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Published at 3rd of June 2018 08:51:50 PM

Chapter 35

Critter 35 Takumu*

(TN: The chapter title, 拓夢, is Taku's actual name . )

《Skill: Cold Resistance has leveled up . 》
《Skill: Cold Resistance has leveled up . 》
《Skill: Cold Resistance has leveled up . 》
《Skill: Cold Resistance has leveled up . 》
《Skill: Cold Resistance has leveled up . 》
《Skill: Cold Resistance has leveled up . 》
《Skill: Fire Magic has leveled up . 》
《Skill: Appraisal has leveled up . 》
《Player has leveled up . Please choose status increase . 》
《Summoned Monster: Boparu has leveled up . Please choose status increase . 》
《Summoned Monster: Mizuki has leveled up . Please choose status increase . 》
《Summoned Monster: Aegis has leveled up . Please choose status increase . 》
《Ant's seal percentage has become 100% . 》
《Ant sealing completed . 》
《Skill: Summoning Magic has leveled up . 》

Yuu  Summoner
Lv13 → 14
Stamina    13
Strength   13
Agility    13
Dexterity  13
Magic      19 → 20
Spirit     19 → 20

Wand Lv6, Kick Lv16, Summoning Magic Lv12→13, Fire Magic Lv10→11, Water Magic LV12, Appraisal Lv9→10, Dash Lv9, Evasion Lv5, Defense Lv5, Cold Resistance Lv7 (NEW), Heat Resistance Lv1 (NEW)

《2 Skill Points have been gained . SP 8→10》

Boparu  Kicking Rabbit
Lv13 → 14
Stamina    10
Strength   21 → 22
Agility    21 → 22
Dexterity  12
Magic       4
Spirit      7

Scouting, Presence Detection, Jumping, Dash, Kicking, Charged Kick, 3D Movement

Mizuki  Magical Owl
Lv13 → 14
Stamina  12
Strength  11
Agility 17 → 18
Dexterity  10
Magic 15 → 16
Spirit  10

Flight, Ambush, Scouting, Night Vision, High-speed Flight, Wind Magic

Aegis Hardened Goat
Lv10 → 11
Stamina   21
Strength  11
Agility   10 → 11
Dexterity 12 → 13
Magic      4
Spirit    10

Danger sense, Rough road traversal, Rage, Dash, Hardening

「Alll right! Well, shall we finish up~?」

Since when was I under the illusion that this would end once the 3 mages' MP ran out one time?
For a short while, if all 3 people's MP was used up, Sylph, to the extent that she was recovering, was using magic again, and after that Mizuki as well . . . in the end with that 'loop' we fought over and over again until the sun rose .

Even though the opponents were small fry, as expected, I was tired . . .

「Nn! I'm hungry, too . Shall we dash until we return to town?♪ Boparu-chan, want to race? Is it no good? Can't beat me~?」

I was sitting down on the sand mentally exhausted along with Aegis and Mizuki, in contrast to Sylph who was overflowing with energy doing things like stretching out her body and her legs and Boparu who was imitating her and hopping side to side . Where does this difference come from? . . . was it youth? . . .

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「 . . . hold up on that! You say a race with Boparu, but won't I also have to run with you because of the summoning range?!」
「Reeeady, Set!」

While sand was strewn with a 'zoom'* like in an anime, the speed-specialized Sylph and Boparu went tearing through the desert .  (TN: 'Bapyuun', the image is of dust clouds behind them and their legs spinning . )
Though on account of the sand, I couldn't say . . . which one was the fastest, but for sure, neither of them was going at a common speed .
After all, a giant earthworm that looked to be lying in ambush was left behind in their dust . . . Or rather, a DISGUSTING giant earthworm!

「Hey, Wai-, Hold-, Eeeh! Mizuki! Aegis! Run!!」

「Aegis, no complaining! Run!」

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For the 3 of us chasing, of course there was no expectation of catching up . For some reason, I was ranked last in the race between Boparu and Sylph, who were waiting at town, and I had to treat them to snacks . Ridiculous . . .

Hungry and mentally exhausted, we disbanded for the day .
Though I guess it was fine since I was touching Boparu and crew the whole time I was logged in . . . it's like that, isn't it? In real-life, I was bound by a curse called homework . . .
Also, since tomorrow has arrived, be well everyone!


「Oy, oy, oy oy, did you hear, Yuu?!」
「What is it? You're so noisy first thing in the morning . Don't bring your face close . It's gross . I'm not showing my homework . 」

「Excuse me . Forgive me for being this way! Please have mercy!! If I am forsaken by Yuu-sama, I'll end up having to stay behind today!!」
「Ooyy, your speech is becoming incomprehensible, you know . 」

Taku was petitioning me with his head and hands on my desk and when I made him raise his head by smacking it with the notebook, he went to his seat holding the notebook aloft with both hands while offering up his thanks .
Let's have today's return for this debt be treating me to ice cream . Yeah, let's do that .

「 . . . Phew . . . . that doesn't settle the matter! Hey, hey, Yuu! Do you know?!」
「 . . . Haa, then what is it? So annoying . 」

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「It's the class change! The class change! Yesterday, a guy who changed classes appeared! This service was said to have been implemented, but it seems to require level 15! The guy that I saw changed class from being a fighter to a class called swordsman, and it seems there were other choices available .
That guy's prize was a one-handed sword, but if I class change, I wonder what I'll get? Since I'm using a long sword, maybe I'll become a long swordsman? Nay~It's a dream unfolding, isn't it?!」
「Y-yeah, I guess so . . . Doing a class change at level 15, huh? Then I'm just about there . . . 」

His voice loud, his face close . The surrounding classmates were probably taking glances at us, but . . . There were groups grinning and nodding . That a fair number of girls were as well was surprising .

「 . . . somehow, aren't you too calm? Shouldn't you be more raring to go with your tension rising?」
「No, it's that your tension is too high, you know . You should cool down . And about that, Boparu and crew class-changed already . Though I think, 'won't it be soon for me as well?' Aren't I 1 level behind? Maybe I will raise it by the end of the day . . . 」

Gashii! He fiercely grabbed both of my shoulders and turned me to face him .

「Wai-, hold-, what's this now?!」
「My shoulders hurt, your face is close, let go」

With the palm of my hand from below, I knocked away Taku's face that was right in front of me . I confirmed that Taku, who was slowly falling while forcibly facing upward, sat in his chair with a 'gatan' sound, and began preparing for 1st period . Let's see, first period, is it Modern Japanese?

「Mwean . Th-that was mean . 」
「You had it coming . 」

「So you say, more than that . . . what you were saying just now?」
「You had it coming . 」

「Not thaaat! Further back!」
「I'm not showing my homework?」

「That's too far back! Rather, you did show it in the end!」
「Hohoh? If you are saying my notebook isn't needed . . . 」

「Ah, please do me the favor of letting me borrow it . . . . now look here, it's not something like that, weren't you saying something like Boparu and crew class changed or something?」
「Aah, is that it? Boparu, Mizuki, and Aegis, all class changed at level 10 . . . 」

Ping-pon bing-bon (TN: bells announcing homeroom 'Kiin-kon, kaan-kon')

「Oh-, H R, homeroom is starting . . . We'll continue afterward . 」
「Grrr, you're definitely gonna tell me later!」

「Taku, you sure are excited, even though I have talked about it plenty . Haa~ah」
「It's my fault?!」

「No way . . . the grand in-classroom chorus?!」

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Clatter, clatter .  (TN: the sound of the sliding classroom door being opened . )

「Natsumoto~ Your voice was echoing into the hallway~ . If you want to let your voice out like that, how about coming to the front instead of Sensei, and do Homeroom~? Hmm~?」

Coming into the classroom was Tanaka-sensei, the teacher in charge of our Modern Japanese class . He was always listless and without motivation, and when it came to the classics, which read like sutras, the hypnotism magic would begin whether he was there or not . . . and he had a hairpiece .

「No, no, please spare me . Besides, it probably wasn't just me being noisy, was it? Right?」
「「「 . . . 」」」

「Is this that thing called perfect coordination?!」

As if nothing had happened, Taku's classmates were sitting in their seats and not even acknowledging him . Enrolled in the same school: 2 years, 4 months . Became classmates: 4 months . Pretty much everyone seemed to have come to an understanding of how to handle Taku and I was glad .

「With what little you've done, you are making a face like a mother becoming sentimental over experiencing her son's growth!」
「That's awfully specific . Though basically right . 」

「Hey now, don't do the married-couple comedy-skit . Homeroom is starting~ . Who's the student on duty today~?」

We're NOT a married couple, you know . Gross . My interjection disappeared into grumbling on account of the student-on-duty speaking up before me .

Well, whatever . Where shall I go with Boparu and crew today? If I log in today, it will be noonish, so the monsters of places such as the mountains, desert, or forest will probably be some unknown guys .
Aah, since I haven't yet gone to the southern sea, wouldn't it be better to try going there? Wouldn't it be nice swimming with everyone . . .

While ignoring Taku's snoring, Tanaka-sensei's classics recitation (hypnotic magic) invited me to a dream . Thinking about today's plans was pleasant just like swimming in a dream . . .



「Either Kuonji or Natsumoto is fine, so try reading the next part~」
「Sorry, I wasn't listing . . . 」

「I wasn't listening . 」
「Both of you stand up~」

Kuh .

「Well, even if you glare at me, it's not my fault, is it?! If I say it your way, isn't it because you had it coming to you?!」

Taku, who did a skillful imitation of 'yelling with a whisper', left it alone, and even though this time I was following the position of the reading with my eyes, I embarked on a daydream .
Ah, the lovable Boparu and Mizuki and Aegis . Fluffies who I have yet to see . I want to meet you soon . . .

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