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Published at 12th of February 2017 12:15:29 PM

Chapter 26

Chapter 26 Hikime – Ren Workshop

Ren-kun workshop that I finally reached by relying on the map was, no matter how you look at it, a wooden house .

~Ren’s workshop . Wood and cloth shop~

Hey, because of the signboard it’s definitely the right place, but this absolutely isn’t a workshop, right? Isn’t the appearance wrong?


「Ye~s! Coming~!」

After pushing the first doorbell I saw inside FWO, Ren’s voice came from the inside of the shop .
Yep . As expected, this place don’t fit with a sword and magic fantasy world .

「Ah, Yu-san! Come in! I was waiting! Welcome to my house!」

So that really was a house, right!?


「I heard from Ria-san . You want a new cane? Has the previous cane possibly broken? That’s no good if you don’t manage diligently the endurance value . Do you want the new cane to be the same as the previous one? In truth, I’d like to make you a better one, but I have yet to find wood with better performances than oak . If you find some wood somewhere, bring it to me, I’ll buy it . Well then, I’ll quickly go to the warehouse, so have some tea while waiting . Ah, also, please summon Boparu . Since I’ll come right back~」

「O,oh . Then I will…」

He led me to the living room, served tea, then he turned around and left me alone .
The inside of the room was lit by an electrical lamp . There was a TV, a sofa, and event a eat-in kitchen . There was absolutely no differences with a real house .
Because it was inside a game, I had the feeling that I was in a house that couldn’t be made . I want to see an air garden .

But realistic house can really calm me down . I don’t have any intention to complain about other people’s hobby . But, I don’t think that this is a workshop .


I don’t know the reason, but since I was said that he want me to summon Boparu, I summoned her together with Mizuki .
Maybe Ren-kun also like them? In that case, can I talk also about them?

Being excited by coming for the first time in a room, for a while they were roaming around (with small rabbit hoping for Boparu and fluttering for Mizuki), but since Boparu seems to be pleased with being on top of the sofa, she stopped moving around . Mizuki was playing with a cord hanging from the lamp .

Hey Mizuki! You can’t play around! If you pull on it, the light will, aーh . It turned to night light . Haa . Please behave yourself .


「Sorry, did you wait?」
「Nop . I just arrived」

「? It’s already been 20min since you came, right?」
「Ah, right . Please don’t mind」


When there is no straight man while doing the funny man, it feels incomplete . I feel extremely embarrassed that he didn’t notice that I made a joke .

「First of all, this is the new oak rod!」

Even though I only wielded it for only a few days, I received from Ren-kun an oak rod that looked really familiar .
…And the payment was properly taken .

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「Because my skill level has been raised and the due money was properly taken, it make me think that compared to before my ability has increased, and yet you can say that it’s pretty much the same, right? With the fighting contest, advanced materials will soon be on the market…」
「Yup, thank you . This time, take good care of it so that it don’t break」

「Yeah . I’ll take care of this child」

Ren-kun who was smiling pleasantly took out a red towel (?) and looked around restlessly .

「This owl is a new summoned monster right? Huh? Where is Boparu?」
「Boparu is lying down behind me」

Maybe understanding that the conversation was about her, Boparu raised her head, the tip of her long ear could be seen going up and down behind the sofa . So cute .

「Boparu-chan, come hereー」
「Kyui? Kyui!」

Understanding that she was called, Boparu jumped out of behind the sofa and came sitting on top of the desk with her head turned toward Ren-kun, looking puzzled . It was bad manners, but since she is cute, it’s good, right?
And since she was summoned after coming in the room, her legs weren’t dirty .

「Tada! Look at the muffler that I made for Boparu-chan! Ah, of course I’ll be paid, right?」

While saying this, Ren-kun spread the red muffler that he was holding in his hands to show it to Boparu .

【Accessory: Head】Muffler of the victory – Rarity 2
Defence+5 Weight 1 Durability 100
A red muffler that hover even without wind

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It is said that it bring victory to its wielder

「Kyui! Kyuikyui!」

Hearing that it was a present for her, Boparu eyes sparkled with pleasure .
Damn, what a skilful hard selling!! If it’s like this, I can’t not buy it!!!

…Well, it’s not an option to not buy it when Ren-kun knit it specially for Boparu .

「And… done!」
「Kyui! Kyui~」

Boparu who got Ren-kun to put the muffler on her was somehow puffing up with pride while boasting to us . The bright red muffler that was hovering horizontally even though we were inside matched well with the white furred red-eyed Boparu, having her look like the MC of a story, so cool .

Because bright red is the colour of the MC . It’s alright to not scared . Though we aren’t particularly scared .


In contrast to the festive Boparu, Mizuki looked downhearted .
Because Ren-kun didn’t know of Mizuki existence, it can’t be helped that only Boparu received a present .

「Hey, Ren-kun . Do you have some kind of equipment that Mizuki would be able to use?」
「huh~ sorry . I also searched for it, but as expected I don’t have equipment that would suit an owl…」

I thought that he was taking lots of time to go look for the cane that was supposed to be prepared, but he was actually looking for equipment for Mizuki .

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「Kyuiー . Kyui!」

At Ren-kun words, Mizuki dropped her shoulders seemingly heartbroken, Boparu approached her gently, presenting the muffler that was warped around her neck .
Mizuki who was showing her refusal while shaking her head, and Boparu was pushing the muffler without drawing back .
As Mizuki gave up before long, presenting her neck, Boparu skilfully warp one side of the muffler on her, and gave a cry of satisfaction .
Mizuki that had been forcibly warped with the muffler didn’t seemed completely against it, and stopped rustling her wings .

「That’s friendship…」
「Ah . …but if it stays like this, it will be impossible to fight, much less having Mizuki fly」

「Yeah . Beside when abnormally equipped, the effect of the muffler won’t come out . …Hey, you 2 . I’ll knit a muffler for Mizuki by the next time you come, so I think it would be good if Boparu used this muffler . 」

「I’ll properly made it . Will you come again?」

Mizuki withdrew her head from the muffler, and the muffler started to hover again horizontally . No matter how many times I look at it, that’s cool . I also want it . But there is some smell drifting from the kitchen . When I thought that I had forgotten to asking about the restoration of the rabbit equipment, I had already left .

Well, there is still durability left so it’s alright . There is not need to go back now .

Since sending Boparu home, the muffler disappeared together, I was happy that I didn’t have to equip her equipment again later .

Well, then . I have to go there before going to the forest to catch cats .

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