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Published at 28th of July 2016 05:29:44 PM

Chapter 13

13 Hikime – Rabbit's Set In The Town

« Equipment set has been completed . The set effect is permitted »

My whole body is snow white, I’m wearing a fluffy rabbit set now!
Mufufu~ the agility correction is so high my whole body become very light .
Now I feel like can jump a few meters high like Boparu .

Perhaps it’s because the agility correction are overlapping or maybe because of the dexterity value?

Well I don't know yet what dexterity value is related to .
That’s aside let’s check the set effect that has been activated .  

Rabbit's Hood set effect   = Set skill : Enemy searching
Rabbit's Gloves set effect = Dexterity correction : Medium
Rabbit's Boots set effect  = Set skill : Jumping
Rabbit's Dress set effect  = Agility correction : Medium

. . . What the hell is this? Let’s say it again! What the hell is this?

Dexterity correction and agility correction are good . I think it's an adequate set effect . But set skills, you are not good .

I mean right now I’m wearing the Rabbit's equipment set, should I automatically could use Jumping and Enemy Searching skill already?


Oh well if I want to acquired it normally I would need to spend 4 SP but these two are obtained easily . . . hmm? Isn't it strange?

Mere 4 points you say? No, even if it just 4 points . . .

Jumping isn't understood well but I know the importance of Enemy Searching, I'm thankful for acquired it without any point consumption .

I have no intention to discard Boparu and Mizuki though, even if I got another ability to a degree which I would be able to fight alone . In combat the number is basic .


I have gotten tired indeed, so I think I'll return to a town at once .
I’m not participating in battle but I was pretty tired because I keep running to the left and to the right . I have secured rabbit meat for Ria-san in addition I collected some items and a great number of Rabbit Fur .

Imagining Ria-san surprised face and how much money will be pouring into my pockets makes my cheeks loosen . I skipping back to the town .


*pyokotan . pyokotan . pyon-pyon-pyon . ho~*
*pyokotan . pyokotan . pyon-pyon-pyon . ho~,ho~ *
(TL : Jumping sfx)

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[Hello Ria-san good evening] (Yu)

[Eh? . . . Good evening . Umm . . . Yu-kun? What hapened to your appearance?] (Ria)

[Good isn’t it? This is a rare drop from Rabbits you know?] (Yu)


[Umm . . . if you say so then it's good, I think .  what can I do for you today?] (Ria)  


[*thud* this is the Rabbit Meat you asked for] (Yu)


[ . . . well I wonder how many are there?] (Ria)

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[Umm . . . I think 37 pieces] (Yu)


[This . . . can I take it all? Are you sure?] (Ria)

[Oh also this too please!] (Yu)

*sadosadosadosadosadosa! !*

(TL : This is crowd sfx I think)

Rabbit Fur piled up like mountain next to the stall . The surrounding becomes noisy and Ria-san holds her head painfully .

[This is . . . I wonder how many?] (Ria)

[Umm, there should be 150] (Yu)

*zawawawawawawawawawa! ! ?*

[Umm well I’m sorry . As expected if this much I don’t think I have enough money to pay it . Can you come back tomorrow for the payment? There is also a promise of Rabbit Stew] (Ria)

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[Yeah no problem, there is nothing in particular I'd like to buy right now . Well then I’m looking forward for the stew ♪ ♪] (Yu)


The business discussion ends safely and I head to the gate while being in a good mood .

Where shall we go next . How about exploring the forest at night? I do not feel like losing right now . Or maybe going to a place I’ve never been before .

Today I’m really busy, but somehow it’s fun like a festival .

[Ah you know Yu-kun, I was wondering whether going to say it or not but . . . You should check the bulletin board if you want to see a 'Festival!'] (Ria)

[ ?? ] (Yu)

Ria-san stopped me who was going to leave while singing and humming with a good mood .

Hmm . . . bulletin board . You mean something that you can find next to the station or public office . A place where you can put events or sales information on it . Why has that come out from nowhere?

That’s what I think before received e-mail from Ria-san . The contents was an URL should I open it?
Well let’s see . . .  

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