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Published at 8th of August 2016 11:29:41 PM

Chapter 17

17 Hikime – Main Shield

[『Provocation』-ssu] (Tetsu)


On the way down from the mountain, Goats and Bats were caught by our Enemy Searching skill so we took care of them while proceeded .

. . . Eh? Turtle? We don’t have enough hands for such time-consuming opponent . Their shell seems to be a good material for armor though .

With his tower shield Tetsu completely stopped the momentum of a Goat that came ramming at us .

[Right now –ssu!] (Tetsu)

[Well done Tetsu! Uoooo 『Slash』] (Taku)

[~~~『Waterball』!] (Rika)

[~~~『Fireball』!] (Yu)

[Ki~yuii] [Hooo~]

Taku swung his sword from behind the stunned Goat, Fireball and Waterball coming from the left and right side, Boparu slipped under the Goat and raised a kick, Mizuki also launched an attack from above .
Multiple attacks were raining down on the Goats body .

[Gu, me~eeeeee . . . !!]

The Goat raised a death cry after received a critical hit from our best attack and fell down with a *thud*sound .

Our teamwork seems to considerably incrased, we can defeated a Goat without letting its HP falls below a half first . Goat will enter to Berserk-mode when its HP is less than half .

Because of this Goat was hard to deal with .
Their attack power will be increased, their movement will become wild, and they will launch an attack indiscriminately . They also have a habit of running away with full force when their HP is really in a pinch .

I was struck dumb when I saw a Goat escape for the first time . With *hyoihyoi* it climbing from a tree branch to another as if flying .

From Taku’s story I was convinced that Goat would not easily get caught because of this escape-mode movement .

Therefore we need to launched a suprise attack while they are sleeping to solve this problem .


[Thanks for good work] (Yu)

[Ki~yuii] [Hooo~]

After the battle ended we take a little break before continue to move .
While feeling Boparu and Mizuki I checked the distance between town and our current location on the map, we already passed halfway through .

At this rate we will continue to fight for around 1 hour until reached the town, I think?

As we descended, the encounter rate with monsters was considerably decreased but once we getting closer to the town Rats will come out, this much won’t be a problem .

. . . But still Muzuki feather was very softy and fluffy, my hand sunk while feeling it . It has different pleasure and fluffy feeling like when I stroked Boparu fur .

[Kiyuii~] [Hooo~]

Boparu and Mizuki squinting pleasantly when I stroke both of them with my right hand alternately .

What is this? Am I in heaven?

[Ugh, nothing dropped . . . ] (Rika)

[Again? Don't give up!] (Taku)

[Ee!? It’s not my fault -ssu! It’s just the matter of luck -ssu!] (Tetsu)

[Yu-chan isn't holding back the drop items anymore, are your luck just extremely bad? It’s must be because of your everyday bad conduct] (Rika)

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[That’s mean, hey Rika-chi if you think like that then how about you are doing the stripping instead] (Tetsu)

[No thanks, that’s troublesome . Aren't those chores the junior’s works?] (Rika)

[Senpai -ssu! Between me and Rika which one joined the party first?] (Tetsu)

[It’s doesn’t matter which one joined first . Being senior it doesn’t mean to become superior, we are now in the same party fighting together while watching each other's backs, right? Don’t be narrow minded] (Taku)

[Those were good words unless for the person who's forced the work to others because she think it's troublesome . Captain, about the talk earlier what do you think?] (Tetsu)

[ . . . The culprit was Tetsu!] (Taku)

[Captain? Did you properly hear what I said?] (Tetsu)

[Ah sorry sorry . . . the culprit was Tetsu] (Taku)

[That’s the same things!! Nobody's on my side! Does captain also think it was my fault . . . ] (Tetsu)

[I’m just kidding . Is there any reason for me to say something terrible to you?] (Taku)

[That’s right, it was thanks to you that we had a fun-time together] (Rika)

[Captain . . . Rika-chi . . . ] (Tetsu)

[ [ Also, there is no way we can bullying such weak-creature ] ]

[nooo wayyy . . . . . !] (Tetsu)

Tetsu dropped down on all four because he was betrayed by his companion .

. . . I was wondering what was unfolding in front of my eyes? Was it play? Was it okay to applaud now?

Tetsu remain motionlessly in orz position while Taku and Rika resuming their chat .

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I couldn’t bear to watch, somebody please do something about it!
I missed my chance to escape and somehow Tetsu is now fleeing glance to me since earlier as asking for help . I don’t want to get involved since it was troublesome but those two don't seem to intend to do anything .

[ . . . bu~ but, you have an important role in the party as a shield user . . . I mean . . . shomehow there is some sense of security while fighting with you . . . ] (Yu)

It was my honest thought . Our party is still weak and it’s good thing there are someone that specialized in defense . With his large shield Tetsu keeps enemies under tabs while we are launching attacks, because of
this, injury rate in our party decreased . That sense of security is quite a thing .

It seems stess is accumulated because of his work .

[That’s right! I have an important role! There is also other good thing about me!] (Tetsu)

[You are recovered too fast!] (Yu)

Like a spring-loaded toy Tetsu's jumping while declare it in high tension .
Annoying . Really annoying . Taku is annoying but Tetsu also annoying on a different level .
Aah I want to go back to my healing spot between Boparu and Mizuki at once .

[Hmm . . . well he certainly really helps us, thanks to ‘meat shield’ I can concentrate on attacking the enemy] (Taku)

[That’s right, we can’t ignore the ‘meat wall’ aspect on our safety] (Rika)

[These two . . . is it just my imagination or are they just saying something terrible about me?] (Tetsu)

[ [ it’s just your imagination ] ]

Despite everything I’m really feeling grateful to him . Well, Tetsu also seems to having fun being in this party .

. . . I’m little envious with them, I think .

There is nothing to be dissatisfied about Boparu and Mizuki, in the near future there will also be another monster join to our party one after another . But still, monster can’t speak . They seems to understand what I’m saying though, also somehow I can understand their feeling .

Nevertheless we can’t quarrel, joking around, or laughing like Taku and other .

[Kiyui?] [Hoo?]

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Boparu and Mizuki come to peek because they worried about me when I suddenly fell silent .
The figure of these two cutely tiltled their head side by side make me smile unintentionally .

[It’s allright . Thank you for worrying me] (Yu)

[Ki~yuii] [Ho~ooo]

While crouching I pat Boparu and Mizuki that come asking while rubbing their head, both of them squeal happily .

It’s not like a Summoner can’t make a party with other players, there is no such rule . Actually right now I’m in party with Taku and the others .

So the feeling of envy, jealousy, and loneliness that I felt are irrelevant . It’s just that I want to hear Boparu and Mizuki speak a word to me, is that too much?

[Master, hold me~!] 

[Master, pat me~!]

[Ehehe~ master praise me! Praise me!]

. . . something like that .

If it really happens, I’m sure I would holed-up in the city all day to play with them without leaving for adventure .

Ah but if they say something like [Master, I hate you~] I’m sure would holed-up in my room and won’t be able to log-in to FWO anymore .

[ . . . I think is better for them to remain like this forever?] (Yu)

[Kiyui?] [Hoo?]

Boparu and Mizuki looking at me while I patting their head, oh dear how cutee!



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