal it .

Yeah I know . It’s all due to my naive perspective . Yeah .

When I logged-out for dinner, I should have noticed the inefficiency if I calmly thought it through .

At that point 4 Rats had been sealed

From there I just need 1 more but 2 hours have passed since then .  

For now let’s summon Boparu .


Boparu's so soft and fluffy with cute red round eyes, finally we are reunited .
It can’t be helped, let’s play with each other for awhile .


- - -The person is still playing with Boparu to his hearts content . Please wait a moment- - -
Fwuuh . . . I've finally calmed down .   

Boparurium that lacking for awhile has been replenished fully .  

Today's main event is making my skin glossy and healing my heart .

I’m ready to summon the second monster .

Actually I have decided what monster I wanted to summon .
So without further ado let’s begin .

« Summon . Monster »
« Summon . Owl »

So my newly summoned monster is Owl .
The reason is simple . Since it’s the cutest one among my sealed monsters .
The other one like Caterpillar, Rat, or Crow is a little . . . .  

Also there is a great advantage a flying force to join the party .

It can increased the scouting area and Owl would also be able to go on a night flight .
I just realize how important the scouting ability was in the past 3 hours .
The scouting ability is very important . . .

Mizuki Owl Lv1
Vitality : 10
Strength : 10
Agility : 14
Dexterity : 10
Magic : 6
Spirit : 5

Skills :
Flight, Ambush, Scouting, Night Vision

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The birds of prey which lives in forests, grasslands, and mountains .
Soundless wings and Night Vision is effective for assassination in the night .

Charge from high altitude to ambush in the dark .
Adept at restraining and attacking enemy with beak and claw .

Fukurō (Owl) → Mimizuku (Horned Owl) → Mizuku → Mizuki
And so from there Mizuki has been decided as Owl’s name, I think it's good and approriate .


Mizuki landed in front of Boparu, tilted its neck and looking at each other .
This is a new companion you know, let’s get along okay?

Now I want to raise Mizuki's level right away, but honestly I want to be excused from hunting Rat .
It’s inefficient also interminably (TL : I don’t see where is coming from)
Even so I want to avoid level 2 Boparu and Level 1 Mizuki from night time excursion .  

Well then let’s wait until morning to hunting Rabbits .

Right now is almost 11 . 00 pm, morning will come at 04 . 00 am so let’s sleep until then .
Tomorrow is a holiday so I can plays game throughout the day .
Well time to rest . Good bye .  Good bye .  Good bye .


Good morning . It is Yu on the site .   

It's a pleasant morning, isn't it?

It’s like the hustle and bustle of last night didn't even happen .

It’s so quite to the point theres not a single shadow to be seen in the grassland around the city .
Nor a rabbit to be found .

Well I already expected it .
Rabbits will escape or hide immediately when they feel the presence of a player level 3 or above .
Rabbits ability to detect an enemy's presence is high, you will know if you look at Boparu .
Because of this reason . . . .

[Boparu! Mizuki! Our target are Rabbits! Search and destroy! Go forth to annihilate!] (Yu) 



Boparu dashed off like an arrow, Mizuki also flew up and glided off quickly .
I entrusted the enemy searching and battle to my summoned monsters .
Let specialist handle that matter

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I can take an easy part because I'm their master .


« Summoned monster : Boparu has leveled-up . Please update the status »

« Skill : Dash skill has leveled-up » 

« Summoned monster : Mizuki has leveled-up . Please update the status »


« Skill : Fire Magic skill has leveled-up »

« Summoned monster : Mizuki has leveled-up . Please update the status »

« Player has leveled-up . Please update your status »
« Skill : Dash skill has leveled-up »
« Skill : Fire Magic skill has leveled-up »

Player :Yu
Summoner : Lv5 → 6
Vitality : 12
Strength : 11 → 12
Agility : 13
Dexterity : 13
Magic : 15
Spirit : 15

Skills :
Cane Lv2 → 4, Summoning Magic Lv2 → 5, Fire Magic Lv1 → 3, Appraisal Lv5, Dash Lv2 → 5, Avoid Lv2 → 4, Defense Lv2 → 4 .

« Earned 2 skill points . Current skill points : 9→11 »

Boparu Rabbit
Lv2 → 3
Vitality : 10
Strength : 8
Agility : 15 → 16
Dexterity : 12
Magic : 4
Spirit : 7

Skills :
Scouting, Area Perception, Jump, Dash (New)

Mizuki Owl Lv1 → 3
Vitality : 10
Strength  : 10

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Agility : 14 → 16
Dexterity : 10
Magic : 6
Spirit : 5

Skills :
Flight, Ambush, Scouting, Night Vision, High-speed Flight (New)

The hunting was going smoothly compared to yesterday .
There are no other players in grassland so I can monopolize the hunting ground .
Their levels also rose quicker than I thought they would .
No wild Rabbit can escape from Boparu's detection ability and Mizuki's attack from the sky .

The problem is these two are too fast, I can’t keep up at all .
I told them to call me if they found a Rabbit . (I can see their position on the map)
This situation continue with me being called from both sides one after another to collect materials .
I’m running to the east and then running to the west, after that going back to the east and so on .
Thank to this my Dash skill has leveled up .

By the way my Fire Magic was leveled-up because during that time I randomly shot Fireballs to drain my MP because I was bored .

MP to be unused is . . .


Aand . . . that is conclusion of Boparu's battle .
Boparu poses triumphantly in front of the fallen Rabbits
Hoho . . . !!

Well then let's enjoy the harvest time .

The dropped items are mostly fur, Rabbit Meat rarely drops maybe 1 out of 20 times .
I have three now but I still want more . Go for meat . . .


Aah, the figure of the Rabbit that I stabbed with my knife disappeared and only white fur remained .
Unfortunately this is also Rabbit Fur .

I picked up the Rabbit Fur without appraising it because I was tired of doing it so many times .

Hmm? Is this little bigger than usual? It’s feel even smoother .
Ordinary fur is just like a piece cloth but this had two protrusions on it .

It just like . . .   


Translator : Sabishii desu

Proof reader :  Truffle

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