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Published at 30th of March 2018 05:54:50 AM

Chapter 34

34th Critter — VS Ant

「Cheh, missed?」

Sylph's voice coming down from above me, who was crawling on the ground, was colder than the dessert night air.

「It's better if you don't move, since if you move around too much, you'll get swallowed up.
And, I'll take care of it right away, okay?」

Monster  Antlion Lv3
Status   Active

She's right! It's weak! Even though the gross appearance was scary, the level was low! No, for a monster that is so close to town, the level might be high...

「Anyway, finish sealing it lickety-split pleeease, deeper into the desert we gooo!」

Somehow or other, while I was still surprised, Sylph killed it with a *shunk*. My* turn never came. (TN: Literally 'Our turn', but meaning Yuu and his summons, not Yuu and Sylph.)

Because of its gross appearance I didn't think I would summon it, but for the time being I sealed it in order to ensure my sealed monster count. I won't summon it!

「Hah, I was surprised. And so..., since I was unable to hear your answer before, what monsters come out in this place?」
「Kyui, kyui」

Boparu, who was adorably clinging to me, and Aegis, who was slipping and falling while tuning around, were both saying they were also surprised... is what I felt.
At times like these, I was envious of the flying unit Mizuki, who was outside the topographical effect's influence.

「There are 2 kinds of monsters that come out in the desert at night. The Antlion just now, and, ah, looky here」

Monster  Ant     Lv4
Status   Passive

It was a large ant with a gleaming black body about 1m long that was walking through the desert with a sound of crunching sand. ...It had no other intentions.

「Hmm, I wonder if the level is a bit low... If it was about level 5 or 6, I'd say it was just right, but-!」

Once again, Sylph rushed over with a terrible quickness that rivaled Boparu, and with continuous thrusts making a *supapapapa, supan* sound, beheaded it. This took 1 second from start to finish.
No, lopping off its head with a thrusting weapon such as a rapier, is it that weak? Maybe it is the considerable level difference. that case, they aren't suitable for leveling up, are they? Well, it's fine though...

「Shall I have Boparu and Mizuki scout for enemies? I think they are suitable to scout because of both the good vantage point and the ability to listen for foot steps. And, the enemies seem weak, as well.」

Is the turnover rate really better than hunting in the forest...?

「Ah, that's fine, but please leave it to me for today. ...that reminds me, I forgot to ask, but Onee-chan you can use ranged magic, right?」
「I can use it. For that matter, Mizuki can also use it.」

「Really?! So owls can use magic. And she has such unusual odd-eyes. Mizuki-chan is amazing, isn't she~?」
「Well, that's because Mizuki not just an owl...」

She's a Magical Owl. It would be a lie if she couldn't use magic with this name.

「Yeah, yeah. You doting parent. I've found a quarry that I have a good feeling about, so I'm entering combat, okay?」

Ahead of where Sylph was facing, there was a level 6 ant. 
I didn’t expect that the experience points would amount to much, but that was probably fine, wasn't it?

「Sylph, want an assist?」
「For now there's no need. Rather, don't help, okay?」

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These guys are here, you know? If you intended to take us along for power-leveling, that was unnecessary, but... rather wouldn’t it be better if I were to take you to the forest?

「Here we go.」

Sylph was leisurely piercing her rapier into the ant with a *pusu, pusu* sound.
Unlike the swift attack that beheaded the previous kill, she shaved its HP little by little with a *pusu pusu pusu pusu* sound, as if to bully and induce fear.

「Giii! Giiiiiii!!」

Sylph was piercing and destroying the thin leg joints, and the ant could only impotently raise its voice as it was turned into a daruma doll: *pusu, pusu, pusu, pusu, pusu, pusu*... (TN: 

Awah, Awawawawawawa. Terrible. Sylph is TERRIBLE. Eh-? What? Had Sylph become a person with such tastes?! A person who delights in tormenting huge insects?!

「Kyu, Kyui...」

The act awakened a fundamental fear of Sylph in Boparu and crew, and they nestled close to me while trembling.

「You all... try not to quarrel with Sylph, okay? I’ll also be careful…」



About then, unknown to Sylph at that point, my bond* with the summons had been further strengthened. (TN: Literally 'our bond', but meaning Yuu and his summons, not Yuu and Sylph.) A shriek awful enough to be called a death cry rang out from the ant.

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So terrifying... Sylph was doing such TERRIBLE things that even an insect shrieks in terror! Even Aegis had his legs wobbling like a newborn goat!

「OK, that's good.」


I tsukkomi'd the words Sylph declared while she was turning around with a nice smile as she made the ant's still shrieking head fall to the ground with a 'shunk'. (TN: tsukkomi: to act the straight man in a comedy sketch.)

Eh-? No, really!? Don't you understand that you shouldn't make such a face at a time like this?! How would smiling be good?!

「T-thanks for the hard work. It's okay. Because even if Sylph is like that, you're my little sister...」
「? I don't really get what you're saying, but it's the real thing from here on, Onee-chan. Please prepare to fight without Boparu-chan and crew clinging to each other. I mean, were you goofing around while I was fighting?! That's not fair! Switch with me!」

「No, this is your..., ah-, aah?」

Suddenly, I felt a chill like I was doused with cold water. I was struck by a sensation like... goose bumps coming as if creeping up from inside.

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Having likely felt the same thing as me, Boparu detached from my body, which she had been clinging to, and moved her ears about restlessly as she began to search the area. 
And yet, I wondered to what extent doing so would make a difference? That's because, if you concentrate, there was no need to search. They're here!


And it's the entire zone!

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「「「Gi, Giii~~~~!?」」」

And so, at the same time they appeared, the ants' bodies and HP were both blown away like wood chips.

「...i-it's like that, right~?」

After having a great number suddenly appear, I freaked out, but because there were two speed fighters and three people using ranged attacks, and because the opponent was low rank they seemed blown away (literally). There weren’t any problems at all.
...I felt somewhat like there was a person without a role, but since there were 5 people in total, it was ideal, wasn't it? Un.

「Ush, finished.」

While I was having such thoughts, Sylph and Boparu's high-mobility group and Mizuki annihilated all but one ant... And, the remaining ant was introduced to Sylph's torture course...

「That's right, Mizuki-chan. Don't use too much magic, okay? Since I want you to take over with your magic when I run out of MP. Of course, Onee-chan too, right?」
「Oy, oy.」

That I was a substitute for a magic tank, I understood.

「Yoosh, well then, let's fight consecutive battles until 3 people's MP runs out~!」



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