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Published at 1st of February 2017 05:34:05 AM

Chapter 22

22 Hikime – VS Lars Bear

「Gi, giniyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!???」

Pushing the vegetation aside, a giant red bear appeared before us .


Bear! bear! Bear!


No, I love bears and think that they are cute! As expected, meeting suddenly with a bear as red as fresh blood that exceed 8m when standing, I’d be startled! Or rather stunned! No, not stunned, but!

Scary scary scary! My thought are in disarray . That’s the first .

「Strategic retreat!!」




With the 36 stratagems we might somehow escape! I don’t know the meaning, but it seems that the one that escape alive is the winner, right?

Maybe .

Fuu, Big bear . From what I can see, you specialize in attack power, right? You won’t be able to follow us who specialize in speed!


You won’t be able to follow us!


… . won’t, be, able, to follow… . .


Bear speed ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

No, perhaps our speed is slightly faster . Although the distance increase liiitle by little, it’s difficult to shake it off .



While running away from the big red bear at full power due to my fear, the moment I avoid a large tree, a transparent barrier suddenly materialize itself in front of me, preventing me to go further .



No, not only in front of my me . The transparent wall that extended in all directions in front of me also hindered Boparu and Mizuki, dropping them to the ground .

That’s… . don’t tell me… . this? The thing that’s been transmitted within the gaming history… .

The inescapable boss!!

Is that a Status!?





To my back a wall . To my left an unmovable large tree . In such situation, the roar of the Lars bear that just catched up forced me to release a strange voice .

Boparu and Mizuki too let out sounds that I heard for the first time .


While I was still swaying, the Lars bear that had catched up brandished it’s giant bear’s paw for an imminent attack .

I can evade to the right, but if I do that, Mizuki that still can’t move will receive the hit .


I trust out in order to intercept the Lars bear . I swung ma cane with full power from left to right to avert the bear’s paw that was swung downward by hitting on the side .

No, I tried to avert it .



Contrary to the heavy response expected, a little dry sond got emitted and my arm was swung without meeting any significant resistance .


A shock came immediately after

「Is that so!?」

Kicked on my right side by Boparu that had jumped out, I got thrown again the large tree that was on my left . A split moment latter, the paw of the bear was swung to the place I just left .

Just now, my right arm that was apparently cut got sent to some place .

Oi, it huuuurt!

No, it does not hurt, but! The pain sensation has been cut, but! The incredible feeling of discomfort due to my missing arm is huge!

Shit, there is almost no room, but let’s still check the situation a bit!

Boparu and Mizuki are … . alright?

My right arm beautifully disappeared from below my shoulder . Still, my torn off right arm rolling over, isn’t it too much? That’s too horrible .

Player    Yu     Lv10

Status :     Fear     Disabled

HP remaining… . 17% .



Why already less than 20%!? Eeeh!? I just only received 2 attack from Boparu and from the Lars bear right!? . Including that my arm disappeared, how much offensive power has this  bear!?

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… . tte, aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!

I forgot… . . The class change of Boparu surprised me so much, that after fighting with those strangely strong wild dogs I forgot to recover !!!!!!

I’m stupiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid !!


The Lars bear that block my escape route sent hook from right to left .

Behind there is a barrier . On the left there is a tree . On the right there is the paw of the bear . In front there is the bear . In that case, the escape is… .



Set skill: Jump . To accompany the very good skill that is Enemy searching, there is the skill that until now useless and that I use for the first time .


With a pyon, I jump vertically to a height of 3m .

「Gaa !?」

There was the extended trust of the Lars bear, I used it as a stepladder to jump further higher . Boparu also use the bear as a ladder to whirl in the sky . Mizuki used it’s own wings to chase after us .

My goal is above . The branch that’s growing from the large tree .

「Reach, iiiiiittttt!!」


As a result desir came true .

I barely caught the large branch as a result of putting my whole strength, cling together, Boparu heaved her whole body on the branch .

At that time, I took a glance below to see the 「You dared to use me as a stepping tool!?」 surprised expression of Lars bear slowly turning bright red from rage .


No good no good no good no good no good!

By standing, the Lars bear can reach 8m . The branch I’m currently on is only at around 7m . If it’s here, the Lars bear paw can reach .




Higher, higher, I have to go higher . To a place where his paw can’t reach!

「Jump Jump Jump」

After reaching the top without pausing, I took a breath . After coming this far, the giant bear won’t be able to, foll… . ow .


It cliiiiiiiiiiiiiimbs!!

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No, no matter how big this tree is, it’s too small for you! Won’t it be unable to support being cling to by the arms that surround it?

It’s creaking! The more it climbs, the more the tree creak and beeeeent!

Rather than this, let’s escape! Next time a receive a hit, I will die! Even if I say this, I’m already almost to the top, there is no other big tree to jump to, and I’d die if I jump off .

I’m reaching the limits .

Attack with a fireball is possible, but the large tree will burn too . Really hard for a fire magician . I will definitely learn another magic .



Scary scary scary .

Every time the Lars bear roar, my fear increase, freezing my body .

Facing the lars bear that gradually shorten the distance, I’m unable to do anything .

That’s why it may have been natural in a sense that the “girls” moved in order to break through this situation .



With a light eye contact and a small whisper, they came to a mutual understanding, then Boparu jumped off from the branch with a “pyon” .

「! Boparu!?」

Yu’s cry that expressed his distress was send to Boparu that was dancing in the air while approaching the lars bear bellow . She landed on the right shoulder of the arm that  was surrounding the large tree, or more precisely on the right upper arm .


Naturally, with Boparu riding on top of it’s arm as if owning the place, the Lars bear wouldn’t forgive it . It took off it’s right arm from the tree and shook it, but was unable to shake off Boparu that was clinging to it .



Mizuki attacked from above .


With Boparu attracting the attention of the Lars bear, Mizuki’s claw digged into the defenceless nose, and gouged out the lars bear eyeball .

As expected, with an eyeball gouged out, it was unable to stop Boparu from clinging, and shaking it’s face to shake off Mizuki would only end up with the claw digging deeper in it’s nose .


The right arm of the lars bear is once again clung firmly to the tree . Boparu quietly raised her right leg, and “charge” it .

「Ho~! Ho~!」

Inevitably putting strength in it’s legs as to not be shaken off, Mizuki with it’s claw digged in rapidly fluttered its wings struggled hard to prevent the lars bear form looking at Boparu .



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With a signal from Boparu, Mizuki loosened her grip and got thrown off of vigorously shaking face of the lars bear .


After finally shaking off Mizuki, the lars bear snout before trying to turn its face toward Boparu .




With a sound not inferior to an explosion, Boparu’s previously charged kick flew toward the left cheek of the lars bear that was turning to its right . The charged kick hit the place that was previously kicked!!


Boparu screamed as if saying “Penetraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate!!” to her kick, whose damage was endured by the strengthless neck of the lars bear …


From the neck a sound that shouldn’t be resounded, accompanied a 90 degree rotation on the right of the lars bear’s  neck .

From the front it looked as if the head was perfectly turned toward it’s back . A perfect horror scene .


After withdrawing from the lars bear face that she had kicked, Boparu jumped in the air as is .

Unlike Yu, she wasn’t about to die so it won’t result in an instant death, although she won’t be able to avoid great damages .


While Boparu tightly shut her eyes in preparation of the expected impact, Mizuki readied herself and throw herself at Boparu halfway to the ground, falling together on top of a nearby branch .



With spinning eyes Boparu and Mizuki couldn’t help but cling on the large tree in front of them . The Lars bear fell head first . With a “Boom”, a large sound echoed to the extent that the forest shook .

「Kyui… . 」

Looking down discretely from the gap between the branches and leaves, Boparu confirmed that there was no indication that the convulsing Lars bear would get up, and finally joyfully jumped with a “pyonpyon” to express her surging feeling of victory .

「Kyui ~♪ Kyui ~♪ Kyui! kyuu!」




The fluttering of victory that looked like a dance on the top of the narrow branch naturally caused Boparu to slip, but when it happened, Mizuki that was flying around pushed her back on top of the branch . Boparu transmitted his thanks with a “Kyuikyui”, but a after a short time, the joy came back and she started dancing again, before once again slipping from the branch repeating this a few time .

… . thus the first BOSS battle was decided by the great efforts of the 2 little person while Yu was frozen from fear .


Boparu got her first neck hunting… .

… . eh? the MC of this story? Isn’t it Boparu? The true form of the Summoner is the summoned beast, don’t you agree?

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