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Published at 30th of August 2016 03:53:19 PM

Chapter 19

19 Hikime – Fia-Chan

[ . . . Welcome to Ell and Fia Atelier] (Fia)

The girl greeted me while grasping both ends of the skirt quietly, lifted it a little, bending her knees lightly and lowering her head .

. . . . in 5m distance .

Too far!
I was still standing in front of the entrance, is there any need to put so much dinstance Fia-chan?
She dashed back after opened the door for me a little while ago . . . WHY?

[Ouu . As I said before my name is Yu and I’m Ell’s acquaintance . Well, Fia-cha---] (Yu)

[Please don’t get closer to me!!] (Fia)

[Eeh !?] (Yu)

I thought she opened the door because she wanted to let me in, I never thought she was shooing me away . Eeh what is this? What did she opened the door for?

[Over there!] (Fia)

This time I was allowed to enter and then she just left me . . .
Umm, I’m not allowed to sit?

She allowed me to enter but then she left me . . . what does she want to do exactly . . . ?

I don’t understand! Women's hearts are so complicated, I can’t understand it at all!

For now let’s review the situation .
After I came in Fia-chan advances towards the back room cautiously .

I checked the room from the corner of hallway, indeed it’s seemed to be an atelier . The large pot, such as the one for making lunch in school? A jar? Green liquid inside the flask filled half of the wall . Test tube containing purple liquid . There are also other indescribable things lined up . On the other side there are line of bookshelves, table and chair for 4 people was put in the center . And there Fia-chan was standing .

(TL : I was thinking of round pot-like that witch usually use in movie, but it says something like school cafetaria's pot)

The Atelier is located in the front room from the entrance, I wonder if this also served as a parlor?

Although the Atelier and parlor were connected, I think it can’t be helped . From the outside I can see that the space of workshop is almost filled with no room to spare .

Surely it won't be a reason like---
[To save time because I can receive visitors while compounding -desu]

---That’s impossible .

[ . . . please sit down there!] (Fia)

[Ah, yes . . . ] (Yu)

After Fia-chan pointing a chair for me, she fled to the back room again . . . she ran away like a scared rabbit .

. . . from her reaction so far, it’s clear that she hate me, also---

She said it herself when opened the door---
[Even though you are a rude customer that suddenly come in the middle of the night but because you are Onee-san acquintance I can’t just send you away]
---That was her true feeling, she only reluctantly let me in because I said to be her sister acquintance .  

Surely she only think of me as a ‘nuisance’ .

. . . No, rather than say ‘only think’, she shows it clearly from her attitude .

[Did I do something worth to be hated . . . ] (Yu)

There is still an inconvenient feeling even though it’s not real, and I wonder why she doesn't want get close to me?

A (cute) girl was being cautious with me at the first meeting, because it’s emotially exhausted I want her at least lower her guard a little, what should I do . . .

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. . .
. . . . . .
. . . . . . . . .

[ . . . It’s so quiet] (Yu)

Fia-chan didn't come back . . .

What is this, abandon-play?
Her words from a little while ago, [ . . . (until my sister comes back) please sit down there!] is that what she meant?

If that’s right, doesn’t it mean I will be sitting here and keep waiting for a person that who know when she will come back . . .

Impossible, that’s impossible . I can’t just sit here doing nothing for who know how long it will be, if only there was my smartphone! Or get me a novel at least!

. . . Uhh I want to just leave frome here .
But she told me to wait here, I don’t want to give her more reason to hate me . . .

I want to see Boparu and Mizuki . . . Hmm? That’s a good idea right?
I’ll be happy if I can touch Boparu and Mizuki . Fia-chan also wouldn’t hate Boparu and Mizuki becuase they have no sin . Or rather she might be will envious to seeing me being lovey-dovey with Boparu and Mizuki! And if Fia-chan wants to touch Boparu and Mizuki it’s inevitable that our (physical) dinstance also will get closer!

[It’s trully a perfect plan!!] (Yu)

[ . . . Sorry, to make you wait] (Fia)

[Ah, no . I’m not waiting at all, it’s alright] (Yu)

*startle* I pull a chair and sit down again .  

Did she hear? She must heard me . . .

Uooooooo, it’s super embarassing!!

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Or rather, Fia-chan absolutely eavesdrop me! The timing is too perfect!

[ . . . ?] (Yu)

While sending a cold gaze (Yu perspective) to me that still writhes in shame, Fia-chan moved to the other side of table staggered . And then with rumble sound she put something on the table .

[ . . . it’s was all Heal Cream from warehouse, is this enough?] (Fia)

There are around 20 Heal Cream lying on table, this is completely sufficient but the problem is---

[I want as much as I can buy, but right now I only have a little money] (Yu)

[ . . . How much do you have?] (Fia)

I tell Fia-chan the gold in my possesion and she began to choosing a Heal Cream . It seems there are subtle variations in the effect for each one . She considering which I’ll need for the price .

. . . I thought she hated me, or I am wrong? Or this is just her profesionalism? Anyway I don’t care what the reason is, as long it's a good thing .

[ . . . Alright, it’s decided . This one and then--] (Fia)


[I ~ Am ~ Home –desu !!] (Ell)

[--This . . . ] (Fia)

[Fiaaa! Where are youuu! Onee-chan has come back –desu yo~~~!] (Ell)

With *Zuzazazaza* sound, Ell which jumped into the workshop while drifting and scraping the ground with her right foot, look at Fia-chan .

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[I want to see you –desu yo~~~~!!] (Ell)

[ . . . Be quite please] (Fia)

Ell rushed to Fia-chan with full force and doing a large jump to pounced her . . .
No, it just a jumping hug!?
Hmmm . . . hmmm . . . Aah Lu*pin Dive!!

(TL : Lupin The Third reference)

Within the air Ell spread her arm while doing a nose-dive towards Fia-chan . She casually avoided a direct hit with only doing a half a step to the side and then raised her right hand . No, rather than raised, she was readied her right hand, and then- -

[*Gupye~*] (Ell)

Without moving from her position Fia-chan did a half rotation to stop Ell’s momentum with her right hand . Ell fell on her back and hen slipped on the ground until she stopped after hitting the wall .

[ . . . ]
[ . . . ]
[ . . . ]

[ . . . also this one too, it’s 5 in total] (Fia)

[Eh!? No reaction!? after all the spectacle that just happened, you just continue to talk as if nothing!!]

I wonder why since the first time in FWO, I always play a straight-man . . .
Be it with Taku or others, I cant help but to retort if there is something amiss . . . how did this happen .



Translator : Sabishii desu

Proof reader : Truffle 

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