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Published at 10th of July 2016 07:17:06 AM

Chapter 3

3 Hikime – Summoner Begin

[We just stepped out from the town… but how I can take out a weapon
for fighting ?] (Yu)

Taku and Sylph took out a long sword and rapier from a void then swing it .
I followed it and take out my weapon, a book .

[Oh . It came out perfectly] (Yu)

In FWO you can make a weapon and armor appear but only for those you
have equipped .
It seemed there was a complaint that came about the two handed sword that was
too heavy for someone to carry it around all the time so this service was
added to the system . It’s also works in reverse, you can make
the weapon disappear so no one objected it .
But my weapon don’t make any sense .

[So let’s get going- – -] (Taku)
[- – – No no no wait a minute!] (Yu)
[Hmm?] (Taku)
[Don’t “Hmm?” me! What is this book?
The initial equipment for magic user is supposed to be wand isn’t?
Am I not a magic user?] (Yu)
[Eh? But that is an adventure robe] (Sylph)
[So the book… what job is it?] (Yu)
[[ ? ]] (Taku & Sylph)

So for the first time I’m being appraised, hmm… i have a bad feeling about it .

The results is that I’m a summoner .

[I was wondering what a rare profession, but … could it be that a summoner
is weak? ] Yu
[No, there is no weak job or strong job in FWO] (Taku)

Why does Taku have to yell…

[Summoner it’s a collector-type job] (Sylph)

Sylph explained that a summoner defeats monsters and then seals them in the
book . You can then summon the monsters that you have sealed . It’s a causative
profession .

It’s says you need a certain number of them before you can summon the sealed
monster and it’s increased for stronger monsters .

It’s says you can’t get a dropped item from a monster that you haven’t sealed yet .

It’s says the summoned monsters usually become regular party members
for the summoner . Maximum number for party is six poeple and summoner can
summons up to 5 monsters . Of course after summoning five monsters you
can’t add other players to the party .

It’s says to complety seal one monster you need to defeat at least 5
monster of the same kind . So to make a full party with summoned monsters
you need to defeats 25 monster . Somehow it’s troublesome…

It’s says summoners have a good weapon (monster?), it is better than a sword

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or cane that is hard to get from a treasure chest or boss dropped item .

It’s says in FWO to acquired skill you need to use SP or Skill Points .
The consumtion is varied for each profession, and summoner has
generally high consumption but the effects is lower than other
profession .

[Do you know Onee-chan, Summoners can’t get dropped item from the
unsealed monster which is income for combat personnel . And in order to
maximize the summoner ability they need to be teamed with monster . So
almost no player is teamed with summoner . And summoner itself is
weaker version of magic user . Hmm… it’s will difficult before
you can summon five monster, there is less dropped item, in other
word…] (Sylph)
[In other word…?] (Yu)
[Can I played with the fluffy-fluffy monster later on?] (Sylph)
[How can the conclusion come to that?] (Taku)

Taku is noisy…

[Oh it’s not like that… I just want to help you… don’t be mistaken
okay… it’s not like I have ulterior motive or anything like that . ]
[Sudden tsundere… don’t try to drag me ok!!] (Taku)
[Taku you are noisy] (Sylph)
[Goffuu…!!! suddenly hit my belly without reason] (Taku)

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No motion from Taku who took critical hit punch with his belly
Hmm… no problem .

[Ne . . ne . . Sylph!] (Yu)
[It’s okay because the pain is turned off by default setting] (Sylph)
[So that is just Taku’s imagination!?] (Yu)
[Maybe just a little…] (Sylph)
[Taku are you okay? Don’t die okay?] (Yu)

[Oh it was painful . I thought will die] (Taku)
[Are you alright now?] (Yu)
[That will not last long unless poison or continuation damage . Well
that aside we will help you hunt . With our equipment, enemy’s
around here are not a big deal] (Sylph)
[It is infuriating but anything for survive] (Yu)
[You don’t need to say it] (Taku)

Finally a long-awaited first combat, however…

[Ha ah ah ah ah Oh Oh]
[Hey ah ah ah ah Oh Oh]

“Giyugi Iiiiiiiiii”

The rabbit that Taku found was killed with single blow
Though it was a cute bunny .

[Poor thing…] (Yu)

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[Don’t get depressed with something like this!] (Taku)
[Just let me be, I will seal it properly] (Yu)

[Seal!] (Yu)

The fallen rabbit became grain of light and is gradually being absorbed
into the book . After the light disappeared there was a magic seal on the
page with rabbit picture . 20% has been added to the rabbit seal .
Kawaiii… .

[Owh so this is how the summoner feels when sealing for the first time] (Yu)
[Ahh too bad we can’t take the fur] (Taku)
[Just wait a little more for me to reach 100%] (Yu)
[Well… well… just leave it to us] (Sylph)
[Even you told me… I didn’t do anything] (Yu)
[It’s alright Yu, we will look for a good wand or rod when we go back
to the city for you] (Taku)
[I’m counting on you!] (Yu)

Somehow I’m feeling miserable . By the way, long cane is used to hit an
enemy and a short wand is only used for magic activation .


Translator : Sabishi desu
Proof Reader : Truffle


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