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Published at 1st of August 2016 05:54:16 AM

Chapter 15

15 Hikime – Taku’s Party Members

Suddenly I feel exhausted after read it, I hurriedly looked at the surrounding .
Several poeple quickly averted their eyes
Some poeple look at me with sparkling eyes
And a lot of poeple are look at me with glistening eyes .

For now every last of them are guilty .

[Haa . . . . ] (Yu)

I wasn't worrying about it until just now, but the word 'Usa-tan' is restlessly being heard from the surrounding . What the hell is Usa-tan . . .


[I think this happened because there was no prior information about this equipment set, in addition you are walking down the street with that appearance . Well, I think this will calm down in no time because the acquisition method is simple . . . ] (Ria)

[And I was just thinking of going to hunt tonight . . . ] (Yu)

[Everyone would surely following you and the number will still increased becuse right now there's almost no hunting ground without players] (Ria)

*Orekko . . . !?*(1)
*But this is good!*

The onlooker conversation is getting annoying .

Umm . . . a place where I can go by myself without having to worry about followers (stalkers), like the forest or mountain, maybe . But I wonder if it's better to log-out until it calms down .

It feels like I was defeated here .

Ah I see, in the end there is only one place that I’ve never been before but over there is still . . .

[Osh! I saw it Yu . I saw the screenshot but it’s more wonderful when I see the real thing . Is the Rabbit’s set completed?] (Taku)

[Fighting power securement!!] (Yu)

[Ki~yuii] [Hooo~]

[Uoo . . . ? what is it?] (Taku)

I saw a familiar effeminate face talking to me from the crowd of poeple so I told Boparu and Mizuki to secure it . When you can't go by yourself you just need to increased the number .
I have nothing to be afraid any more!

[Captain you are too fast -ssu, owh is that Ria’s friend you are talking about . . . . as I thought it’s a girl -ssu]

[No, even like that he’s a man you know?] (Taku)

*zawa* (astonishment)

[A man? Aah that’s kind of setting huh, roger that –ssu!]

*zawa* (consent) 

[He said setting, are you good with that, Yu?] (Taku)

[Well whatever, I’m getting used to it] (Yu)

[Ah I see . . . you must have it hard] (Taku)

[Thank you . . . ] (Yu)

Somehow he feels sorry for me, but I’m fine already .

[Fu ~o~o~o~o~o~o! Taku x Yu! Gochininarimasu!!]

(TL : Can somebody tell me the meaning of Gochininarimasu?)
[Cho! Rika-cchi you have nosebleed!!]

Behind Taku are a black skin man which seem frivolous wearing metalic armor with a tower shield thats height surpassed the man itself . The other one is a light-blue haired woman with a blue robe which seem emotionally unstable . They are Taku’s party members, but what to say . . . hmm, what should I say . . .

[Well, they do have a unique personality, I say . . . ] (Taku)

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[ . . . Ah sorry, maybe it’s hard to believe but they are excellent water magic and shield users . Really, I wonder why they are excellent?] (Taku)

[Well . . . what to say, cheer up!] (Yu)

They say a Summoner is unpopular to be in a party with, but I preferred to be in a party with Boparu and Mizuki because they are cute, also cute . It’s 100 times better than Taku’s party members .

[So? What are the others?] (Yu)

[Oh the others are . . . the Beastman is a Scout and the Elf is a Archer, we also have a Healer (drug user) here . I and Rika the Healer are Human race, the Shield User is a Dwarf . ] (Taku)

[Oh it seems to be balanced party] (Yu)

[Right? But the drawback is less time for everyone to play together because is hard to adjust play time when making fixed party in MMO] (Taku)

[Well in this point Summoner is preferred becuse it’s basically solo] (Yu)

[Right? We went all the way to the mountain early morning to fight the area boss Golem, but in the end the party must be disbanded because 3 poeple have to leave . When I said to search for people with the detection ability, captain talked about Yu-cchi so we come here . . . ]

[Don’t say unnecessary things! It’s as he say, so how about we go hunting together? A reward is half of the drop item] (Taku)

[No problem but I have one condition, I want go to a place where I can get away from these annoying follower] (Yu)

[Hmm . . . what is you Dash level at?] (Taku)

[ 7 ] (Yu)

[It’s pretty high . Then let’s avoid battle until we arrive at rest spot around the mountain top and we will hunt Goat there . Will Boparu be okay?] (Taku)

[Of course, there's no problem for Mizuki either] (Yu)

[Ki~yuii] [Hooo~]

[Oh how reliable, then I’m counting on you guys . Now you heard that? Let’s marathon to the summit!] (Taku)

[Seriously -ssu]
[Boo . . . ]

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[Today I almost couldn’t level-up at all you know? Or do you prefer to endlessly hunting Rat like before?] (Taku)

[I’m going . Let’s go immediately!]
[Noo, I’ve enough with Rats!]

[Ah, I roughly know how you feel] (Yu)

A memory of 3 hours in order to sealing Rat .

[Yu . . . what are you waiting for? Come on! Move! Move!] (Taku)

[ [Ooh!] ] [Ki~yuii] [Hooo~]

[Well then Ria-san We are leaving] (Yu)

[Yeah . Have a nice day] (Ria)

[Eh wait! Seroiusly wait for me! I don’t know the way! Waiiit!] (Yu)
[A wa wa wa wa wa wa . . . ] (Yu)

. . . I caught up easily . Agility correction seriously thanks .


« Skill : Dash skill has leveled-up »
« Skill : Dash skill has leveled-up »

[Alright, let’s take a little break!] (Taku)
[ [ [ Ouu! ] ] ]

About 1 hour after leaving the town we came to a mountain summit after thoroughly avoiding to battle with monster using Boparu and Mizuki Enemy Searching skill . The other player (stalker) also quickly following us .

. . . the result is, nobody caught up with us because they all got tangled with the monster that we left behind, are they allright? They should be allright . I belive they are allright .

[So? What kind of monsters appears around here?] (Yu)

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[Hmm? Let’s see, during the day are basically Turtles and Monkeys . At night there are Turtles and Bats, but we are looking for Goats as the main target . Normaly Goats come out during the day but they have a high Area Perception ability like Rabbits in addition they are able to run on steep cliff to escape so you can die if you fall when chasing it . Because of that we will looking for Goats during the night when they are in sleep a
state . They have good experience value, also the probability is low but they dropped milk that can be sold at a high price] (Taku)

[Hou . . . can I get the milk if I summoned Goat?] (Yu)

[If it’s female Goat, I think it’s possible . How long until you can summon the next monster?] (Taku)

[Well I still need 5 sealed monster because I just summoned Mizuki] (Yu)

[Even if you sealed Turtle, Bat, and Goat 2 monsters are still missing . Tell me next time you will summoned new monster okay?] (Taku)

[Yeah if I’m ready to summon] (Yu)

[Yosh, everyone prepare for battle, let’s go!!] (Taku)

[ [ [ Ouu!! ] ] ]

[Boparu and Mizuki I’m counting on you to search for enemy] (Yu)

[Ki~yuii] [Hooo~]

 Well let's see how our first battle in mountain .


Translator : Sabishii desu

Proof reader : Truffle


1 .  Orekko is Japanese term for a girl that using 'Ore' to refers herself to look tomboyish, normaly 'Ore' is used by boys while girls used 'Atashi' ↩ 

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