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Chapter 23

23 Hikime – Infinite 1UP




*Hyu~*, *Dodooon*!!!!!!

After this kind of mysterious roaring sound resounded in succession, the scene suddenly became silent .
No, stirring trees noise or creaking noise could be heard, so it’s not silent, but after the successive roaring sound resounded, should I rather say that one won’t mind them?

Still, I was still too frightened to peep below, but the fear that was gripping my chest suddenly disappeared .

I confirmed with a glance at my status on the corner of my field of view that my bad status had disappeared .
Even my severed right arm was back to normal before I knew it . With the sleeve of my one-piece dress .

Rubbing the healing cream that I took out of my storage back and forth, my right arm grew back without my notice, that’s how frightened I was… . I reflect on myself from a little before .

If that is the of effect of the Bad effect: Fear, the bad status are really scary . As expected of Fear . Though neither the ability to fight nor the cognitive ability dropped, the fear implanted the thought to escape, the complete desperation to be cornered .

No matter how you put it, with a normal status, I wouldn’t think it’s possible to avert a bear’s paw with a cane .
When taking refuge on the tree, the moment a temporary security got guaranteed rather than escape to the top, I should have start with using the healing cream .

Besides, reflection should be done on neglecting to recover before the fight . There was no feeling of pain even though I was injured thus I carelessly forgot .
… . no, it can’t be settled just saying it was carelessness . In reality, this time I was in a situation were I was about to die . From now, I’ll be careful . Life is valuable!

Quietly, looking below between the leaves and branches to see the vicinity of the base of the tree, I saw that the fallen Lars bear still hadn’t gotten up .
Since the level up notification hadn’t come yet, I think it’s still alive… Did it hit its head when falling from the tree?

To defeat something with this much strength, no one wouldn’t level up . …Right?

Then I caught glimpses of Boparu somehow doing a tap dance on top of a large branch .
What’s this cute creature? I want to take it her home . No, I will . As a takeaway ~♪


…then, the bad status are cured . The HP are restored . The situation has been confirmed .
Can’t postponing forever . Let’s go check the Lars bear .

I slowly and quietly climb down the tree, so that even if the Lars bear suddenly got up, I can react to it .
It, It’s not that I’m afraid! I’m just because I’m cautious! Don’t misunderstand!
While climbing down the tree(?), I retrieved Boparu and co . that were still dancing, and finally got my feet on the ground .

「… no, no matter how you look at it, it’s dead, right?」

Obviously, its head was visibly turned in an impossible direction, that what I thought when climbing down, but once on the ground to get a confirmation as expected it’s dead? That’s the conclusion . …Its eyes somehow turned to show only the white part, and it’s foaming…
I didn’t look properly to the package, but was FWO a R18 game? Since things like blood don’t appear it might not? I don’t really understand the criterion… .

Anyway, even though that’s blatantly a dead body, the “Is it dead?” question mark still remain since it still has HP remaining .
…there is still more than 95% of its HP remaining . It seems like this bear auto-regen is still going on, in this way, even now, little by little, its HP are regenerated .  (TL: be careful to the undead, they will rule the world)
There is those attack power and speed . Moreover, thought it’s only a little, there is auto-regen, isn’t that too brutal?

…with this auto-regen even if the neck is broken, it’s hard to die, that’s an unconditionally good ability… I can’t say that though . This time it was only bad luck, right?

And one more thing . There is something that bother me at least as much as the Lars bear, something that lied close to it…

【Weapon: Cane】Broken rod Rarity 0
ATK+1 Weight 1 Durability 0 (TL: Previously translated as endurance value, but in games, it’s called durability)
A long broken cane whose durability reached 0
Can’t be repaired

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Durability…? hm, what is this? The meaning should be that it’s the value that it can endure? In other words it’s the usage limit value and then if that’s 0, the cane is broken . I see…

With a “bababa!” sound hurry to appraise the Rabbit’s set .
…it’s all right . The clothes’s durability value is still good . It’s a situation where my clothes would suddenly got torn off during the fight . Or rather, if those clothes got torn, I think that I wouldn’t stop crying . Event though I just gathered these equipment half a day ago, they are cute, powerful, and I like them, so I don’t want to lose them . When I return to the town, I’ll ask for a way to restore the durability .


Boparu with “bechibechi”,and Mizuki with “busubusu”, are hitting the Lars bear, but its HP don’t go down .

I should also join them .


《Skill: Water Magic has leveled-up》
《Skill: Water Magic has leveled-up》
《Skill: Water Magic has leveled-up》
《Skill: Kick has leveled-up》
《Skill: Kick has leveled-up》
《Skill: Kick has leveled-up》
《Skill: Kick has leveled-up》
《Skill: Water Magic has leveled-up》
《Skill: Water Magic has leveled-up》
《Skill: Appraisal has leveled-up》

Yu Summoner

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Vitality 13
Strength 13
Agility 13
Dexterity 13
Magic 16
Spirit 16

Cane Lv5, Kick lv13 (New), Summoning Magic Lv8→9, Fire Magic Lv7→10, Water Magic Lv10 (New), Appraisal Lv6→8, Dash Lv9, Avoidance Lv5, Defence Lv5


30min after starting kicking the dead body (Sandbag) . When the Lars bear HP fell below half, I saw a faint red aura starting to rise from the Lars bear body and stopped kicking .

Monster: Area boss Lars Bear Lv20
Status: Active Anger

Anger? … Let’s name it Bear of Anger (Lars Bear) . Is it not funny to have that skill?
…Even now, it’s in a state were it’s only (can only) twitching with “bikubiku”, so I have absolutely no idea of what kind of skill that is . Does this kinda aggressive red aura rising from its body increase its offensive ability? I don’t know though .

Anyway, the broken neck isn’t healing . I would be troubled if it were to heal now . Even if the damage are healing, repairing a bone fracture is still impossible .
We~ll, to begin with, since there is nothing written about this bad status in the status, it should be an irregular status . Has it not been debugged? Exploitation staff what are you doing! Thank to you I successfully increased my skill proficiency . Thank you very much .

Fighting with a higher ranked opponent to get a large amount of experience, there is lots of theory like this, but in FWO it seems that the amount of experience is constant, and simply by beating the hell out of this Lars bear that has been reduced to a perfect sandbag, a few skill got their level rapidly increased, having me exhilarated .

If I only wanted to defeat it, by having Boparu use her biggest charged kick continuously I think that it would have been easy to settle this, but since there is this special chance, I thought of picking up new skill and use this method to level them up, it’s also ok for Boparu to use her charged kick but I asked her to keep her kick almost uncharged .

Since there is no written notice, I can’t know if Boparu and Mizuki’s skill level have also increased, but not trying to level up because we don’t know if it’s effective is a nonsense . I have the 2 join me in the skill leveling session .

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Even though I say this, it the usual kicking and pecking .

Let’s change the subject but, I picked up 2 new skill .

The first one is “Water Magic”, as expected, I got tired of the way to use the Fire Magic and thought to acquire another magic . After inspection, the skills that I could now acquired are Water Magic, Wind Magic, and Earth Magic, those 3 .

The SP cost was identical at 3 point, so I was ok with each of them, but I finally went with Water Magic .
Rika from Taku’s party covered for me, but when using fire magic I thought that it would be good to have Water Magic to extinguish the sparks, so I went for Water Magic .

Damn Fire Magic, until when will you stand in my way…!!

… well, except in the forest, I don’t think that it’s a bad choice, right? Compared to the other magic, the offensive power seems to be bigger . Or rather it’s my fault to try to use fire magic in the forest . I understand .

The second one is the Kick skill . If like this time, I’m unable to use my main skill, having a usable hand to hand skill would be good, but even if I already have an empty-handed skill, I took the kick skill for 2 reason .
The first is that it’s usable even while I’m holding a cane . And it’s too hard to use it when you start from scratch . For the time being, it’s difficult to level it up .

And, the second one . This one is the most important one . The kick skill is… a match with Boparu! Because it’s matching! (I said it twice since it’s important)

To match is great, right? Like a matching couple, or a matching couple .
Even when looking from the side, you can objectively understand that they have good relationship, it can be called a sense of unity, or the feeling to be connected!

…though I haven’t done it IRL… (TL: IRL: in real life ;-))

Now let’s return to the main topic (enough of that)

When I discovered the Kick skill when looking at the skills in the excitement, I didn’t confirmed the SP cost, but it took 10 SP .

With 10 SP, I could take the 3 magic attribute and still have change . I confirmed the remaining SP quantity 3 times, but nothing was wrong .

Though, it doesn’t mean that the Kick skill SP cost is outstandingly expensive . The other close combat jobs…the so-called warrior jobs skills also all cost 10SP .
…Sword skill, Spear skill and Kick skill have the same SP cost so it don’t seems to be a fraud, but… from now, when choosing a warrior skills, let’s think very carefully about it…

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