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Chapter 16

16 Hikime – Enemy Searching ~ Sama

« Bat seal rate is now 100% »
« Bat was completely sealed »
« Skill : Summoning Magic Has Leveled-up »

« Player has leveled-up . Please update your status »
« Summoned monster : Boparu has level-up . Please update the status »
« Summoned monster : Mizuki has level-up . Please update the status »

« Skill : Appraisal skill has leveled-up »

« Goat seal rate is now 100% »
« Goat was completely sealed »
« Skill : Summoning Magic Has Leveled-up »

« Player has leveled-up . Please update your status »
« Skill : Fire Magic skill has leveled-up »
« Skill : Cane skill has leveled-up »
« Skill : Avoidance skill has leveled-up »
« Skill : Defense skill has leveled-up »
« Skill : Fire Magic skill has leveled-up »

« Turtle seal rate is now 100% »
« Turtle was completely sealed »
« Skill : Summoning Magic Has Leveled-up »

Player : Yu
Summoner Lv8 → 10
Vitality : 13
Strength : 13
Agility : 13
Dexterity : 13

Magic : 15 → 16
Spirit : 15 → 16

Skills :
Cane Lv4→5, Summoning Magic Lv5→8, Fire Magic Lv5→7, Appraisal Lv5→6,
Dash Lv7→9, Avoidance Lv4→5, Defense Lv4→5 .

« Earned 2 skill points . Current skill points : 15→17 »
« Earned 2 skill points . Current skill points : 17→19 »

Boparu Rabbit Lv8 → 9
Vitality : 10
Strength : 11 → 12
Agility : 18
Dexterity : 12
Magic : 4
Spirit : 7

Skills :
Scouting, Area Perception, Jump, Dash

Mizuki Owl Lv8 → 9
Vitality : 12
Strength : 12 → 13
Agility : 17
Dexterity : 10
Magic : 6
Spirit : 5

Skills :
Flight, Ambush, Scouting, Night Vision, High-speed Flight

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[Iyaa, when Yu-cchi with us the number of battle is increased like crazy -ssu]

[The efficiency is extremely different, I rised 2 levels in these 3 hours]

[Enemy Searching ~ sama, really]

[Is that so? Since Goat and Turtle won’t move until we approached it, Boparu and my hearing ability isn’t effective . Goat aside, Turtle is just like mountain rock when you see it from above so Mizuki alos has hard time to find it . Because of this combat rate with Turtle is not high] (Yu)

The three of us activated Enemy Searching skill .
But it's not like we can immediately see an enemy position on the mini map within certain range . It only shows the one that we have found .

Enemy Searching skill only makes us little easier to find an enemy .
We become sensitive to sound or somehow we will know if there are someone around . You can say it’s better to call it Sense Strengthening skill rather than Enemy Searching skill .

But my skill is only an effect from the Rabbit’s set so what it can do is limited . I only have the same level of hearing ability to detect an enemy as Boparu . . .

[ . . . no no, we continuesly fighting with hardly any time to rest you know?]

And I thought that the battle efficiency was bad because we still have time to take a rest, so it was wrong .
Also, if it wasn't for Boparu and Mizuki the battle with Turtle would be much longer .

By the way monster Turtle is really slow, seriously . Their speed is only on par with an ordinary turtle .

When they are not moving you can't distinguished it from an ordinary rock . Boparu and my ear could barely notice it breathing sound within a radius of 1m .

And then they are hard, really hard .

Not only the shell but also the legs and head have a high physical resistance almost no weapon is effective against it . They received Taku’s sword attacks as if nothing .

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Magic resistant isn't as high as physical resistant .
But still, it’s hard to tell whether its HP decreased or not when we attacked with magic . While the attack didn’t hit our MP continued to decrease and finally after 20 minutes we could defeat a Turtle .

. . . whether 20 minutes to defeat a Turtle was long or short I will let you decided by yourself .

I want a great firepower to breakthrough a single point . . . G-Beat ! !
(TL : I don’t understand what is it, maybe Senki Zesshou Symphogear reference !?) 

Next is Goat, they are sleeping while hiding behind a rock or thicket, with a surprise attack it was easily defeated .

Unlike Turtle they were easy to locate by Mizuki beacuse of their white body .
There is also no problem on my side, let alone their breathing sound we also can hear them snoring so it was easy to find with Boparu and my hearing ability .

Their defensive powers not as high as the Turtle that can repel a sword attack but they have a tremendous stamina .

Their amount of HP is also quite large, it’s only decreased a little when it received an attack .
When the remaining HP is low, the counter attack will become severe, what a troublesome fellow .

We all surrounded the Goat and crushed it together .
We also received counterattacks so Heal Cream was a big help in today's battles . By the way Heal Cream was popular with Taku and his party members . Well, because they are insisted to pay so I accept it, but . . .

Leveling up in the mountains was quite hard, but it was also quite meaningful for me because not only level, my sealed monsters also increased .

I think Taku’s party members are good people, they kept me company until the sealing completed .

The battle with Turtle was another level .
Honestly I was saved because Boparu and Mizuki are fight together with me .

Eh? What about Bat? Because they are just charging in a group while squeaking we received it with opened arms .

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[Yu seems to have finished with sealing, should we go back? I'm getting tired with the battle] (Taku)

[Indeed, as expected I’m also getting tired already because I have been logged-in since yesterday] (Yu)

[Yeah, we also have raised enough levels for today so let’s stop here]

Boparu seems sleepy .
I wonder if Boparu and Mizuki also can sleep? Because they can feel tired maybe they also can sleep .

The sleeping Boparu, curled up while saying *supisupi* sound . . . how nice!
I want to put in a basket and enjoy it . Next time let’s find a good basket in town . Or maybe I’ll knit it myself, let’s do so!

[Allright, then let’s go back!] (Taku)
[ [ [Yesss] ] ]
[Ki~yuii] [Hooo~]

Once I go back to town I need to buy the Heal Cream that was consumed today .  
I completely forgot about it, I want to ask Ria-san about the Wild Dog Fur prices .
There are a lot thing I want to do .

For now let’s go back and sleep! I’m sleepy! I’m tired! I want to sleep with Boparu as a pillow!

. . . . I wonder if I can sleep in this world . . . .
I have to try it . If it’s works then I can enjoys FWO more, right?
As if it’s possible! (Irony expression)


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