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Chapter 20

20 Hikime – Man Hater

[I’m ashamed -desu] (Ellnes)

[Really, please behave yourself Nee-san] (Fia)

[This is also Fia’s fault for being too cute -desu! When there is something cute right in front of me, I just can’t hold it -desu!] (Ellnes)

[Then put this chain on to hold you . . . or you would like Fia to put it on you . . . ?] (Fia)

[ [ No, thanks (-desu)] ] (Yu / Ell)

It’s appeared out of nowhere, but please put down the chain . . . or rather Fia-chan, is that still something inside capacity of the system?

[Haah . . . whatever . . . well, Yu-san these five Heal Creams are my recomendation] (Fia)

[Oh yeah, honestly I didn’t know the difference so I will leave it to you] (Yu)


When I reached out to take the Heal Cream, Fia-chan retracted her hands at once . Eh? Didn’t you want to give me that? . . . is not like I will bite you or anything though .

[Oh my? How unusual -desu, for Fia-chan to avoided a girl . Did the Man Hater also start hating girls? It means there will be only the two of us, always together forever! you should tell me that sooner -desu yo!] (Ell)

Ughh, even NPC treat me as a girl . . . though I have a mans voice but why does everybody still mistake me as a girl . Is it because of my appearance? Tsubasa told me that my appearance is a scam and I should apologize to all women in the world, it’s doesn’t make any sense .


90% of people only look at my appearance so I hear it from time to time . . . even though what on the inside is a gentleman, it’s unreasonable .

[That’s not it . . . in the first place, it’s not like I hate men . I just can’t tell what they are thinking so it’s scary . Besides . . .

Yu-san is a man?] (Fia)


[Kyaaaaaaaaaaa ! ! ? ? ] (Fia)

[Opss ! ?] (Yu)

Aah! Crap! Unintentionally I grabbed Fia-chan hand, I was happy because she can tell that I’m a man in the first meeting . Well, I didn’t really care about it though, but I guess it’s still on my mind? I take Fia-chan hand with the speed of light . Ha ha ha . . .

. . . This is bad . What should I do . Fia-chan was only showing an unpleasant face when Ell jumped to her, but right now she was staring at me with tear-filled eyes and bright red face . Oh cuteee

That’s not it!

I wonder why but I can’t released her hand, also my body couldn’t move at all . Does it lag?

The service just started so it’s possible . It can’t be helped if there is a bug . Hahahahahaha . . .

[ . . . . . . ] (Fia)

[Ah? Umm? Sorry, maybe?] (Yu)

[Get out of hereeeeee!!!] (Fia)

*gacha!* *poi!* *dosa!* *bang!*

. . . I have been kicked out from the house . Well, it’s my fault so I have no right to complaint . . . do I?

*gacha!* *poi!* *dosa!* *bang!*

. . . Even though she is angry and kicked me out, she still dutifully deliver the Heal Cream, Fia-chan seriously an angel . Also the last glare was . . .

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(TL : A new door has opened ?? :D) 

Even so, regardless of her appearance she got a power . Just look at how she grabbed my neck, dragged me to the door, and with a *boom* she threw me to the other side with easy . This thought never occurred to me . Speaking of which, when you rely on the status, Ell's physical endurance also something that you can’t make light off .

However considering the appearance and status strenght,  it doesn’t mean when your status strenght went up you will also gaining more muscle .  “Don’t judge a person by their appearance” it’s a common thing in FWO . Let’s bear it in my mind .





Well then, I have acquired the Heal Cream but it takes longer that I expected . It’s about to sunrise now, the night monsters are gradually reduced . I have to go early to the forest while the number still few if I want to seal a new monster .

Crow, Caterpillar, and Wild Dog are monsters that come out in the forest during the day . Owl comes out during the night, only one monster? I can’t wait to summons the next monster, what should I choose?

I’m skipping in a good mood to leave the town . . . after passed the gate, I summons Boparu and Mizuki also equipped Rabbit Set . . . and then immediately run away from the stalker groups .

What the heck! Why are they gathered outside the gate? Uwaaaahh!? From the front! From the left! From the right! What to do!? The grassland was full of stalker groups!? Don’t tell me they were waiting all night long in order to catch me!? How foolish! I don’t want to get caught!!

Uoo ooo ooo! let’s do it! we will run away at any costs! Go Boparu! Mizuki! Don’t let them caught us! Ruuuuuuuuun ~ ~ !!



The result was we escaped successfully .

After the sun rises, they suddenly stopped chasing us . I was looking at the surrounding restlessly .

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[Haa . . . haa . . . what on earth is that . . . ?] (Yu)

[kyuii ♪ kyuii ♪] [Hoo~!]

I was running until the west sky turn bright . I don’t understand what they are thinking .

. . . if anything, I can’t deny they are complety obsessed . . .

Also, Boparu and Mizuki seems to assume it as a game of tag . With high spirit the two still circling aroound me right now . The figure of these two which  frolic joyfully, I never get tired of watching! There is no time for that! Let’s running again guys!

[kyuii ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~] [hoo ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~]

We run to the forest without losing our speed .




By the way this is Mizuki cries

[ [ [ Hoo~ ] ] ]

This one is the other Owl cries

[Daa - - - - I have finished seal you guys! Other monsters please!] (Yu)

I can take you all by myself with my current level, so there is no reason to lose with 3 on 3 battle . Let’s finished this swiftly so we can take a rest .

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[Only the Owl came attacking us . . . When I came here before I also fought with Owl, don’t tell me this is the only monster that comes out in forest during the night . . . ?] (Yu)

[kyuii~?] [hoo~?]

[Well, with our skill I'm expecting to find other monsters - - -] (Yu)

[ . . . . . . . . . . Meoww ~ ]

[- - - A Cat !?] (Yu)

[kyuii~?] [hoo~?]

I who suddenly screamed in the middle of talking, make Boparu and Mizuki astonished . It just can’t be helped, my enhanced hearing had certainly caught the cries .

Dog come out during noon and Cat come out during night, it’s make sense, indeed . It’s mean there are other monsters in the forest besides Owl during the night .

[Boparu, Mizuki . . . Cat hunting!!] (Yu)

[kyuii~!!] [hoo~!!]

These two doing a mimicry of a salute, Boparu is using her forefoot and Mizuki is using her wing . We respectively activated Enemy Searching skill and went in separate directions . Since the risk is different with Rabbit hunting, we will call each other if we find the Cat .

Was your neck . . . no, because it’s a Cat, wash your face and wait! We will come to get you!!

Oh, I’d like to see you after you washed your face, so please did it before we arrived .

+ + + + +

Translator : Sabishii desu

Proof reader : Truffle

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