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Published at 19th of February 2017 03:45:29 PM

Chapter 27

VRMMO Summoner Hajimemashita c27

27 Hikime – Antidote Pill

「Fi~a~chan . Le~t’s play~」 (Yu)

The next destination was Ell and Fia atelier . Because the heal cream I bought yesterday is now entirely consumed, I have to refill my stock . This time the war funds are quite a lot, and I plan to go to the new unexplored area, therefore I’ll buy in large quantity .

「Fi~a~chan」 (Yu)


「… what is it? Fia is busy . Fia don’t have free time to play with the detestable pervert-san who unpleasantly came during the night without prior notice to forcibly and delightfully touch Fia . 」 (Fia-chan)

Fia-chan slightly opened the door, glaring at me scornfully with one eye in the gap of the door . So cute .

「Weーll, I’m sorry for that time . Since coming in FWO, that was the first I was recognised as a men at the first meeting, I was so happy…」 (Yu)

「…? Even though you refer to yourself with “ore”* and speak with a manly tone, you’re mistaken for a girl…?」(Fia-chan) (*TL: “ore”: male version of “I” in japanese)

「Yeah . I don’t really understand myself, but it seems that I have a girl face… Since a long time, I’ve been sometimes mistaken for a girl, but since coming here I have the feeling that it became even worse…」 (Yu)

Well, I think that it’s 90% the fault of the rabbit’s set though . Which reminds me, I have yet to wear the rabbit’s set in front of Fia-chan-tachi* .  (*TL: -tachi: means the group of people with Fia-chan, but it’s ugly to use “and co” IMO so I’ll leave it as an honorific)

… I’ll have Fia-chan wear it . My heart pounds hard .

「………… Haa」 (Fia-chan)


With the usual creaking sound resounding, the door slowly open .

「Oyoyo?」 (Yu) (TL: およよ? dunno if it has a meaning…)

「…Haa」 (Fia-chan)

「Well, I’d appreciate if you didn’t sight when looking straight at a person face」

「… it can’t be helped, only this time I’ll allow it . Enter please . But the next time you do it I wont tolerate it」 (Fia-chan)

「Ok . Next time, I’ll be sure to properly receive permission to touch Fia-chan beforehand . 」 (Yu)

「…the permission won’t be given, so don’t touch please」 (Fia-chan)

「umー」 (Yu)

Under Fia-chan guidance, I entered the workshop I visited yesterday .

…Despite saying that, right after opening the door, Fia-chan dashed to take some distance, and I feel that compared to yesterday the distance certainly shortened (physically) which makes me a little happy .

「~♪」 (Yu)

「…? Is something the matter?」 (Fia-chan)

「huhー? Not particularly」 (Yu)

「… is that so? And, what kind of business do you have today, if it’s Nee-san, she went out」 (Fia-chan) (TL: Nee-san: big sister)
「Eh? I was thinking to play with Fia-chan」 (Yu)

「… … is that so? And, what kind of business do you have today, if it’s Nee-san, she went out」 (Fia-chan)
「Eh? I was thinking to play with Fia-chan」 (Yu)

「… … … is that so? And, what kind of business do you have today, if it’s Nee-san, she went out」 (Fia-chan)
「Eh? I was thinking to play with Fia-chan」 (Yu) (TL: with the meaning of playing with a toy this time)

「… … … leave please」 (Fia-chan)

「Sorry, I have been carried away」 (Yu)

So please put away this chain with a thorned iron ball attached at it’s end .
It was probably taken out from the storage, but I absolutely didn’t saw her take it out . Before I noticed, Fia-chan grabbed in her hand a chain with a thorned iron ball attached that was half her size .
It’s that right? Is it weighting 100 tons? A morning star is of the same category as a hammer right?

「… Haa . And, what is your true business」 (Fia-chan)

「Yeah . I planed to buy again some heal cream」 (Yu)

「… again? You bought 5 yesterday right?」 (Fia-chan)

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How come you used them up between yesterday and today? What kind of damage did you received? Are you a idiot? Are you going to die? Is what seems to say the glare thrown at me .

Fia-chan rarely have facial expression, but I think that her eyes express various emotions .
Since Boparu-tachi are also monster, they also don’t have facial expression, they trained me to imagine their thought by moving their body, wings, ears, to somehow convey their thoughts, for that reason guessing what they are thinking is not particularly difficult .
Boparu-tachi understand what I am saying, so it’s easy to see if I’m mistaken .

「In the depths of the forest . I was assaulted by a super big bear . In this battle, I received a lot of damage . The heal cream was completely used」 (Yu)

In reality, the damages received before during the fight with the wild dogs were bigger, but it’s not necessary to specially say it, right?

「… I see . Because of that you ran away while crying」 (Fia-chan)

「I didn’t ran away! I won! Although I almost didn’t participate!」 (Yu)

「… Huh? That’s truly surprising… You didn’t denied that you cried」 (Fia-chan)

「You don’t have to dig this up!? Even if you notice, quietly leave it alone!」 (Yu)

「… it’s a joke . That’s the pay back for earlier」 (Fia-chan)

I felt that the edges of the mouth of Fia-chan, who had raised her voice while sitting on the farthest sit on the diagonal, got raised up a bit .
Did she smiled? If you make such a face, I won’t be able to say anything else .

「… but it’s true that I was surprised . You don’t look like you could defeat the Lars Bear」 (Fia-chan)

「It hurt slightly to hear that… but I can only say that it was because I was lucky . It looks like it’s possible to go to a new area, so I want to go there to explore」 (Yu)

「… How much?」 (Fia-chan)

「Eh?」 (Yu)

「… how much is your budget?」 (Fia-chan)

Hmm, that’s right, it’s not a problem no matter how many restoration item you have, but spending everything and going back to poverty would be stupid, so how about spending around half for the preparation?

「…huh, with this much, it should be enough . Wait a little please」 (Fia-chan)

With that, Fia-chan stood up from her chair, and walked with quick steps to the door that probably leaded to the storehouse .

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「… fuu~」 (Yu)

… at least I don’t think I’m being hated .
Last time I was kicked out . Wondering what to do if Fia-chan that said that men are scary was still genuinely scared, the clown-like behaviour I consiously adopted had (for about 80%) finally paid with the joke returned and, though a little one, her smile .

That’s clearly a progress . If it continue like this, the day when I’ll be friend with Fia-chan is close for sure .

… but, what kind of situation would it be to be friends?

2 person going out shopping, are they friend? I don’t have the feeling that going out to buy is enough to be called friend . I feel like going around with my friend even if I don’t have anything to buy .

2 person going out to eat, are they friend? I fell that it’s not different than going eating in an arranged meeting . I feel like friend when the conversation is enjoyable .

Going to the partner house, is that being friend? I feel that it’s not different than coming to buy medicine like today . I feel like friend when dropping by without reason .

Hmm . It’s difficult to become friend . I don’t have the feeling that it’s going in the wrong direction though .

「… have I kept you waiting?」 (Fia-chan)

「no, just after thinking just a little it was okay」 (Yu)

「… is that so? Then here it is」 (Fia-chan)

Saying this Fia-chan gave me the basket containing the medicine she brought… and hurry to retreat .

… bringing it up to here . That’s it right? Isn’t it better than having it thrown over, or having it handed wile hanged at the tip of a long rod? But, no matter what, the sense of distance makes me sad .

Well, I can’t keep saying that forever, so I go to collect the basket at once, and the inside is filled with the usual heal cream, and rolling together are some/a poisonous looking small violet candy .

「What’s that?」 (Yu)

I take a candy(?) from inside basket and appraise it .

【Item: Recovery item】Antidote Pill Rarity 2
Item create using alchemy
Cancel the bad status “Poison” when swallowed

「… That’s an antidote pill . If you swallow it, it can cancel poison . Nee-san said that in the depths of the forest, there are monster lot of poisonous monster . If you have it, it will surely be useful . … though it’s very bitter」 (Fia-chan)

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「O,oh . Very bitter…?」 (Yu)

「… it’s very, veーry bitter, but since it’s been specially prepared, please take it . The effect is warranty . The taste is not warranty . Ah, please return the basket」 (Fia-chan)

「… I am grateful for your concern…」 (Yu)

After putting the content of the basket in my storage, I return it .
When approaching to return it, she escape from the distance I approached, so I can’t help but put it on top of the table for her to collect it later .

「… if you find poison bag in the forest, please bring it here . It will become an ingredient for the antidote pill . If there was also medicinal herb, it will be possible to make heal cream . …because a certain somebody bought a lot, the stock is running out」 (Fia-chan)

《Discovery of the quest 『delivery of poison bag』, do you accept? Y/N》
《Discovery of the quest 『delivery of medicinal herb』, do you accept? Y/N》

「It’s alright to fetch it, but where can I find it?」 (Yu)

《Quest 『delivery of poison bag』 accepted》
《Quest 『delivery of medicinal herb』 accepted》

「… the poison bag are dropped by the monster called Poison Snake . The medicinal herb are growing outside town, so please appraise the ground there」 (Fia-chan)

「OーK . Then, I’m off!」 (Yu)

「… Take ca, … why does Fia-chan have to see you off? It’s not your home here . When leaving your salutation should be good-bye」 (Fia-chan)

「Cheー、then, see you later」 (Yu)

「… … … see you, later」 (Fia-chan)

「Eh? What?」 (Yu)

「…! Nothing . Stop grinning please, it’s disgusting . As expected, Yu-san is a pervert . It’s unbearable to be in the same room as Pervert-san so please leave right now . Right, now」 (Fia-chan)

「Ok, ok! I’ll leave immediately, so don’t stab me with the tip of your thorned iron ball please!」 (Yu)

And today too, I have been expelled .
But compared to yesterday, I feel that the attitude has softened, let’s persevere in order to be friend with Fia-chan .
However for now, the cat and new area exploration is next!

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