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Published at 11th of July 2017 03:58:21 AM

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Vs . a Poison Snake

《Summoned Monster: Aegis has leveled up . Please choose status increase . 》
《Summoned Monster: Aegis has leveled up . Please choose status increase . 》
《Summoned Monster: Aegis has leveled up . Please choose status increase . 》
《Summoned Monster: Aegis has leveled up . Please choose status increase . 》
《Summoned Monster: Aegis has leveled up . Please choose status increase . 》
《Summoned Monster: Aegis has leveled up . Please choose status increase . 》

Aegis Goat
Lv 1 → 7
Stamina    13 → 15
Strength    9 → 11
Agility     8 → 10
Dexterity  12
Magic       4
Spirit      8

Danger Sense   Rough Road Traversal  Rage

Nn, shall we get going to the new area? Significantly raising the level was already becoming more difficult . And since Aegis's stamina is so extraordinary, it should be ok . At this point, it was already higher than mine .


Incidentally, Aegis was by my side without a care throughout the combat .
. . . un . Well, shouldn't it be so? When low level, if you were made to jump out and do something, it'd be worrisome, though even if it became like that, you'd understand that it couldn't be done considering Boparu and crew's high-speed combat?

However, from the outset, to make no effort to participate in battle even once, what's up with that?
Bring out your can-do spirit just a bit already . . . Nah, well it's fine as it is though . . .


Yes! I say that because I did it, and arrived at the new area!

With only one step stepped into the interior, I noticed that the air has changed, hasn't it? How should I put it -- a feeling that the air has become heavier?

The deeper in, the more there is an increase to the overgrowth of the surounding vegitation, and I get an even darker impression than from the forest up until now . Well, it's night and such, so it's obvious that it would be dark . And yet, even though it's dark, it's different in that somehow I can see .

If night vision skill is picked up, maybe it's possible to be able to see the same as during the day .

Now then, for the time being, shall I look for an enemy that I haven't seen before?


Alertly jumping back from that place .

I understood . The cry coming from Boparu just now was a warning . And further, at that time the enemy was already nearby .

Sure enough, in accordance with my prediction, we stood moderately transfixed at the place where there was movement as some string-like thing fell down .

Both I, who avoided it thanks to Boparu's timely warning, and of course Boparu, who gave the warning, were safe . From the start, Mizuki who was flying higher that the branch from which the thing fell, was safe . If it's as usual, I would immediately switch to counter attack from here, but . . .

"!? Meeeeeeeeeh!?"

Monster  Poison Snake  Lv13
Status   Active

Although we jumped out the way, the string . . . snake had dropped down on the back of Aegis who was leisurely staying at that place and now that their eyes met he was properly panicking .

No no, I suppose you really should be feeling the tension . Is it that Aegis's danger sense skill wasn't triggered? Even though it seems like Boparu's presence detection was triggered .

"Shyaaaaaah!!" Gabuuuuuu  (TN: Snake sound, and chomping sound effect)
"Me-, meeeeeeeeh!!??"

Ah-, he got bit . And so, just like that, he came over this way!

Get it! Get it off meeeeee!!!!!

Was the teary-eyed impression(seemingly)as he came toward us . . . . naturally, two other snakes that had fallen down were brought along together with him .
U, un . For the time being, he seems capable of tanking and hate control, doesn't he? Do it well . un .

"Ush, do it, Boparu . Mizuki . "

Aegis: Quick! Help me! I'm gonna die! Though he bucked his body and desperately tried to throw off the snake . . . not because I'm watching Aegis's remaining HP .
In practice, I understood that he was hardly taking any damage . . .

Of course, with that said, and of course since there's no reason to call it good to take an attack, I yanked the snake which was biting at his back off for him .


Whether it hurt or not, he rampaged, but his total HP hadn't decreased by more than 2% .
For now, I heave the poison snake which was trying to coil around my arm into the air,


Fire Magic's Level 10 Magic, Firestorm . The Fire Magic's ranged attack magic hammered down . Furthermore, since Mizuki gave pursuit from the sky above, a substantial number of wind slashes were impacting . Windstorm, I wonder? There are probably many ranged attacks in Wind Magic .


And even further, having leapt into the air, Boparu, rotating vertically, consecutively brought down his heel onto the poison snake which had become char-broiled and minced like a tattered cloth while it was mid-air, slamming the poison snake into the ground .
With that extent of consecutive attacks, finally, it's HP were gone .

. . . whichever attack, if it's Boparu though, isn't the power to the degree that it's on the verge of death with a single hit, or likely instant death . . .


Aegis, who had been hiding behind me and licking the place where his back was bitten, offered up a war cry, as he charged from here!
And then, as he went up to the former poison snake that Boparu had just crushingly defeated -- hey, hey -- because that guy was already dead . . . he trampled him with his hooves!!
Since everyone is going, I'm going too! Though it's fine to charge, properly attack the fellow that is alive!!


After all, if I threaten the 2 poison snakes remaining alive, they will come around behind me . . .
It's not because there hasn't been a direct hit, but rather since the HP has been shaved to an extent by the aftermath of mine and Mizuki's ranged magic, it's desireable that Aegis draws the enemy's attacks, considering his abnormally specialized stats and the poison snake's attack power, and that he didn't recieve much damage earlier . . .   Maybe he's too mentally weak . . .

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"[Water Ball]!!"

Boparu drew close at a speed that was difficult to even confirm by sight, and to the body of the one snake that was launched, Mizuki and my simple magic decided it, leaving one remaining .
Incidentally, the Fire Magic's embers were also extinguished by the Water Ball .

There was a poison snake still left, but if it came to a one-on-one battle, for the current Boparu, such an opponent who can win doesn't exist .
Though the last one went down, it didn't take much time .

《Summoned Monster: Aegis has leveled up . Please choose status increase . 》

"Meeh, Meeeh"
"Can't you wait a minute . I'm taking out the antidote pill now, aren't I?"

I'll make Aegis, who was excessively rubbing against my body and calling attention to his damage, take the antidote pill, and that will clear up his poison status . As for the heal cream, should I? If HP are decreased by 3 or 4%, then I'll use it .

"Mheh-!? Mheeeeeeh!"

The moment the antidote pill is taken, Ahgheeeeeeeeh, moaned Aegis who felt sick like he would vomit out the antidote pill .
O, oh . Though Fia-chan said that it was amazingly bitter, is it like that to the extent that you want to vomit it out . . . ?
If I also get poison status, I'll have to take it, but after all I don't want it to come to that . . .

Aegis Goat
Lv 7 → 8
Stamina     15 → 16
Strength    11 
Agility     10 
Dexterity   12
Magic        4
Spirit       8

Danger Sense   Rough Road Traversal   Rage

"Meeeeeh . . . "
"Sorry, sorry . It was awful, huh? I didn't think it would be that disgusting . But look, it should've healed the poison, right?"

Aegis grudgingly gave his acknowledgement, but those eyes were still disgruntled .
Even if the response is like that, whenever it becomes poison status, it means that it has to be taken, but . . . for the mean time, I will seal the poison snake and advance ahead .
In total, 30% . So 1 of them nets 10% . By that count, there remains 7 of them that I must seal, but if that many came out all at once like that, it'd be terrible wouldn't it!?


Buon . Suddenly, my field of view dropped, and the excitment stirring in my head faded away as the rather thick limb was seen .

Monster  Treant  Lv15
Status   Active

"Thank you, Aegis!!"

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The thing that appeared was a moving tree monster .
No, whether you say that it appeared once I was passing through or had been there all along, it certainly wasn't just an ordinary tree that came into view . . .

A monster that couldn't be discovered even by Boparu and my ears or Mizuki's eyes . . . isn't it troublesome .
When it came to warding off the surprise attack by the treant, this time it was because Aegis had been coincidentally walking to my rear when he noticed the treant and knocked into the back of the my knees .
If not for that, in the worst case, my head would've probably been shot like a ball .


Even with an initial suprise attack, if it's been evaded, there no helping that the target is unaffected . Continually unable to catch Boparu or Mizuki at all, the root cause was eaten by Aegis, and it was over .

《Summoned Monster: Mizuki has leveled up . Please choose status increase . 》

Mizuki  Magical Owl
Lv 11 → 12
Stamina    12  
Strength   11
Agility    17 
Dexterity  10
Magic      11 → 13
Spirit     10

Fight   Ambush   Scouting   Night Vision   High-Speed Flight
Wind Magic

This time Aegis participated in the battle from the outset . If anything, it's funsu even now, funsu . Breathing roughly through his nose, and eating the treant . . . No, don't eat it .   (TN: funsu = excited breathing sound effect)

. . . treant sealed . This one also rose 10% . I wonder if the standard for enemies in this area is 10% .

More important than that, for now, is the issue with Aegis . Although he nervously hid behind me up until just a bit ago, now he's setting out from me and cutting open a trail in front of the vanguard, Boparu .

Where did this difference come from? In the snake battle, Aegis was surpise attacked, got poisoned, and was still poisoned after the fighting completed .
In the treant battle, Aegis saw through the surprise attack, and beyond splendedly evading, he even took part in the subjugation .
Of course, that there is a difference here, it was probably Aegis's state of mind .

With the snake battle where he was made to feel awful, motivation didn't come out .
This time were he was praised and made to feel good, motivation was overflowing .

What an easily influenced fellow . . . Though if possible, I want it so that his motivation is constantly coming out . . .
When his mood drops, he won't be fighting, and like just now when it's bouyed, he seems to kick up his heals .


. . . not that I hadn't said it .


《Summoned Monster: Aegis has leveled up . Please choose status increase . 》
《Skill: Appraisal has leveled up . 》
《Skill: Water Magic has leveled up . 》

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Aegis Goat
Lv 8 → 9
Stamina    16 → 17
Strength   11 
Agility    10 
Dexterity  12
Magic       4
Spirit      8

Danger Sense   Rough Road Traversal   Rage

In a short while, Aegis's stamina dings sure have accumulated . I might have to switch it up if it feels that agility is inadequate, but I wonder if attack power will be fine if I don't change it up all that much .

"Meeeh . . . "

Whether it's not getting out in front of the scout Boparu, or if he learned his lesson while being given the antidote pill, Aegis motivation gage has abated again .
Will his motivation increase somehow or other after I praise him here? But, if it's raised too much, he might run wild again, so don't raise it too much, and don't lower it too much either . When a good condition is not maintained just right . . .

. . . . What's that? Do I remember having played such a game?
Until recently, even though I was on a magical fantasy kick, suddenly a parameter management component like in a love simulation has been added in . . .
Is this a party leader's fate . . . ? But I'm really bad at such things . . . .


《Poison snake's seal percentage has become 100%》
《Poison snake sealing completed》
《Skill: Summoning Magic has leveled up》

Gwaaaaaaah! I got poisonedddddddd!?

Failing to evade the snake's jumping-down-from-the-branch attack, I got bitten right on the nape of the neck, and due to getting poisoned on top of recieving a critical, I have to use both the heal cream and an antidote pill .

Anything but that! I don't want to take iiiiiiiiiit!
For even a goat like Aegis to seem overcome by the taste, it can't be helped that it seems exceedingly awful . Is it TRUELY doubtful there's anyone who likes taking an antidote pill where you almost vomit when swallowing?!

Although while on one hand I am conflicted about the antidote pill, my HP is steadily decreasing . Kuh, in any case, I steeled myself with the understanding that it's no good if I don't take it, but!!

Pomu . (TN: Puffing out sound effect)

"Ae . . . gis . . . "

No way, is there even a nack to taking the antidote pill to be taught . . . !!

Furufuru . (TN: shaking side to side sound effect)

Mutely my head shook . Aaaaaaaaaaah!!
Virtually a death sentence! Fine, I get it . I'll take it! It should be fine if I take it!? Aah, enough! I'll really do it!

Gokuri . (TN: gulping sound effect . )

The medicine if chewed: bitter . If taken without chewing: not bitter . For me as well, there was a time that I was thinking such .
 From the stomach, passing through the thoat, and bit by bit came to infringe upon the mouth . It's bitterrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

. . . . . . that day, I died .

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