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Published at 1st of February 2017 05:34:20 AM

Chapter 21

21 Hikime – Boparu’s class change ⓵

《 Wild dog seal rate is now 100%》

《Wild dog has been completely sealed》

《Skill: Summoning Magic has leveled-up》


No . Not you .


Why is there only Wild dogs even if it’s still night time! Let out the cats! Give me the kitty!




「Neither you!!」




「… Calm down me . Be cool . I understand that on the edges of the forest only owl come out . Meaning that the kitty are deep in the forest . Deeper… Let’s go toward the depths of the forest… 」


「Kyui… 」



Boparu and Mizuki which should have been deployed are somehow close by, that’s just right . Let’s stop the exploration and head straight for the depths of the forest .


To the depths… deeper…




Monster Wild dog Lv8

Status:      Active


「Don’t get … 」


One of the Wild dogs that jumped out of the shade of a tree came close to me . Just before it could detect me, I stuck my cane in it’s mouth, stopping it .


「in my wayyyy !!」


「Ho~! Ho~!」


I turned my cane still stuck in the dog’s mouth, and hit another dog, restraining it .


Boparu rushed out, crawling on the ground, got under a leaping Wild dog, kicked the ground to jump and flipped in the air . With both feet toward the sky, she dealt a drop kick to the Wild dog’s guts . Then, while the Wild dog was still defying the gravity due to the impact of the drop kick, finished it with a kick to the side .


After avoiding the first surprise attack, Mizuki circled the sky staying outside of the reach of the Wild dogs while continually hooting, forcing lots of Wild dogs to turn their gaze and ears frequently toward the sky so that they don’t stupidly suffer a surprise attack .


「Time is precious . You all come together! I’ll settle this in 5 minutes!」






Whether it was the result of understanding my words or not, the Wild dogs came running all at once . Rather than running, they seemed to have jumped . It’s easier to avoid or counterattack if you know that an attack is coming instead of going out to attack .



「Kyui —-!」



There is no reason to quietly wait for the attacks of those Wild dogs . We also rushed toward the Wild dogs, brandishing cane, feet, beak …




「Huff~… , huff~… , huff~…」

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「Kyu, kyui… 」

「Ho… ouh… 」


5 minutes later, the Wild dogs were annihilated and we were victorious . … Damn, the sun has rose .


I’m stupid! Instead of 5 minutes, I should have finished in 3 minutes! Then we would still have time!


… However I have the feeling that those Wild dogs were stronger than the others . Even if no one died, everyone received non-negligible damages . It’s expected when coming to the inner parts of the forest to find stronger enemy, right?


《Summoned monster: Boparu has leveled-up . Please update the status》


Hum, OK .


Boparu     Rabbit

Lv9 → 10

Vitality 10

Strength 12 → 13

Agility 18

Dexterity 12

Magic 4

Spirit 7



Search,     Area perception,     Jumping,     Dash


《Summoned monster: Boparu reached the conditions for a class change . Please select the new class》

《Class available:     Big rabbit

Kicking rabbit》


《Big rabbit:

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Rabbit that compense the lack of stamina by increasing it’s size .

By sacrificing quickness, vitality and endurance have greatly increased .

It’s speciality is to use it’s body for ramming or slamming attacks, but it’s agility is poor .

For actions on the ground, the main attacks are ramming, slamming, etc》


《Kicking rabbit:

Rabbit that specialize on speed and offensive ability .

It’s appearance is almost the same as that of rabbits, but due to strengthened legs, it’s kicks have the power to crush rocks .

For actions on the ground, the main attacks are ramming, kick, etc》


What…did it says?


Eh? What? Class change?

Eh? Is that some kind of evolution? Boparu is evolving… and the choice is between big rabbit and kicking rabbit .


Even so, the kicking rabbit has almost the same appearance as the current Boparu . In other words, it’s gonna keep the current small and cute figure of Boparu? It’s very hard to throw it away… Well . What to do…?


Boparu     Rabbit → Kicking rabbit


Vitality 10

Strength 13 → 16

Agility 18 → 20

Dexterity 12

Magic 4

Spirit 7



Search,     Area perception,     Jumping,     Dash,

Kick (NEW),     Charged kick (NEW)


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《Summoned monster: Boparu’s new class is Kicking rabbit》




Boparu … evolved into … Kicking rabbit


As expected, for me, Boparu is registered as small and cute . It’s attractive to hug a bigger version of Boparu, even so, it’s gonna be Kicking rabbit .


Well, as for Boparu who has successfully changed classes, it looks almost the same as a rabbit… No, haven’t the rear legs become a little burlier?


Status wise, I understand that it’s considerably stronger, but I’d like to have it fight a little to understand how much stronger it became .


Then, an opponent close by … . Hmm, there is one . Let’s go fight it .


「Kyui! Kyuii!!」

「Ho~! Ho~!」


As I walk toward the opponent’s reaction, Boparu who had changed of classes came to coils around my legs, and Mizuki grabbed my collar and pulled on it .


Do you want me to pet you? Cute girls . But wait a little longer . As soon as we go back to the city, I’ll pet you as much as you want .


For now, I’ll focus on defeating the monster that, has … already … . appear …


Monster:  Area boss     Lars Bear Lv20

Status:     Active


「Gi, giniyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!???」


Pushing the vegetation aside, a giant red bear appeared before us .

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