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Published at 13th of September 2017 12:09:31 AM

Chapter 31

VRMMO Summoner Hajimemashita - Chapter 31

31st Critter -- Vs . Poison Snakes & Treants

Just hold up, and calm down . I can count prime numbers to calm down!


Huh? Wasn't 2 a prime number? Something like being divisible by 2 is not a prime number, hmm? Isn't 2 okay by exception? Huh? Isn't 0 safe? . . . huh?


「Kyui! Kyui! Kyui!」

Mizuki let loose a Windstorm, but it seems that with our feet stopped the Poison snakes were trying to surround us and to that end they were coiled into just twos and threes .
As the Poison snakes were trying to encircling us in a semi-circle from the left and right, Boparu held back the Poison Snakes that came spreading out to the right flank by himself .

Boparu-san, seriously!?

However, from the left flank, the Poison Snakes were steadily coming closer to my direction and, looking behind us, there were at least two treants whipsawing their branches around .

The Treats had highly concealed destructive power to offset their immobility and the Poison snakes had poison and their great numbers, when taken together, my companions didn't want to face it .
The poison antidote pills do taste TERRIBLE!

. . . nn? Immobile?

I glanced back over my shoulder .
With just 2 treants, it was a whipsawing certain death of flailing branches .
That high attack power had the strength to reduce HP-specialized Aegis's remaining HP to 3% with 2 attacks .
. . . un, there was considerably more remaining than it looked . . . You too, wake up and fight!

「! Meeeh!?」

Pretending he was done for, Aegis questioned me with hooded eyes as I threw him to the snakes .
Despite a voicing disapproval, he pretty much landed firmly --  as expected, he was playing possum, wasn't he? Were the Poison Snakes hated that much? Or was it the poison that was hated? Or in the end, was it the poison antidote pills?

It's alright . Considering your sturdiness, there won't be an immediate 3% HP decrease from the Poison Snakes . Come, be at ease as you depart .  (TN: depart meaning: to die . ) I'll have you resolve yourself for the poison antidote pill!

I put that meaning into the thumbs-up that I saw him off with . Whether or not my intentions were transmitted, with a totally disgusted face, he grudgingly turned to intercept the snakes .
un . Since there's a point at which Aegis's ability scores fluctuate with his tension . . . In the case of low-tension, the hits will be unavoidable . Oh Buddha, spare me .


Nn, Mizuki also looks to be turning to backup Aegis, so he probably won't die .
Probably .

Now for the treants to the rear . . . un . Lively as usual . . . A whipsaw of certain death, but, as expected, it wasn't reaching . Since they are immobile and don't have a long-range attack, aren't they a target if their location is exposed? That is their weak-point .

Well, they likely have the highly-concealed destructive power because of that, however seems there's no need for the companions here . . .

Now then, with it like that, the battlefield was divided into two groups and I wondered which I should support . . .

「"Kyui! Kyui! Kyui-!」
「「「Shah, Shah-!?」」」

If I were to go about it properly, I should probably go to back up Boparu who was fighting by himself, but . . . is it needed?

Red, scarf-like tracings slicked the ground toward Boparu's pure-white body, and as he danced through the air, with each dive, the screams of Poison Snakes echoed into the forest .
The Poison Snakes' attacks were not hitting Boparu . And as for Boparu's attacks, they continued to catch the snakes accurately .

. . . isn't that guy already totally fine by himself?

With that said, even Boparu has some fatal weak-points .
Starting off, the first one is that he can only do physical attacks . He would have a hard time laying a hand on an opponent that has a rock turtle's physical resistance or the like .  
The second one is that he only has ultra close-range attacks . Since he also can't fly in the sky, there's the likelihood that he can be continually attacked from that direction .
The third one is that his defense is thinner than paper . This, more than anything, is fatal because if he receives even one hit, he will inevitably be on the verge of death .  If he was unskillful, it's a My life is over! ceremony which is probably even instant death .  (TN: My life is over! ceremony: 人生オワタ式, from what I can find on the internet this is a 2-chan meme involving an ascii art character saying "It's over!" and running into the "sea of trees": Here's the Wikipedia entry . ) I don't know about enemy area-effect attacks, but if sure-hit attacks and the like come to be used, it's dangerous . . .

Though conversely, his physical attacks are effective and he won't readily be defeated by an opponent that doesn't possess an area-effect attack which affixes the target's feet to the ground .

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「Hoh-! Hoh-!」

On Aegis's side, Mizuki was peeling off the Poison Snakes from Aegis's back .
Aegis . . . .
It can't be helped, shall I help out over there?


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《Skill: Water Magic has leveled up . 》
《Skill: Wand has leveled up . 》
《Player has leveled up . Please choose status increase . 》
《Summoned Monster: Boparu has leveled up . Please choose status increase . 》
《Summoned Monster: Mizuki has leveled up . Please choose status increase . 》
《Summoned Monster: Aegis has leveled up . Please choose status increase . 》
《Treant seal percentage has become 100%》
《Treant sealing completed . 》

Yuu  Summoner
Lv12 → 13
Stamina    13
Strength   13
Agility    13
Dexterity  13
Magic      18 → 19
Spirit     18 → 19

Wand Lv5→6  Kick Lv16  Summoning Magic Lv9→12  Fire Magic Lv10  Water Magic LV11→13  Appraisal Lv8→9  Dash Lv9  Evasion Lv5  Defense Lv5

《2 Skill Points have been gained . SP 10→12》

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Boparu  Kicking Rabbit
Lv12 → 13
Stamina    10
Strength   20 → 21
Agility    20 → 21
Dexterity  12
Magic      4
Spirit     7

Scouting  Presence Detection  Jumping  Dash  Kick  Charged Kick  Three-dimensional Movement(NEW)

Mizuki  Magical Owl
Lv12 → 13
Stamina    12
Strength   11
Agility    17
Dexterity  10
Magic      13 → 15
Spirit     10

Flight  Ambush Scouting Night Vision  High-speed Flight
Wind Magic

Aegis  Goat
Lv9 → 10
Stamina    17 → 18
Strength   11
Agility    10
Dexterity  12

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Magic       4
Spirit      8

Danger Sense  Rough Road Traversal  Rage  Dash(NEW)

《Summoned Monster: Aegis has met the conditions for a class change . Please select the new class . 》
《Eligible classes: Escape Sheep
                               Hardened Goat》

《Escape Sheep
A goat with resilient long fur that covers the entire body and increases resistance to physical attacks .
Speed and defense are raised; stamina is decreased .
Additionally, it will become cowardly and will even run away frequently during combat in order to remain alive .
Acting on the ground, its main method of attack is charging and hoof strikes . 》

《Hardened Goat
A goat which acquires the Hardening skill and has its defensive abilities raised .
Physical abilities are also raised and it will become able to equip an exclusive-use armor .
Acting primarily on the ground, its main method of attack is charging and hoof strikes . 》

Return alive, safe and sound .
After the swarm of Poison Snakes was somehow crushed . While Aegis was writhing around from the foul taste of the antidote pill and the sliminess of the heal cream, I watched Boparu and Mizuki crush the treants one at a time, and did the sealing .

As expected, whether or not it was from felling the swarm that was just there, it seems our whole group leveled up . Afterwards, a new skill sprouted in Boparu .
. . . un . Is it that . . . ? I wonder if before long Boparu will even have plans to fight with giants? Hunt the head with the nape of the neck, was it? (TN: these are a references to Attack on Titan and using 3D movement to fight giants . ) 

Boparu's evolution aside, there is Aegis's class change!
As always there are 2 choices .
The first one, Escape Sheep . . . is that a "see you later!" sheep?! A goat class changing into a sheep, is that evolving? Is it not regression? It feels like it will be weak just from looking at the description . . . .

The second one, Hardened Goat . With the Hardening skill and armor use, it's a new class well suited for tanking .

Without room to go astray, seems Aegis's new evolution is decided .

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