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Published at 10th of July 2016 07:17:06 AM

Chapter 2

2 Hikime – Appraisal

Honestly I underestimate it, immediately after the services of large-scale VRMMO starts this place is packed . Wherever I look there is person, person, and person wearing the same initial equipments . Moreover my view is dyed with green from the player marker when you look at the top . This crowd is so realistic and made me hard to breathe .

[Yu . . give me your hand!?] (Taku)
[Hmm…?] (Yu)

The moment I was almost swallowed up in despair, a voice slipped to my ear . It was Taku . I stretched my hand, and he firmly grabbed my hands while jumping over the crowd of poeples head to sparse alley . I was dropped…

[Ouch… can you be little gentle?] (Yu)
[At best my hover boots can fly only for 10 seconds] (Taku)

«Player name : Taku sent you friend request – Yes/No?»
«Player name : Taku invite you to party – Yes/No?»

When I raised my head, what entered into my field of vision is effeminate person . I’m still half convinced but he still gave the same impression (Gross!!), I know  that person is Taku . Because the hair is remained black he is not change so much . Taku in game is someone you can call a beautiful guy (bishounen) . I know it because some poeple call me that .

Anyway I accepted the invitation .
Again, I looking at Taku equipment . Apart from my cheap-looking beginner clothes, Taku armor is trully iron-ish, a shining dull-silver armor . Furthermore the leg equipment, that was very pretty and rare red shoes . It’s grows wings from both sides .
I want it, that fancy shoes and armor . I must admit it!

Player : Taku
Human Fighter Lv1

[Armor : armor] Magic Iron Armor rarity 2
Defense +30 weight 5 endurance value 300
General armor made with Demon Iron
There is a magic resistance when used as material
Magic resistance : ??

[Armor : hand] Magic Iron Gauntlet rarity 2
Defense +20 weight 2 endurance value 200
General gauntlet made with Demon Iron
There is a magic resistance when used as material
Magic resistance : ??

[Armor: foot] Hover Boots rarity ??
Defense +?? Weight ?? Endurance value ??

Shoes made with the feathers of Pegasus
It is said to give the power to fly in the sky to wearers
Air movement up to ?? Second
Re-use time ?? time
Until the possible re-use : ?? time ?? minute

[Accessories : ring] Anti- paralysis ring rarity 2
Defense +1 weight 0 endurance value 30
Rings with anti-paralysis embedded

There are things to protect the wearers from paralysis
Paralysis resistance : ??

«Skills : Appraisal skill has level-up»

Ouu… large amount of pop-up window came out .
And somehow I’m level-up .

When I was looking at Taku equipment, the system activated appraisal skill without permission and arbitrary level-up .
System-san is nicee…
Unfortunately I don’t understand whether this equipment is strong .
The rarity of Hover Boot is higher than the others but I can’t see it clearly .
How nice… I want it!

[Hey Taku, when I was looking at your equipment the appraisal skill is level-up . . what is this?] (Yu)
[…] (Taku)
[Hmm . . ?] (Yu)

Somehow he staring at my face… gross!!

[Hey Taku what’s the matter?] (Yu)
[Ooiii . Taku-san did you find Onii-chan!?] (Sylph)

Girl’s voice coming interupts us . This voice is pretty familiar to me though .

[Oh that voice… Tsubasa?] (Yu)

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[Yup! Onii-chan] (Sylph)

A girl rushed here,  her appereance very similiar to my sister I know .

[Ouu… Although I was thinking how if I can’t find him but it was unnecessary] (Taku)
[O . . nii-chan? Is that really you? Eh . . why?] (Sylph)
[What is “why”?] (Yu)

[Why you have become a girl?] (Sylph)
[How rude…] (Yu)

We both know in FWO we unable to select gender, what is this idiot saying…

[Onii-chan, did it become Onee-chan?] (Sylph)
[That’s not funny!!] (Yu)

[No . . no . . no . . however you look at, this is a female avatar . Have you see your face in the mirror since came here?] (Sylph)

[I made this while looking at mirror though] (Yu)

Geez… I don’t have time for that, you are both are the strange ones so can you stop it already .

[Even you told me to look at mirror, I don’t have such thing . Or rather I never see such item] (Yu)
[Ahh that right, but you see… for example you can use water fountain, or using water magic might also works] (Sylph)
[Well I’m wind magic user] (Taku)
[That’s… right] (Sylph)

[Oh well I will help you Onii-chan] (Sylph)
[Ooh . . there is that way huh] (Taku)

The conversation advanced and left me behind . Someone please explained me the situation .

«Player name : Sylph sent you friend request – Yes/No?»

Request accepted, now we are friend . So what kind of face that make people around me want to approach so close .

[Yosh! Taken…] (Sylph)

«You received mail from your friend . Do you want to check it now – Yes/No?»

[Hurry up! Look . . Look . . Onii-chan . No matter how you look at it because it is my sister . But rather because it is my sister] (Sylph)
[No, I don’t understand what are you talking about] (Yu)

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There when I opened the photo that attached in the e-mail…
The man(?) with height about 150 cm, is quite petite .
Bright pupil such as large obsidian that likely about to be spilled from double eyelids in the contrast that small nose . The shiny long black hair that reachs to the waist . That’s how i look like now .

[As I thought, it’s girl] (Sylph)
[No . . no . . no . . you must be kidding me] (Yu)

It’s seem i can’t deny it .

[Haa… setting that’s aside can you teach me how to fight in this game . Everything from your beta test experinces . I must admit don’t know anything] (Yu)
[What do you mean setting that aside? Well whatever, I think that’s important too . I want to explore the town first but it’s crowded now, so let’s fight monster] (Sylph)
[Immediately? Is nice… let’s do it] (Yu)
[So let’s head outside the town, the gates is over there . Right? Onee-chan~~ ♪ Mufufufu] (Sylph)
[Don’t call me Onee-chan!!] (Yu)

Sylph walked and take my hand against my will . She wears light green fairy-like costume, a sparkling translucent wings extending from the back . I can see a pointed ear from the gap of her blonde hair . Elf characteristic, I think .

Player : Sylph
Elf Fighter Lv1

[Armor : clothes] Fairy dress rarity ??
Defense +?? Weight ?? Endurance value ??
Dress made by fairy
It is said to give the speed of dancing like the wind

Dexterity value correction : ??
Skills avoid correction : ??
Set effect : ??

[Armor: head] Fairy hat rarity 2
Defense force +20 weight 1 endurance value 150
Hood made by fairy
It is said that to support the magic actuation

Casting speed correction : ??
Set effect : ??

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[Armor: hand] Fairy glove rarity 2
Defense force +20 weight 0 endurance value 150
Gloves made by fairy
It is said that a result from delicate work and light like a feather
Dexterity value correction : ? ?
Set effect : ??

[Armor: Foot] Fairy boots rarity 2
Defense force +20 weight 1 endurance value 150
Shoes made by fairy
It is said that to support the lightly quick movement like a feather
Agility correction : ??
Set effect : ??

[Accessories : ring] silence resistance ring rarity 2
Defense +1 weight 0 endurance value of 30
Ring with silence resistance embedded
There are things to protect the wearers from silence
Silence resistance : ??

«Skills : Appraisal skill has level-up»

[First Taku and now you too, your equipment are too strong . Are you beta too? That’s cheat] (Yu)

Sylph wearing a really cute fairy equipment sets . I hate it, no I envious .  (TL : You want it??)

[This is beta advantage . I used half of my money for equipment in beta testing . I equiped a rare equipments but my level is back to 1 . But for new players maybe this is like cheat . ] (Sylph)
[With this I can easily kill you Onee-chan~~] (Sylph)
[Maa . . I’m just started let’s give up] (Yu)
[Muu…] (Sylph)

[And one more, we don’t care but the other player maybe do . Because it’s bad manner to appraisal equipment without permission especially to woman . So becareful] (Taku)
[Yes] (Yu)

I’m not satisfied but I can’t do anything about it now . I promised to myself someday I will wear equipment that can make me proud and make other players envious .

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