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Published at 12th of February 2017 12:15:05 PM

Chapter 25

Chapter 25 Hikime – Rabbit Stew

After regretting choosing to seal the Lars Bear, I left the forest and headed to the city .
Cane broken, heal cream exhausted . This isn’t a good condition to keep fighting . It can’t be helped, and I’m also sleepy .
It’s currently 2AM IRL . Looking at my friend list, it seems that neither Ria-san nor Ren-kun are logged in, so let’s log out for now and sleep . When sleepy, my decision will grow dull, right?

…thinking such a thing, I left all decision about the fights with the wilds dogs to Boparu and co that had changed class . But here… that’s a battlefield .

「One escaped your way!! Surround it!」
「Where!? Where did it go!!」
「I did it! I love rabbit!!」
「rabbit… where is the rabbit…」
「What did you say!? Guys! Get ready!! Don’t let them escape!!」
「Hurray! I’ll defeat it! Don’t you dare touch it!! It’s mine!!」

… What is this chaos… .
no, I know what this is . It a rabbit hunt . The goal is rabbit equipment .
In order to prevent the rabbits from escaping, the player used human-wave tactics and deployed in the grasslands, having someone to kill them in every place they could try to escape . Even though it’s already 2AM IRL, that’s really hard work .

…tte, it looks like it would be dangerous for Boparu to pass there now . Boparu evolved in a Kicking Rabbit but it don’t looks any different from a Rabbit .

Beside if I went out with my rabbit set in front of those player that are obsessed to an insane level… (*tremble*)

That’s why, I dismissed Boparu, and while I was at it, I also dismissed Mizuki, then changed back to my initial equipment, and returned to the city unarmed .
I wanted to move to an inn and play* with Boparu and co , but I still don’t have enough money so I have to postpone that . Very soon I’ll obtain lots of money so I have to endure until then .  (TL: literally, to do *kyakkya ufufu*)

Then, good night .


《You received 2 system notifications》

Good morning… It’s currently 10AM IRL . Though inside the game the night just started .

Ria-san and Ren-kun are logged in .
Anyhow I’d like to go to Ria-san place to sell the owl feather, however before that I have to confirm those mysterious system notification .

《Update notification》
Correction of the bug occurring causing an incoherent behaviour when a monster got his neck broken .  (TL: 8h to correct such a bug and implement the correction… I want to know how they did it)

Ah, that’s totally our fault, I know . As expected the immobility of that bear was a bug .
I thought that it was weird . It was turned into a perfect sandbag . If it come to this, it’s impossible to defeat the Lars Bear with the same method, so it’s impossible to seal it 99 more times . Yep .

《Event notification》

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To celebrate the Area Boss subjugation, all player can participate in the 1st large-scale event . 「1st fighting contest」 will be held .
Please check the detailed information on FWO home page .

Fighting contest! Wow, how exciting! details, details…

Date:  7/23(Sunday)

Competition style:
Qualifier: The participants will be divided in 8 area and have a battle royal . The best 2 from each area will qualify .
Final stage: Tournament with the 16 players selected during the Qualifier . The participants of the final stage will receive a reward .

Contest requirement:
①Participants must register by the 7/22(Saturday) 10AM .
②Up to 1 participant per account .  (TL: 1つの筐体に記録されているデータの内出場者は1名まで。 If someone understand this sentence, could you tell me if my translation is accurate?)
③Since the summoner’s summoned monster are regarded as player, the summoning magic will be forbidden during the tournament .

To register, open the menu in-game, select the event form entry , then the 1st fighting contest entry . In the form, select the character participating .

Hey! Wait! Not allowed to use summoning magic! What does it meeeeeaaaannnn!

No, I know, right? If the other people fight by themselves but only the summoner fight with a team, the odds are impossible right?

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But then with summoning magic restrained, the summoner become only a bad quality magic user right!! The chances of victory are nooooooooooone!!

Haa, on the contest day I’ll be spectating…Taku and Sylph will participate, I’ll support them…


《Registration completed . The Qualifier will start at noon sunday 7/23 . In case the player is not logged in at the starting time, registration will become invalid, so please be careful》

…I won’t say anything useless . On the contest day, I’ll support .


「Goood mooorniiing」

Compared to yesterday, there is a surprising feeling that people are scarce . While I was proceeding down town toward Ria-san stall, delicious smell came, tightening my stomach that hadn’t eaten breakfast .
Since it’s a holiday, I did not have breakfast . Should I have eaten a cup ramen?

「Ara, Yu-kun, hello . You came here just at the good time . The money for the fur is ready and I just finished to cook the stew」
「Oh! Really!」

I’m sure that the promised time was 6PM, however

「*fufu*, Yu-kun seemed to be trouble without money, so I worked a little more . Well then I’ll hand it over right now」

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Ria-san quickly operate to display trade window .
I handed over the rabbit fur and rabbit meat . And received from Ria-san some rabbit stew and a tent . That and lots of money .
Yep . I’ll eat the stew with Boparu and co afterwards .

「The timing to sell the rabbits raw material is perfect . The price of the rabbits raw materials decreased due to the rabbit hunting, so if you were to sell them now, you wouldn’t get as much… to begin with, the reason of this crash is what you have, so that might have been inevitable」

Personally, I’m not aware of being responsible for the price collapse, so even if you say this to me, I don’t know what to say… well, what’s important to me is the price you paid me .

「Ah, that’s right . Regarding restoring the clothes endurance, do you know how I can do it?」
「…If you speak about clothes, it’s these equipment right? In the case of clothes equipments, you can bring them to Ren-kun place . This kid, be it wooden weapon or clothes equipment, in the case of magic user job he can do almost all related equipments」

「he~, not only cane, Ren-kun can also make clothes, he’s amazing . Just when I was going to go see him because I was in need of a new cane」
「Ren-kun, bought his own workshop yesterday . I think he is still there, so I’ll send you the location」

「Oh, thank you」
「No problem . Can you send my regards to Ren-kun?」

「Yes, thank you very much」

Since other customer came, I left Ria-san place in a hurry .
Nevertheless, Ren-kun place… what kind of shop is it? I’m looking forward to see it .

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