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Published at 4th of September 2018 02:59:02 AM

Chapter 37

37th Critter -- Introduction to Fia-chan

Giii~ .  (TN: glaring sfx)

「I'm back~」(Yu)

「 . . . 'I'm back' isn't the greeting for when a guest has entered a store . 」(Fia)

In the real-world it was half-past 6 o'clock . When I logged in, it was noon in FWO, and I went directly to the Atelier to complete the quest .


Together with everyone .

「 . . . ! Fluffies . 」(Fia)

Bringing out everyone yesterday didn't particularly result in any problems .
Today too, I thought it would probably be fine, and so I was walking with everyone out, and frankly whenever Boparu noticed we were being tailed by someone, I gave them the slip .

Though I considered that I wouldn't be found if I dismissed the summons, and especially that that summons consumed MP, and such, I thought I'd try this way of meeting with Fia-chan and brought them with me, but . . . Hmm .

「 . . . Why is there a Rabbit-san is riding on Fia's head?」(Fia)
「Don't worry, somehow . . . un . As expected, it's cute . It's like you've become the world's #1 barista . 」(Yuu) (TN: Reference to: Is the Order a Rabbit?)

「 . . . I'm not becoming something like the Anti-Dragon Tactical Division (Ballista) . Please stop saying stupid things and quickly come inside . This owl and goat are also guests, right? Please follow me . 」(Fia) (TN: the kanji used here, Flying Dragon (飛竜), is sometimes translated as wyvern . )

Glaring at me, Fia-chan turned around and led Mizuki and Aegis into the Atelier .  (TN: Raw text says Mizuki and Boparu, but that's probably an error . )

. . . with Boparu on her head .

「Ah, you're going with Boparu riding on your head . 」(Yuu)
「 . . . Boparu-chan . . . looked like a monster at first, but she's much more docile than I had heard, isn't she? She's cute . 」(Fia)

Carefully walking with small steps, Fia-chan was gently petting the top of Boparu's head .

Even so, Boparu wasn't falling from the top of Fia-chan's head, whether that was because Fia-chan's sense of balance was good or Boparu's clinging power was strong . . .
Fia-chan's hair looked silky, so it seemed she would slide right off .

「That's because Boparu and the others are Summoned Monsters . Normal monsters will start attacking, you know?!」(Yuu)

Rabbits will run away, though .

「 . . . !? T-then . . . Boparu, chan, too . . . ?」(Fia)

Fia-chan took hold of Boparu's sides and held Boparu up in front of her face .
Suddenly made to hang in the air, Boparu tilted her head while staring at Fia-chan .
Fia-chan was also looking intently at the pupils of Boparu's big round eyes .

「 . . . mugyuu」(Fia) (TN: hugging sfx)

「 . . . rub, rub」(Fia)

「 . . . snuggle, snuggle」(Fia)

「 . . . is fluffy and cute . 」(Fia)

So cute . . .
Being drawn in by Boparu's charm and selfishly ruffling her body was something I also had experienced .
Fia-chan, too, probably became aware that she liked Boparu the moment their eyes met . As expected, she could tell at a glance that Boparu was unusually fluffable .

That's what you call cuteness!

「Oh-yo? Oh-yo-yo! Our honored guest was Yuu -desu?! Haven't seen you in a long time -desu! Oh! That time's Rabbit-san, haven't seen you in a long time either -desu! Thank you for your help that time -desu! It was that time when I nearly lost my painstakingly harvested ingredients -desuyo . It's my first time meeting those two, -desuyo, isn't it? Are they newly summoned? Are they a flying monster and a vanguard monster? I think that's a sound decision, since a Summoner is a rear-guard -desu . Huh? But, though Yuu is a Summoner, don't you fight in the vanguard -desu?」(Elle)
「Long-winded, watch what you're doing! It's spilling! It's spilling!!」(Yuu)

As I was entering into the workshop, Elle was standing there having just turned to face this way while stirring a gigantic round pot with a large stirring stick . And as she was looking away, her vigorous stirring was sloshing stuff from the pot and making a mess on the floor .

. . . or rather than making a mess, there were hissing green fumes coming out . . . was that liquid safe?!
Wasn't the floor melting?

「Ah-, Awawah, Awawawah!」(Elle)

「 . . . Haah, seriously Onee-san . Aren't I always telling you to maintain your composure?」(Fia)
「I-i'm ashamed -desu . . . 」(Elle)

Returning Boparu, who was in her hand, back to her head, Fia-chan wiped up the splattered liquid with a washcloth that was placed nearby . Wait, that liquid, is it okay to wipe it up with a washcloth?!
And with her bare hands . . . Or rather, she simply returned Boparu to her head . Did she like it?

「Shall I help?」(Yuu)

Unable to watch Fia-chan cleaning the floor by herself, I, Mizuki, and Aegis offered our assistance .
Incidentally, Boparu looked down at the floor from atop the head of Fia-chan who was wiping the floor and clung on for dear life so she wouldn't go tumbling off .

「 . . . no, it's fine . With this . . . it is done . 」(Fia)

Fia-chan balled up the washcloth that had been discolored after wiping the floor and nonchalantly tossed it into storage . As there wasn't a trash bin, I looked around a bit, but if I properly thought about it, was it not needed?

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Pofun .

「It's completed -desu!」(Elle)

Together with her excited report, the round pot glowed faintly . The glow didn't last long, subsiding right away, and looking into the pot, Elle seemed pleased .

「What did you make?」(Yuu)
「Mufufu~want to know-desu~? What should I do~? If you say 'no matter what', should I tell you-desu-though~?」(Elle)

「Nah, I don't particularly want to know about it that extent . 」(Yuu)
「Eh? T-that so-desu? Are you not curious-desu?」(Elle)
「 . . . It is Onee-san that wants to be asked by Yuu-san . Fia is also tired of telling you since yesterday . Even though you're always excitable, you are even more excitable today, and for a while now, you have completely failed to maintain your composure . 」(Fia)

「I don't want you to say such a thing-desuyo, Fia~」(Elle)
「 . . . Onee-san should reflect on it more . Every time, Fia is cleaning up the mess . 」(Fia)
「AhーAhーAhーAhー, I can't hear you~、I can't hear anything-desu~」(Elle)


Elle was covering her ears and looking away, and Fia was sidling up to her while grumbling out complaints like Buddhist prayers . . . and Boparu was at a loss on top of that head with her eyes darting around .
AhーBoparu will be able to cheer them upー .

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「 . . . the grilled mystery-meat that I tried purchasing from the stall, it's surprisingly tasty, isn't it?」(Yuu)

I also gave some to Aegis who was looking on longingly, and he was eating with relish . Were goats omnivorous? Weren't they herbivores? Or, is it because he's a monster, I wonder . That's probably it .


Boparu glared, traitors! at us who were enjoying ourselves, but I didn't have the courage to stop Fia-chan who was continuing to whisper scoldings .

「 . . . . . . 」(Elle)
「 . . . Fuu . I'll leave it at this much for today . 」(Fia)

Oh, they burnt themselves out . Elle was trembling with her half-white eyes not knowing where to look, even her voice became inaudible such that all that could be heard were things like but . . . , that . . . , and, d-desu . . .  And from even the parts I was hearing at this point, Fia-chan was justified in having her say . Elle suffered a pummeling to the extent that she was speechless . Fia-chan was strong .

「 . . . And so, what kind of business is it today? Is it introducing these kids?」(Fia)

「Nnn, there's also that . Riding on Fia-chan's head is Boparu, a Kicking Rabbit . Ah, want to try giving her a carrot stick?」(Yuu)
「 . . . will give . Please . 」(Fia)
「Kyui! . . . crunch, crunch, crunch, mokyui, mokyui」

「And so, this one is Mizuki, a Magical Owl . The fluffing feels good and has a different texture compared to Boparu . 」(Yuu)
「 . . . fluff, fluff!」(Fia)

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「Finally, this guy is Aegis, a Hardened Goat . Not having a distinguishing feature is his feature . 」(Yuu)

「Just kidding . Sturdiness and Positivity are his distinguishing features . 」(Yuu)
「 . . . fluffy, warm . 」(Fia)

Fluffing the whole crew in turns, Fia-chan looked to be ecstatic to the extent that her cheeks loosened as she smiled and she seemed like she would start humming a tune at any moment .

Oh-ho, cute! That was the first time I saw Fia-chan smiling, even though she is cuter when she smiles .

「 . . . Why are you standing with your hands spread?」(Fia)
「Nn? The next turn is my turn, right? Hey, come on! Maybe welcome~on . 」(Yuu) (TN: Some kind of wordplay here, looks to be in English, but I don't really get it . )

「 . . . Won't go . If you are just going to say strange things, you should go home . . . . Ah, please leave Boparu and the others, okay?」(Fia)
「A convenient nice guy, that's me」(Yuu)

Giving Boparu a ride on her head and holding Aegis's and Mizuki's heads, she assumed a pose and was absolutely not letting go . The fluffies were gathered together and it was cute . I want to fluff them all at once .

「 . . . Please don't come any closer with your smiling face and hands still spread . I will throw a bomb . 」(Fia)
「No, don't throw explosives indoors . Much less in a workshop!」(Yuu)

I tried to calm Fia-chan, who was suddenly brandishing a bomb sprouting a lit fuse from the top of a red cylindrical pipe, Aegis, who was trembling and had stopped breathing, was set free and laid down next to Elle, who had yet to return .
Mizuki was caught in the gap created thanks to Aegis and wasn't suffocating . Well done Aegis, your sacrifice wasn't in vain .

「Ah that's right, since I also brought the requested items, I'll properly deliver them, okay?」(Yuu)

《Quest 『Poison Sack Delivery』 has been completed . 》
《Quest 『Medicinal Herb Delivery』has been completed . 》

「 . . . Thank you . For your reward, will you receive money or will you receive goods?」(Fia)

「 . . . For poison sack delivery, antidote pills, and for the medicinal herb deliver, heal cream are the rewards you can choose to receive . It's a slightly better value than receiving money . 」(Fia)
「Then, the goods, please . 」(Yuu)

「 . . . Understood . Because I need to prepare it now, please wait a bit . 」(Fia)

As she said such, Fia-chan took the herbs and poison sacks that I brought out, and went into the back room .
With Boparu still riding on her head .

. . . that's okay, right? When we go home, she'll come back to me, right? It's somehow amazing that she got used to it though!
Also, although I completed the quest, I didn't receive SP . Well, can SP be given out so easily with a request as simple as medicinal herb delivery?

「 . . . I'm sorry to have kept you waiting . Here is this time's reward . 」(Fia)
「Oh, thanks」(Yuu)

As the reward was lined up on the desk with a 'clop, clop,' I casually put them into storage .

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There was considerable room for Heal Cream, but eventually I will also want another means of recovery . Does something like Recovery Magic really not exist?

「 . . . If it's okay, won't you bring me some more medicinal herbs and poison sacks? Deliveries are always good . 」(Fia)
「Nn, sure . I'll pickup some while I'm out . 」(Yuu)

《Quest『Poison Sack Delivery』has been accepted . 》
《Quest『Medicinal Herb Delivery』has been accepted . 》

「Well I should get going . Boparu, come here . 」(Yuu)
「 . . . Ah, are you going home already?」(Fia)

Saying such, Fia-chan's gaze was fixated on Boparu, who jumped to my chest, and what Fia chan was regretting could clearly be understood .

「I'll come again soon . There's also the accepted delivery quest and such . 」(Yuu)
「 . . . It is absolute . Boparu and everyone, too, please come again . 」(Fia)
「Meh . . . 」

With Boparu, we were treated as enjoyable companions .

「Elle also will be waiting-desuyo . Since I'm basically doing mixing at the Atelier in the morning, please come again-desu」(Elle)
「Ah, Elle was there, wasn't she?」(Fia)


「 . . . Fia also completely forgot . 」(Fia)

「Say what-desu?! Cruel! That's cruel! Elle was here from the start-desuyoー!!」(Elle)

「 . . . fufu, it was a joke . 」(Fia)
「Aah . A person who wears such conspicuous clothes won't soon be forgotten . 」(Yuu)

Elle was wearing the same conspicuous clothes as the first time I met her . Whether they were the only clothes she owned or she had a number of the same outfits . . . which was more likely?

「Well then, I'll head home for today . See you later~」(Yuu)

「Thank you very much-desu!」(Elle)
「 . . . we look forward to you visiting our store again . 」(Fia)

As Fia-chan lowered her head slightly, we were seen off by Elle who was energetically waving her hand and left the Atelier .

Uun, seems I had been at the Atelier for longer than I thought, and going anywhere at this hour is problematic, so I wonder if I should give up for now and go eat dinner .
When I come back, should I go to Ren-kun's place? I have a feeling that he could make something with the treant wood .

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