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Published at 17th of April 2017 06:57:30 PM

Chapter 28

28 Hikime – Goat Summoning

Monster: Wild Cat Lv6
Status: Active

In complete opposite to the daytime, the grassland are completely silent when I go through it on my way to the forest . (TL: 昼間とは打って変わってシンと静まりかえった草原を抜け森へと突入する。)

While searching for the kitty, I tried to search for medicinal herbs, but they truly were springing up on the ground of this area .
Since it looks like an ordinary weed, it can’t be recognize without specially appraising it, but I wonder, if I knew this, would I have lead such a poor life…?

No, if the medicinal herbs are growing here just like weed, it’s possible that they would only sold for a dirty cheap price .
I doubt one would specially pay money to get things one can easily obtain for free .

…Hm? Then why did Fia-chan requested me to do it? Although she could have Ell do it after she came back from harvesting .

Hmm, going with the mood I overdid it, and now I have more than needed . Is there enough place to bring back those medicinal herbs that aren’t really rare? That’s why I was told to make a secret bag as soon as possible… Well, I’ll make it when I’ll make it, but the warehouse will be filled with useless garbage .

Let’s return to the main subject .

While collecting various medicinal herbs and wandering around the forest, I quickly encountered a kitty .
Even though yesterday I couldn’t meet one despite searching that much… That’s the work of Greed sensor-san .


The fight with the kitty is… basically finished in 2 seconds . Faced with the class changed Boparu-tachi*, a single kitty was unable to offer any resistance .  (TL: don’t wanna translate “tachi” with “and co . ”)

…it’s a vague feeling, but regardless of encounter rate, aren’t there too few monster? When together with Boparu-tachi, our group of 3 usually meet 1 or 2 monster . The Wild dogs are an exception, with at most 5 at a time . (At the meeting with Ell, it was an event, so the crow are excluded)
When forming a party of 6 with Taku’s group, there was times when a lots of monsters appeared together .
Is that the field difference between the mountain and the forest, or is it the difference between a party of 3 people and a party of 6 people? If it’s the latter, by increasing my summoned monster, the number of enemy monster will also increase, so let’s be careful .

…but then, FWO is an open world game so it will be hard to change the appearance of monster according to the emplacement of every player’s party though, right?

《Player has level-up . Please update the status》
《Summoned monster: Mizuki has level-up . Please update the status》

Oh, level-up, that was quick .
Is it leftover from the experience of the Bear? Then Boparu will also soon level up .

Yu Summoner
Lv11 → 12
Vitality 13
Strength 13
Agility 13
Dexterity 13
Magic 17 → 18
Spirit 17 → 18

Cane Lv5, Kick Lv16, Summoning Magic Lv9, Fire Magic Lv10, Water Magic Lv11, Appraisal Lv8, Dash Lv9, Avoidance Lv5, Defence Lv5

《Earned 2 skill point . SP8→10》

Mizuki Magical Owl
Vitality 12
Strength 11
Agility 17
Dexterity 10
Magic 11
Spirit 8 → 10


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Flight, Ambush, Scouting, Night Vision, High-speed Flight, Wind Magic

Yep . As expected, after the level 10, the status seems to increase by 2 .

Mizuki need Magic and Spirit for magic action . I think that I’ll focus on this and agility .
Though I’m not yet sure about the effect of Magic and Spirit .
Magic is likely related to magic power . Spirit would be related to magic defence? Enemy using long range attack don’t appear yet, but they will eventually, and there is no disadvantage to raise it, right?


《Summoned monster: Boparu has level-up . Please update the status》

《Wild Cat seal rate is now 100%》
《Wild Cat is completely sealed》
《Skill: Summoning Magic has level-up》
《The number of sealed monster is now 10》
《One more monster can be summoned》

Boparu Kicking Rabbit
Lv11 → 12
Vitality 10
Strength 18 → 20
Agility 20
Dexterity 12
Magic 4
Spirit 7

Search, Area Perception, Jumping, Dash, Kick, Charged Kick

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Boparu’s Agility and Strength is quite high . The aim is to avoid high fire-power attack . There is not problem if it doesn’t hit, so let’s have it done on the ground .

Now, with the Wild Cat seal finished, the summoning quota increased by 1 .
The Wild Dog’s had all grey fur, but since the Wild Cat’s fur was changing, it was amusing only by watching . …Truly only having a look and the battle was already over . Or rather sometimes it was over even before watching .

Well, the first sealed was a calico cat, and the next one was a spotted pattern . The third one was tiger pattern, the forth was a white one . The last one is a white one like the previous, or not it’s a black cat .

It took five cats to complete the sealing, and I only saw those 5 cats, but it’s my imagination that it’s the deeds of someone… right?

In the end, there is 5 candidate for the new summoned monster, Wild Dog, Bat, Goat, Rock Turtle and Wild Cat .

Wild Dogs and Bats are essentially for searching enemy .
Boparu has her hearing . Mizuki is currently in charge of the sight detection, so I would have the Wild Dog in charge of the smell detection . It seems that the Bat would be very useful for it’s echolocation… But the appearance… it’s look like a mouse having grown wing .
Well, it’s not to the extent that I hate bat . If I hated it, it wouldn’t enter the candidate .

Goat and Rock Turtle are tanks . There is really no one in our party to act as a vanguard . Boparu is a close quarter damage dealer, Mizuki does the crowd control and long distance attack, and I am an all-rounder, or rather a Jack of all trade and master of none (I’m thinking to specialize in magic) so I was always thinking that we were in need of a tank .
But, the Rock Turtle… is really slow . Just how many more tens of time would it take to move around with it? However it is really tough .
If I chose to summon a tank, I might chose the Goat . It’s tough too . I worried that it would escape if we are in a pinch . …I’m currently thinking, what would happen in case of it being under fear status? Hum, being under the fear status in a battle would be quite the issue . I experienced the horror of the fear status personally .

Finally, the reason to summon the Wild Cat is simple . It’s cute .
Frankly, I think that it’s a good enough reason to summon the Wild Cat, but the Wild Cat is most likely a close combat damage dealer specialised in physical strength and agility, rightー?
Right… It’s overlapping with Boparu! I’ll have to tearfully put it on hold this time .

Then, who should I summon…


Aegis Goat
Vitality 13
Strength 9
Agility 8

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Dexterity 12
Magic 4
Spirit 8

Crisis Detection, Bad Road Running, Rage

Herbivore living in forest, grassland, mountain, etc .
It’s vitality is good enough to the extent to survive event in mountain or forest enclosed by snow and intense cold .
It’s extreme sense of balance make it able to easily climb on thin tree or sheer precipice .


In the end, I summoned a goat, Aegis-chan .
The name Aegis has the meaning to be a goat-skin clearing away every disaster . It must be Greek mythology or something .

Since I want to entrust Aegis the role of tank, it’s a perfect name .
If there was an Aegis choice during the coming class change, the name would be Aegis . Species Aegis . It would be the best name, but as expected the evolution of a Goat will not be a goat-skin armour . Because it’s processed after all .

「Welcome from today, Aegis」

Then, let’s raise our level a little and go to the new area .

…also, I thought that Aegis’s fur would be rough but it’s surprisingly fluffy .

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